Stylish Cheeky Chompers to Soothe Teething Troubles

So as many of our readers will know young Pud has been teething since, well forever. At least that is how it feels! Despite being a dribbling, red-faced Were-Pudding we still have only cut two teeth. Our little drama Pud would have you believe she has more teeth than a great white shark so it was with delight we accepted the chance to review Cheeky Chompers.

Just like so many of the amazing baby products hitting our shelves Cheeky Chompers were designed by mumprenuers Amy and Julie. We love the ideas coming from mumpreneurs, because they know just what mums need. Born from the idea that teethers spend most of the time on the floor getting covered in goodness knows what, Amy & Julie designed the Neckerchew. A teether that stays attached to baby and always in easy reach. Simple yet brilliant, not to mention stylish.

I chose the Cat Spot design for Pudding, because I love spots. If you asked my family they would say I was spot obsessed… We were lucky enough to review the Chew Pack in the Cat Spot Design. This included the Neckerchew and the Comfortchew.

I love how soft both the Neckerchew and Comfortchew are. The Neckerchew comes with really sturdy poppers, unlike some of the other dribble bibs on the market, so it actually stays in place. I think Pudding looks great in hers. The rubber triangle on the end is textured to really help ease those gums. A little handy tip from the team at Cheeky Chompers was to put a smear of teething gel on the rubber bit. This really helped Pudding get the gel exactly where she needed it.

The Comfortchew was a huge hit for Pudding and me. She loved the tags attached, and I loved the little elasticated band which meant the comfort chew could be attached to the pram and or wrist. No more lost comforters in town!

Cheeky Chompers have advised me that the Cat Spot Design is almost sold out and that they won’t be making any more in this design. So if you want one, then you will need to be quick! However, there are some other beautiful designs available, take a look these:

It is a big thumbs up from us for Cheeky Chompers. Great designs, soft and functional, a real teething winner. Prices start from £11.99 for a Neckerchew make sure you check out the website for the full range. You can also find Cheeky Chompers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

*DISCLAIMER – We were sent the Chew Pack from Cheeky Chompers free of charge in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*



Trouble Comes In Pudding Shaped Packages

Hey hey Pudding fans! – I am back with my latest installment of my adventures. SO last time you heard from me I was in fact no more than a pudding. Sitting quite comfortably watching the world go by. Well no more! I am a crawling, rolling, trouble-making machine.


I don’t mean to be trouble, but there have been so many things that I have wanted to grab for so long that now I can, I just can’t resist. For example Daddy’s Playstation is a favourite of mine. Nope hiding it right underneath the low coffee table will not stop me mother. I also take great pleasure in sitting on her laptop. As for the dogs, they have taken refuge in their bed, ha ha Sausages you can run but you can’t hide. I am also able to irritate Pie now. The best thing to do is to steal what ever he is holding and then scream when he takes it back. This gets him royally told off while I get a cuddle. It’s a win win situation although it works best on Daddy (Mum has gotten wise). In fact my poor mother is pulling her hair out, it is my mission that she will need to visit hair transplant UK in the future!


I have to say my new-found abilities have also meant that I can display my full displeasure at teething. Who knew it would be this uncomfortable to get a few gnashers? I have taken to crawling after my mother and whimpering. Then when she stops in one room to do something I sit up and let rip the full force of my discomfort. She seems pretty fed up with teething too.

On a positive note, my one half a tooth (yes I know I have a long way to go on the teething front), is perfect for chomping through new stuff! Finally I have persuaded Mum to drop the puree, well not the apple one, but the others. I now spend my mealtimes happily chomping through whatever the rest of them are having. I like spicy things, curry, chilli oooh and fajitas. Last night I had toad in the hole. I have to say that toads taste pretty good!

So what’s next for me? Well I have mastered standing up in my cot, I don’t think it will be too long before I am cruising round the furniture. I think that might finish Mum off, she will definitely be pulling her hair out. Anyway got to fly, we are off to baby signing this morning. Apparently this will help me communicate rather than screech. Yeh yeh mother whatever…..

Catch you on the flipside Pudding Fans x


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Matchstick Monkey Teether: Giveaway & Review

If you are a regular on our blog you will know that Pudding is currently  a teething monster! If you are new here you might want to check out our teething post. At my wit’s end a few weeks ago I was scrolling through Twitter when I noticed a new teething device, Matchstick Monkey. My attention was immediately grabbed as the product was a monkey! I needed to learn a bit more about this monkey…

So I popped over to the Matchstick Monkey website to have a nosey. Well I was greeted by a beautiful page filled with colourful friendly looking monkeys.

Matchstick Monkey
I have to say I was sold on this product just from this amazing picture! On reading the website I was impressed by the concept of Matchstick Monkey and the design of the teether. Matchstick Monkey have put a lot of thought into the design of this teether. The toothbrush part is good for getting teething gel in the  right places. It is also great for introducing little ones to brushing teeth. The Monkey is tactile and easy for small hands to manoeuvre. They are FDA approved and designed by Mum of two, Katie. Katie’s first baby suffered terribly with teething. When her second baby was born she designed Matchstick Monkey! When I got an email back accepting my offer to review I was chuffed.

Unfortunately Pudding looks less than impressed in this picture! Mainly because she was having a teething meltdown prior to the her monkey arriving! She was much more enthusiastic when she realised what it was for!

The Matchstick Monkey is great because he is so easy for her to hold. He also feels lovely. Smooth but sort of velvety. Her favourite thing is if I brush her gums with the toothbrush part. She also enjoys chewing his face!

Personally I think the Matchstick Monkey looks great. Super cute and clearly easy for Pudding to handle. Happy Pudding makes for a happy Mummy. We would highly recommend this great new product.

Fancy getting your hands on a Matchstick Monkey?

You can preorder through the website or pop over to Kickstarter to buy one. For £10 we think they are a bargain!

We are also lucky enough to have one to giveaway! You can enter using our competition below.

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*We did not receive any payment for this review, we did receive our Matchstick Monkey free of charge in order to conduct the review. All the opinions contained above are entirely our own*

WerePuddings Revenge on a Giraffe Eating Sausage

I would firstly like to state that I am not a WerePudding this recent nickname coined by my mother is both unfair and untrue. This is however, my revenge story. Remember how I told you that stealthy Sausage had eaten my Sophie Giraffe? Well the time is now right to get him back. Revenge they say is a dish best served cold. I am serving this colder and more unpleasant than rice pudding from the fridge. Yes Mother I am talking to you here. Cold rice pudding is disgusting and if you offer it to me again I will throw it at you.


Where was I? Oh yes revenge on that sly Sausage. Those dogs have been getting more brazen than ever of late. Clearly they are enjoying the weaning phase. (Mum calls them the clean up crew. But why she lets them lick my face clean…) Still I can sit up now and I finally have control over these hands. Giraffe stealing boy Sausage has taken to sitting next to me. I know he is after my new monkey. I shall defend that monkey to the death believe me. I can’t face another loss like Sophie.

So he sidles over the other day. It startles me slightly to find him so close. I swear he has stealth technology. Anyway it puts me off my game and I topple face first onto the couch next to him. I then realise how close his ears are. So I grab one. Oooh this is fun, tug, tug. Mother removes his ear from my hand. Ah ha I think, this could be good. I spend the next 10 minutes toppling forward and grabbing bits of him. Mum banishes him from the sofa! Excellent 1-0 Pudding.

I have now taken to torturing him at every opportunity. If Mum takes her eyes off me for a second I try to grab him. He is stupid though. He doesn’t learn. The other day I had actually managed to grab his tail and start chewing on the end before he moved. Mum has had to separate us. Both Sausages are now banned from being near me, for their own safety!

Still the game is afoot and once I get crawling those Sausages had better watch themselves. I’ll teach you to eat my Sophie. That tail is so getting pulled…



Beware the WerePudding

Now I know that in ghost stories they say the witching hour is midnight. Some people think the spirits arise around 3am to camp out in creepy town. That this is when blood curdling screams rip through the air… Not so at Pudding HQ. Our witching hour(s) are 3-6pm. This is when the ear splitting shriek of the WerePudding can be heard.

It’s a terrifying sound that rises to a crescendo quite quickly. Once the fever has set in there is no turning back until the magical bath of bubbles is found once more; followed by the creamy elixir of Hipp. There are no silver bullets to slay the beast. The only cure should have been administered earlier on in the day in the form of a long uninterrupted sleep. But while the WerePudding’s fangs are still coming in, sleep is a rare commodity that is not often afforded during daylight hours…

geralt / Pixabay
Unfortunately the WerePudding is not restricted to the lunar cycle and she doesn’t give a monkey’s which phase the moon is in. Her primal desire is to find something suitable to gnaw on. Ideally human flesh (necks and fingers appear to be a staple). She is also partial to a giraffe… A WerePudding can be temporarily distracted by a parsnip or some such pureed substance. This is a short-term fix and will not halt the eventual appearance of a fully fledged monster.

There are no real warning signs before the turn. One minute there can be delightful giggles and then in a blink of an eye the beast is there. Fangs bared, frothing at the mouth and howling to the sky. You can attempt to ward off the creature with Bonjela or teething powders.  On occasion a well-timed dose of calpol has proved a useful weapon. But none are fool-proof, and it would be a mistake to rely on any one should you be trapped in a confined space with the WerePudding.

The WerePudding does respond to the call of her own. Should you place similarly afflicted babies in her presence she can usually ensure that they can all howl in unison. This means that any social activity is completely abandoned. Leaving the WerePudding’s mother home alone to deal with this tricky creature…


Massuese Mousse

Hey! Baby massage rocked my world this week, it was amazing. Just me and mummy in a room full of other babies (I was the oldest for a change!) getting up close and personal. I had a little trial of this when we went to the fabulous Bluestone and cos I enjoyed it so much Mummy kindly booked me in for a few sessions when we got home. I think Mum was a bit nervous when we first got their as she didn’t know anyone but I helped her out by smiling and talking to everyone. Of course they all commented about my amazing hairdo – I call this weeks style troll-esk ( mum is threatening hair clips🙈).

Blue haired troll - looks like Pudding We did leg massage this week, which took Mum ages because as she said their is a sizeable amount of thigh there. I think she was insinuating that I am slightly rotund, I quickly reminded her that I have the body of a goddess (So what if Buddha was a guy). My Nana says I am cute and look like a cabbage patch baby, not entirely sure what this is but Nana would never be mean about me. Apparently it’s arms next week, this could be tricky as I can’t seem to take my fist out of my mouth for more than 10 seconds, unless Mum is spooning in some parsnip…

Pie and I have been taking it in turns to scream this week, we figured Mum would rather we did that than scream simultaneously. However; this just seems to make her less sympathetic to both of us so we have gone back to the original plan that Pie screams in the morning constantly and I get to scream from tea time until bedtime. Mum doesn’t particularly like this either but at least she gets a break at lunchtime….

Due to continuing issues Pudding HQ has had  to take to its feet this week, great news for me as Mum usually pops me in the ergo. It really is the best place for a Pudding to be! All those extra snuggles and getting to talk to Mum all the time has meant I am turning into a right Mummy’s girl, especially as she treated me to a new Sophie this week. Sophie 2 and extra Mummy love have been needed this as these teeth are really starting to bother me – luckily Mum has finally agreed that they are a problem. Well done mother it’s only taken you 4 weeks 😡, some people just never listen!

I will let you know how we get on with the arms. I have to go now because it’s my turn to scream like a banshee…

Hot Cross Pudding


Today is not a good Pudding day, it may be Easter but the only thing I want is my two front teeth. Mummy says it is far to early for my teeth to be making an appearance, she even went so far as to say I am a drama queen. Well tell me this then mother dearest why is it that I am all dribbly and I keep trying to chew my own fingers off? Yes I know you have had a look in my mouth and you say you can’t see any signs of redness, or even the remotest sign that there are teeth, but I assure you they are on there way. No I don’t have a temperature, although I am trying my best to get one by screaming myself hoarse and getting all sweaty and irritable. Where did this rule come from about no temperature, no Calpol??

Plus, I heard you talking with Daddy this morning about moving me into Pie’s bedroom into my cot. What is this rubbish you are speaking of? I may have slept through the night all week but that is no reason to ship me out to listen to him snore all night like a freight train. I am not fooled by your campaign to make me have my naps in my ‘big girl cot’ either. Have you not read the literature about me sleeping in your room until I am 6 months? I won’t stand for it, being just across the landing will not cut it, even though you can see me from your bed, its just not on, you can try it but I will have my revenge on you at 3am. Let me also take this moment to say that should you decide to also stop swaddling me I will sing the song of my people so loud that even the neighbours will be begging you to wrap me up like a sausage roll.

I tell you its a good job we are off to Nana’s tomorrow, she would never allow me to be this upset and there is no way she will banish me to sleep with Pie… Nana knows how to treat her little Pudding, she will cuddle me all day without making rubbish excuses like ‘hold on Pudding, I need the loo’. She will also believe me when I say my teeth hurt and I am pretty sure the ‘no temperature, no Calpol’ rule doesn’t apply to Nana’s either…