Looking for a bit of a Mummy Boost?

It’s true that being a mum can be tiring. Probably more tiring than you ever really though it would be! Between the constant running around after the kids, the lack of sleep and the fact that none of us eat properly we could all use a little boost. That’s not to mention the amount of lifting and carrying we do. We need to look after ourselves but where to start?

Hellenia have produced a new supplement for busy people to help maintain healthy joints. The Naticol® ProActive Hydrolised Marine Collagen Powder is packed full of hydrolised marine collagen. The marine collagen is from a natural and sustainable source and is an excellent source of amino acids. The orange flavoured ProActive collagen powder can be added to juice or water, and is formulated with musculoskeletal health in mind, with Vitamin C and added Celadrin®.


You can buy The Naticol® ProActive Hydrolised Marine Collagen Powder online direct from the Hellenia website. At just under £13 for 300g it’s a reasonable option for the maintenance of your bone and joint health. You can take the ProActive collagen powder up to twice a day.

Mojpe / Pixabay

As we grow older it becomes increasingly important to make sure we care for our joints. Whilst we are running around after the kids it is very difficult to think about what next week will bring let alone look after our bodies in preparation for old age. Hellenia’s supplement is an easy option to add into your day routine. No fuss no extra work, just a quick scoop into your morning orange juice. Protecting your joints for chasing round the grandchildren!

*DISCLAIMER – This is a sponsored post, this product is not endorsed by myself in my professional capacity as a nurse, all opinions are my own personal views as a mother*