Trump Closes the Door on The American Dream

I have refrained from making remarks about Donald Trump. After all as much as I love to rant about things and this is the perfect platform. I almost didn’t want to taint my space with talk of this man. I still can’t believe that America has inflicted Trump on the rest of the world. This years election really has demonstrated huge problems in the American democratic process. But it’s too late now – we have Trump sat the head of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Effectively America is being driven by a pig in a wig…

At HQ we have been debating the finer details of Trump and his fascism for some months now. Marvelling over just how narcissistic one man can be. On occasion we have laughed, like much of the world. We never believed for one second this guy would be the leader of a super-power. We are not laughing now. One week in office and many executive orders later there is a bitter taste in the air and wiped the smirk right off our faces.

The States has to my mind always been a centre of democracy. The Land of the Free apparently. I have to say those freedoms seem to have been quite severely curtailed in the last week. Women’s rights, both in the U.S and across their foreign policy have gone backwards 10 years. But even the Women’s movement doesn’t compare to the treatment of those marked as ‘undesirable’ by Trump.  The middle-east and its citizens have been declared dangerous to Americans. Those from ‘Muslim’ countries have been banned from entering the United States. Thousands were stranded at U.S airports as they were in flight when the decree was enacted. The ban doesn’t differentiate, amongst those effected is two-time Olympic champion Mo Farah, returning to the States where he lives.

I know it’s fear that drives this decision. That Trump has done this in some crazy attempt to protect America and Americans. But the truth of the matter is that in the last 10 years the most violent mass killings in America have been perpetrated by white men. Extremist terrorists are a concern to every citizen in the western world. We all live in fear every single day of another attack. But that is no way to live. Refusing entry to people based on their race and religion is eerily familiar to a time in our history, not that long ago. Have we not learnt our lessons? This kind of act is exactly what radical extremist groups want. Trump has effectively provided propaganda for the recruitment of young jihadist for the next few years. Instead of demonstrating the values that make America the dream and the ideal, he has shown the terrorists his belly.


Does anyone believe that banning the entry of every man, woman and child from these countries is going to help? Now I am no security expert but I would have said that this makes the entry of potential threatening people harder to track, as they now enter the country covertly. Let’s face it, if your goal is to blow up America a ban to travel to JFK airport is not going to stop you. Trump appears to be woefully advised in the enactment of this executive order. I can only hope that the Supreme Court will vote to over-throw.

In the mean time my heart goes out to all Muslims in America. How frightening it must be to feel so misunderstood and ultimately hated by the leader of your country. Please don’t judge the world by the example set by President Trump. You are not vilified as a religion world-wide. Most people understand that it is only a small percentage of Muslims that have been radicalized against the West. We realise that Muslims generally are peaceful, happy people who are just going about living their day-to-day lives. I am sorry that ones mans woeful ignorance is impacting your life and the lives of the ones you love.

4 thoughts on “Trump Closes the Door on The American Dream”

  1. Shocked and appalled by the whole mess. Still makes me feel ill when I remember. Oh how badly wrong this all went. And now out PrimeMinister is forced to cozy up with the odious fascist #Marvmondays

  2. Really well written to the point but not shouty. Though I am sure you want to be. Well said and what a worrying time we have ahead #EatSleepBlogRT

  3. Well said. I still catch myself going “President !!? Trump”. It’s like a terrible fairground freak show which has us all mesmerised in horror at the next breaking tweet. The majority of my relations were murdered over 70 years ago. They were not able to come to safety here in the UK or even the US. Many of their friends and relations were turned away at the borders and and sent back to their countries on ships to certain death. It’s no way to treat our fellow human beings.
    I am still appalled at the tiny number of refugees the UK received from Syria and elsewhere compared to Germany. Ultimately it was the same fear and prejudice as Trump’s and fuelled by the far right that prevented us from opening our arms to more desperate people. At least though we aren’t refusing entry to our own citizens with UK passports. But if Farage et al had their way … jo #eatsleepblogRT

  4. #eatsleepblogrt it’s interesting that while we focus so often on the pro’s of diversity, I can’t help thinking our time would be better spent on recognising our bonds and connections. The people he has banned are not the issue – it’s his team of billionaires and bankers who cause the war on terror.

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