Trouble Comes In Pudding Shaped Packages

Hey hey Pudding fans! – I am back with my latest installment of my adventures. SO last time you heard from me I was in fact no more than a pudding. Sitting quite comfortably watching the world go by. Well no more! I am a crawling, rolling, trouble-making machine.


I don’t mean to be trouble, but there have been so many things that I have wanted to grab for so long that now I can, I just can’t resist. For example Daddy’s Playstation is a favourite of mine. Nope hiding it right underneath the low coffee table will not stop me mother. I also take great pleasure in sitting on her laptop. As for the dogs, they have taken refuge in their bed, ha ha Sausages you can run but you can’t hide. I am also able to irritate Pie now. The best thing to do is to steal what ever he is holding and then scream when he takes it back. This gets him royally told off while I get a cuddle. It’s a win win situation although it works best on Daddy (Mum has gotten wise). In fact my poor mother is pulling her hair out, it is my mission that she will need to visit hair transplant UK in the future!


I have to say my new-found abilities have also meant that I can display my full displeasure at teething. Who knew it would be this uncomfortable to get a few gnashers? I have taken to crawling after my mother and whimpering. Then when she stops in one room to do something I sit up and let rip the full force of my discomfort. She seems pretty fed up with teething too.

On a positive note, my one half a tooth (yes I know I have a long way to go on the teething front), is perfect for chomping through new stuff! Finally I have persuaded Mum to drop the puree, well not the apple one, but the others. I now spend my mealtimes happily chomping through whatever the rest of them are having. I like spicy things, curry, chilli oooh and fajitas. Last night I had toad in the hole. I have to say that toads taste pretty good!

So what’s next for me? Well I have mastered standing up in my cot, I don’t think it will be too long before I am cruising round the furniture. I think that might finish Mum off, she will definitely be pulling her hair out. Anyway got to fly, we are off to baby signing this morning. Apparently this will help me communicate rather than screech. Yeh yeh mother whatever…..

Catch you on the flipside Pudding Fans x


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