Puddings Gift Guide 2016: Messy-Me Takes the Stress out of Mess

Ah the weaning stage! How as parents we love it, watching those little people stuff food in there mouths ears, nose, eyebrows… Yes you and I both know that getting the food actually in to the child can be a bit a of a challenge! Still its all part of the fun right? So long as the clear up operation afterwards is not to onerous. Well let me introduce to you the marvel that is Messy-Me.


These beautiful oil-cloth products are not only wipe clean, parent friendly items but they also look super stylish as well. No more day-glo bibs and high seat covers, your babies feeding station can blend in with the decor. Even if last nights spaghetti it still hanging off the ceiling!

Messy-Me offer a wide range of items from floor mats to help protect the carpet, tunic style bibs for those super messy eaters and comfy inserts for your high chair. Now Pudding is as most of our regular reader will know, a bit of a foodie. She loves it, and I have to say she is not too messy because she wouldn’t ever want to waste anything that could be eaten!  With this in mind I opted to review the gorgeous inserts for her high chair and one of the bibs. Although I spent a long time browsing the Messy-Me site and marvelling at all the lovely things on there.


The bib and the insert arrived super quick. I was immediately struck by the quality of the Messy-Me products. The oil-cloth was really soft and you could tell it had been well manufactured. The insert was lovely, all soft and squishy. Perfect for getting Pudding to sit a bit longer at the table after she has finished stuffing her face.


I picked a print that is called Vintage Floral on the Messy-Me site. A beautiful feminine print, just perfect for Pudding. I hoped it would add a touch of class to her eating. Unfortunately it hasn’t and she still resembles a piglet that has fallen into a bowl of tomato soup most meal times… Still at least the bib itself is very easy to clean!

Messy-Me have some fabulous items, not only are they useful they are beautiful looking and made to a really high standard. If you are buying for a weaning Mum & baby this Christmas you should definitely consider these. You can order them here, prices start from £7.99.


DISCLAIMER – We received the bib and high chair insert courtesy of Messy-Me in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Still not a Swiss Roll, But I have Big Love for Pie

Pudding & Pie having a cuddle
Hey Pudding Fans,

See what I did there? I got a little sports reference in, Dad would be proud. Speaking of Dad he made me sit and watch the FA cup semi-final on Saturday, apparently he was supposed to be giving me my bed time bottle but it wasn’t very relaxing! He kept jumping out of the chair and making me almost wet myself with his over-enthusiastic shouting. Mummy just tutted at him, it’s ok for her she wasn’t the one who nearly drowned on several occasions. I am only 4 months but I already have an inkling that I won’t be a huge football fan…

What I am a fan of though (other than parsnip) is my big brother Pie, he is awesome 😆, he is probably the only one who understands what it is like living in this mad house with these ridiculous dogs. He is getting pretty good at communicating my needs to mother, although I do get a little indignant when he tells me I am a ‘grumpy poo pants with grumpy bits!’ I mean how is a girl supposed to react to such a statement? I have managed to accept this crazy Harry Potter phase and we now regularly curl up together while he watches it, still not a great lover of wands though. Probably because there is always that fear that I might lose an eye (a fear shared by mother dearest).

I think this week Mum may have lost her mind slightly as she brought this crazy thing downstairs and hung it in a door frame then put me in it! There I was suspended, barely touching the floor. I did a few little bounces and she thought that was great but then Toby (that giraffe stealing sausage) licked my face so I clouted him on the nose (that was revenge for Sophie). Pie decided that what I needed was for him to bounce me which ended up in me getting cross and vomiting on the carpet in a moment of protest, suffice to say I don’t think Mum will be trying that out again anytime soon!

I would like to say that I had an update regarding the rolling – but as of yet I have not been able to work the magic. The elusive rolling, remains a mystery to me. Pie has been ‘helping’ but again not a great ending (more sick more  cross Pudding). Mum says I will get there – but when, it’s just so frustrating, there are so many naughty things I could be getting up to if I could just move. Saying that I am hoping to really catch her off guard and roll off her bed one morning while she is putting her knickers on…

Anyway enough rambling from me – mum says its parsnip for tea and as you know this girl loves a bit of parsnip!

Love Pudding xx

Petite Pudding
Cuddle Fairy

Welsh Cake (Bluestone Pt 1)


Photo Credit: 84thand3rd via Compfight cc

Howdy folks,

So this week I finally found out exactly what a holiday is and I have to say that it was great. Don’t get me wrong there were some stressful bits like when Mum was trying to squeeze all my essential items into a small suitcase (she forgot to pack Sophie the giraffe, I was gutted) and then there was the moment when Flick refused to get out of my car seat and I thought they would take her instead of me. But in general it was pretty plain sailing, I slept the majority of the journey down, just waking for a quick snack at the service station. I did voice my concern about the state of my pants but Daddy kept bouncing me on his knee and before either of us knew it we were covered in poop! Luckily Mummy was prepared and after a quick strip down in the disabled loo (she even washed me off in the sink, it was a mega explosion) we headed back in the car for the final slog.

Finally we had arrived! The little house we were staying in was great and Mum had that travel cot up in a flash and a couple of folded blankets and a giant muslin later, voila my bed was made. I couldn’t wait to get in, I don’t know how travelling can make a Pudding so tired but it does. I couldn’t wait to get ready for the next morning, I had Mummy up at the crack of dawn so she smuggled me into bed with her and Dad, then Daddy and I cuddled right through until 9am (unfortunately there was no room for Mummy….).

First thing on the agenda was a swim, now those who have previously read my blog know that Puddings should only swim in custard. But this time Mummy was prepared I had a new funky wetsuit thing, in pink with these funny looking birds on it, and the water in the pool was so warm. I have to say I still wasn’t entirely convinced to begin with, the pool was packed, it was loud and bright and then she took me down this lazy river thing that went outside! Just as we got back to the main pool this crazy loud noise went off making me jump, I nearly swallowed half the pool! Mum and I retreated to the beach area and next thing I knew there were waves. It was amazing, they came rolling towards us and kept breaking over my toes, I couldn’t help but give a little giggle as Mummy said ‘wheeee’. Daddy and Pie came to join us and we all had great fun playing in the waves.

I really made the most of my fab Ergo carrier, Mummy didn’t bother putting me in the pram at all, everywhere we went I got to snuggle into Mummy’s chest. At first I loved looking around at everything but I very soon realised that the best thing to do was to sleep. Mum reckons the walk up the giant hill several times a day carrying me must have done wonders for her bottom, I have to say that it still looks pretty sizeable from where I am standing, but as she doesn’t judge my chunky thighs I won’t pass comment.

This morning Mummy, Daddy and I had a great treat, while Pie was off playing pirates, we had a yoga and massage session. I was liberated from all clothes and my nappy and allowed to lay on the floor kicking and gurgling to my hearts content. I loved the yoga on my legs and the massage, wasn’t too keen on having my tummy done and it certainly didn’t agree with my bowels! I had a minor accident all over my towel, I wasn’t embarassed though I thought it was quite funny and then followed it up with a great big wee. What can I say, I am a classy girl!

All these activities have certainly increased my appetite, I am turning into a right little foody. As soon as I sit up to the table I get so excited and when I see that Ella’s pouch I go properly crazy. Mum says I have the same appetite as my big bro, apparently he was a real foody as well, he certainly enjoys getting involved in helping me discover food. I will pretty much eat anything but Mum tried me with parsnip this evening, Daddy wasn’t impressed he hates parsnip, but I have to say I LOVED it. I ate the entire pouch in one sitting and kept hoping for some more. Can’t wait to get my hands on proper food, the rest of them were having chips from the chippy, they smelt and looked amazing, Mum says she has to draw a line somewhere and that finger food will have to wait for a while 🙁

My first holiday has been amazing, I can’t wait for the next one. I guess by then I might have mastered the elusive are of rolling – then I will really be able to cause trouble 🙂

Love Pudding xxx

Mami 2 Five
Diary of an imperfect mum

A Little Pear Tarte Tatin?


Hi All,

Another action packed week at Pudding HQ, we have been to see some more family and I got loads of cuddles again! Apparently they weren’t really there to see me but to meet up before they went to see the football in Manchester, this can’t be true. Besides Mummy says I am for more interesting than watching 11 men kick a ball up and down a field and fail to actually score (Daddy looked very grumpy about this and muttered something that made Mummy raise her eyebrows…) Still it was a pretty good day, loads of attention for me and I did look super cool in my stripey tights.

Mummy pretty much refused to leave the house Monday other than to get some birthday cake bits for Pie, she said if she had to spend anymore time in the car she was going to claw her own eyes out. I felt this was a bit extreme, lets face it, she wasn’t the one in the back of the car for the great poo explosion 2016, apparently the dogs have been grounded pending a full investigation. Daddy has been around loads this week so he and I have been spending lots of time together, I keep talking at him so he can’t watch the TV he has to pay attention to me! We have a great new game together where I ride on his tummy like its horsey. Daddy has quiet a big tummy so its very bouncey, when we go really fast it makes me squeal with laughter and then Daddy laughs too.

Pie had his birthday Tuesday, you probably read about it, I slept through the majority of it, but I did have a bit of fun in the soft play and my first go on the slide (I had to take Daddy on because he was scared). The slide was rather whizzy and it made my crazy hair fly in all directions and I did bring a bit of my lunch up, did that stop me having another go? Hell No! Thursday we went to another farm, again I slept through it, but I think Pie is going to write a review with Mummy as he said it was amazing. However, he did walk through a large patch of mud and have complete meltdown as his shoes filled up – I woke to his angry screams and gave a self satisfied smile as I was all snuggled in my pramsuit.

If you read my post last week you will probably recall that I had been trying my hardest to persuade Mummy that I wanted some food, preferably her Dairy Milk Buttons yoghurt, but at this stage I would have settled for anything. Well as they were all sat around me last night stuffing their faces, whilst I sucked my hand and watched them greedily, I finally reached the end of my tether. I let them have it both barrels, Dad finally said ‘oh offer her some puree will you’. Yes! Result! Mummy opened an Ella’s pouch, she said it was pear, I don’t know what it was but it tasted AMAZING. I couldn’t suck it off the spoon faster enough, I nearly finished the whole pouch. Mum did look a bit shocked and then said ‘well I guess we won’t be telling the health visitor about that…’ I couldn’t help it, I needed more than milk, to be honest I don’t even particularly like milk. I do however like pear, and I expect I will soon find other things I like. Can’t wait to start on this taste journey, Mum has said we can start properly when we get back from holiday next week. Whats a holiday??

Love Pudding xx

The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback
Fancy a coffee friday

I Wish I Was a Jam Roly Poly


Photo Credit: Cake Shop Corner via Compfight cc
Hi There Folks,

Been a busy Pudding week, up and down the country in the car to Nana and Grandad, apparently there were some issues with traffic and the sausage dogs on the way back, all I remember is that my milk was not ready when I wanted it. Honestly, Mummy really only has one important job to do and that is to keep me fed and watered and sometimes she can’t even manage that, I don’t know what she does all day! Any way fab week away, everyone cooed over me and said I was beautiful and that I looked just like my Dad (sure they meant this as a compliment). There were some rather unkind comments about my hair; I know it can look a little crazy and that there are few bald patches in places, but I think I am rocking the look frankly, besides who invited your opinion?

I grew out of all my clothes just before we left so I have been parading about in a whole new set of outfits, the leggings and a top look seems to be a winner, although the stripey tights today were pretty awesome. I have heard that Mummy has ordered some very funky foxy leggings off one of her Twitter pals, looking forward to modelling those later this week. Feeling pretty cool now that I am big enough to actually get properly dressed, there is only so long a girl can keep being seen out in her pyjamas.

This week has also seen quite a lot of enforced tummy time, I can’t say I am a huge fan but Mummy keeps insisting, so I dutifully lay on my tummy and flail about like a cat in a well. Usually I fall asleep so that she gives up and leaves me alone, but occasionally I do try and flip myself over. Mummy gets very over excited at these brief attempts, which makes me smile at her, she can’t help being a silly billy. I have to say though I would quite like to roll now as I get very frustrated being stuck in one place, especially when everyone walks off and leaves me on the floor with my toys. Don’t they know they should be watching me every second of every day? Who cares if Pie needs a wee – I am determined to do my first roll when she walks off to do a toilet run, that will teach her.

No sign of those elusive teeth, and I think I may have to admit that Mummy was right and that they aren’t coming yet. Bit of a shame really as I am getting some what of a food obsession, I can feel myself turn into a baby bird every time food comes near me, mouth open, head turning. Its all in vain, Mummy says that I am far to little to have food just yet, but if she isn’t careful I will probably just snatch if off her fork, this milk malarkey isn’t going to cut it. Speaking of milk, if she insists on giving me a medium flow teat again there is going to be trouble. I have nearly drowned in milk every time she has tried it this week, nope don’t bother to elevate and side lie me, just get the other teat back on. I am like a connoisseur of fine wine, I like to take my time and savour the flavour, you mother dear will have to put up with me taking 35 minutes to drink my milk, like I said early what else could you possibly have to do?

I’ll keep you posted on the rolling!

Love Pudding