Top Tips for Avoiding Family Holiday Hell!

For those of you who read our blog on a regular basis you will know we are currently enjoying a holiday in The Lakes! But after our holiday faux pas at Bluestone, what have we done to ensure The Lakes won’t be a wash out?

Top Tips for A Happy Holiday:

  • Book good accommodation! I originally booked this trip 5 days after Pudding was born and in a total hormone stupor. When we checked it last week it became apparent that I had in fact booked one room with the idea that Mr Pud and I would sleep on a sofa bed! (Honestly a sofa bed? What WAS I THINKING??) We changed our mind last-minute and booked a great cottage instead. Room to move, two bedrooms and the essential kitchen with washing machine (we are weaning here people…)
    Holiday Cottage
    idunlop / Pixabay
  • Keep packing stress to a minimum. You don’t need the kitchen sink or 18 outfits (washing machine remember?) Pack what you need, be ruthless! Remember when it comes to repacking you will have to track every item down and squeeze it back into the car. With the added addition of buckets, spades, inflatable crocodiles and the worlds most uncomfortable shoes that you brought on a whim! (Throw them away? NEVER)
  • Self catering? My preferred option, I know it’s a bit of a kick in the crotch to cook every night but least you know it’s going to be eaten (mostly). If you are going self catering, just get Tescos to deliver! Seriously, saves you the pain of packing it into the car or worse still driving round and round to find a supermarket after 6 hours of travelling.
  • Plan the route before you go! Nothing worse than not knowing where you are going and then losing mobile signal as soon as you are off the motorway. Download the route planner so it’s available. But don’t be militant about a leaving time or how many stops you will make. Go with the flow! Sometimes rushing kids out the house is just going to make matters worse. Relax have a coffee. (sorry no wine yet you need your wits about you!) If the traffic is shite then stop for a while. Sitting in a tail-back stressing and needing a wee is no good for any of you.
    Holiday Traffic
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  • Unpack the cases when you get the other end (not straight away have a brew first) This will make for a more relaxed feel. Who likes living out of a suitcase? Put stuff away, make it feel like home.
  • Don’t try to cram thousands of things into one day. It’s a holiday remember? Keep the pace relaxed! What does it matter if you don’t get out the house before 10? Kids feed off your stress, just let it go. Try and plan an activity for each day – get the kids to help choose if they are old enough. Remember toddlers don’t like walking too far and teenagers don’t like having no phone signal for more than an hour (15 mins).
  • Relax some of those rules about food. It’s ok if little Timmy wants to have an ice cream morning and afternoon, it’s a holiday! Stopping for cake and a drink is a novelty, so enjoy it. Also because holidays are busy little people get hungry or should I say hangry! Feed them. Often.
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  • Occasional late nights on holiday are exciting. A week of late nights is just perpetuating a natural disaster. Try and keep the sleep habits as close to home as possible. Parents and kids with no sleep is a recipe for meltdown. If you are out and about and little ones usually have a nap, maybe plan a short trip in the car at that point or encourage them to snuggle in the buggy. Tired angry children make holidays miserable, read the signs and take action. Quickly.
  • Don’t panic if you forgot to pack something! Remember this is England, not Outer Mongolia. Most things are available locally and if not get on Amazon Prime and order it for the next day! Nothing is out of reach and you know what if you forget it, it probably wasn’t that important!
  • Make time for each other. Once those rascals are in bed grab a bottle of something (anything) crack open some maltesers and a pack of cards. Reconnect with each other, phones off, laptops away and no TV. Talk and laugh about the day and the inevitable disasters. Reminisce or think about places you would like to come back too just the two of you. It’s your holiday too, enjoy each other!

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15 thoughts on “Top Tips for Avoiding Family Holiday Hell!”

  1. Thank you for the fab tips. We’re planning on visiting the UK to see my family next year. A will be over a year old and will be the first time away with her. It’ll be a whole new experience for me. #TribalLove

  2. We haven’t braved the staycation yet but these are great tips – I love the idea of going with the flow a little and having a couple of late nights here and there. Best to make the most of the holiday! #triballove

  3. I really love all of these tips as they are things that tend to make a vacation great. It can be hard to forget to many of these things. I had never thought of seeing if there is a service to deliver groceries while on vacation. I think we always try to go shopping as soon as we get there and the crowds are a disaster and we et stressed out. Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to remember this when we go to the beach next month. #TribalLove

  4. I’ve got to say, I’ve always found travel with kids easier than being at home. With our third, we went on holidays 6 days after she was born (she was late, her fault – she was meant to be slightly older). It was BRILLIANT! Maids to tidy up, all I had to do was get to breakfast before they shut at 10am and I could stroll around with the pram rather than in and out with the car seat hassle. And the older 2 had a pool and activities to entertain them, so i could focus on the bub without feeling bad….

  5. Fab tips! I tend to let the routine go out of the window and not be fussed about healthy eating when we are on holiday. It’s normally me eating chocolate cookies for breakfast anyway lol! A holiday is that time to just chill and stop watching the clock. Oh i get hangry alot too lol – probably more than my kids do! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

  6. I totally agree! Slowing things down and not getting stressed about during too much in is so important when holidaying with kids. You really don’t want burn out on holiday! I hope you had a great time in the Lakes. It’s beautiful! #KCACOLS

  7. I actually quite like the challenge when my wife packs about 12 suitcases. It turns packing the boot of the car into a suit of Tetris with Samsonite #KCACOLS

  8. We’ve recently had our first family holiday and I second the keeping the sleep routine! It definitely made for an easier week for us! #KCACOLS

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