Stylish Cheeky Chompers to Soothe Teething Troubles

So as many of our readers will know young Pud has been teething since, well forever. At least that is how it feels! Despite being a dribbling, red-faced Were-Pudding we still have only cut two teeth. Our little drama Pud would have you believe she has more teeth than a great white shark so it was with delight we accepted the chance to review Cheeky Chompers.

Just like so many of the amazing baby products hitting our shelves Cheeky Chompers were designed by mumprenuers Amy and Julie. We love the ideas coming from mumpreneurs, because they know just what mums need. Born from the idea that teethers spend most of the time on the floor getting covered in goodness knows what, Amy & Julie designed the Neckerchew. A teether that stays attached to baby and always in easy reach. Simple yet brilliant, not to mention stylish.

I chose the Cat Spot design for Pudding, because I love spots. If you asked my family they would say I was spot obsessed… We were lucky enough to review the Chew Pack in the Cat Spot Design. This included the Neckerchew and the Comfortchew.

I love how soft both the Neckerchew and Comfortchew are. The Neckerchew comes with really sturdy poppers, unlike some of the other dribble bibs on the market, so it actually stays in place. I think Pudding looks great in hers. The rubber triangle on the end is textured to really help ease those gums. A little handy tip from the team at Cheeky Chompers was to put a smear of teething gel on the rubber bit. This really helped Pudding get the gel exactly where she needed it.

The Comfortchew was a huge hit for Pudding and me. She loved the tags attached, and I loved the little elasticated band which meant the comfort chew could be attached to the pram and or wrist. No more lost comforters in town!

Cheeky Chompers have advised me that the Cat Spot Design is almost sold out and that they won’t be making any more in this design. So if you want one, then you will need to be quick! However, there are some other beautiful designs available, take a look these:

It is a big thumbs up from us for Cheeky Chompers. Great designs, soft and functional, a real teething winner. Prices start from £11.99 for a Neckerchew make sure you check out the website for the full range. You can also find Cheeky Chompers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

*DISCLAIMER – We were sent the Chew Pack from Cheeky Chompers free of charge in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*



WerePuddings Revenge on a Giraffe Eating Sausage

I would firstly like to state that I am not a WerePudding this recent nickname coined by my mother is both unfair and untrue. This is however, my revenge story. Remember how I told you that stealthy Sausage had eaten my Sophie Giraffe? Well the time is now right to get him back. Revenge they say is a dish best served cold. I am serving this colder and more unpleasant than rice pudding from the fridge. Yes Mother I am talking to you here. Cold rice pudding is disgusting and if you offer it to me again I will throw it at you.


Where was I? Oh yes revenge on that sly Sausage. Those dogs have been getting more brazen than ever of late. Clearly they are enjoying the weaning phase. (Mum calls them the clean up crew. But why she lets them lick my face clean…) Still I can sit up now and I finally have control over these hands. Giraffe stealing boy Sausage has taken to sitting next to me. I know he is after my new monkey. I shall defend that monkey to the death believe me. I can’t face another loss like Sophie.

So he sidles over the other day. It startles me slightly to find him so close. I swear he has stealth technology. Anyway it puts me off my game and I topple face first onto the couch next to him. I then realise how close his ears are. So I grab one. Oooh this is fun, tug, tug. Mother removes his ear from my hand. Ah ha I think, this could be good. I spend the next 10 minutes toppling forward and grabbing bits of him. Mum banishes him from the sofa! Excellent 1-0 Pudding.

I have now taken to torturing him at every opportunity. If Mum takes her eyes off me for a second I try to grab him. He is stupid though. He doesn’t learn. The other day I had actually managed to grab his tail and start chewing on the end before he moved. Mum has had to separate us. Both Sausages are now banned from being near me, for their own safety!

Still the game is afoot and once I get crawling those Sausages had better watch themselves. I’ll teach you to eat my Sophie. That tail is so getting pulled…



The Clever Bees Club – Giveaway and Review

A group of my blogging pals were talking about this lovely company called The Clever Bees Club a couple of weeks ago and how they were looking for a few people to review their lovely product. So I went over for a little nosey….

The Clever Bees Club was started by Mark Smith. After taking his daughters to a Toy Shop and witnessing his daughters agonsising over what to spend their hard earned pocket money and the massive choice available. Mark got to thinking about how great a subscription box for kids would be and thus The Clever Bees Club was born!

What Mark has designed is a monthly subscription box aimed at 3 -7 year olds. The box is designed to be exciting and educational and is filled with high quality items and great activities based around a theme. The box aims to help with children’s development whilst being fun. You can read more about The Clever Bees Club on their website.

Well too cut a long story short, I was impressed! So I gave them a little message and whilst we were on holiday a lovely box was delivered to Pie.

Our Review of The Clever Bees Club Subscription Box

Now Pie may only be four but he knows when a parcel has his name on it, it’s the A he recognises! So he was pretty excited to find a large box waiting for him. I did manage to hold him off until the day after we got back, just so that we could all get the most out of it. The weather in Brimingham was disgusting so it was great to have something new to open and explore.

image1 (2)


Most fittingly the theme for the Clever Bee’s Box was water! We were all really impressed with the amount of stuff that was packed into the box. Pie kept digging through the shredded paper and finding more and more things.

He was particularly excited about the water balloons (managed to persuade him out of using those in the living room). The bubbles as always were a hit and the super soaker got great use in the bath (unfortunately straight in Pudding’s face). Luckily we had the soft flannel to dry her off a bit!!

The Clever Bees Club

The book, stickers and colouring crayons kept us all going for a wet and cold morning. The prized goggles are awaiting their first trip to the swimming pool. Most surprisingly Pie was really enthusiastic about the reward chart. We have been introducing a few little chores recently so this week we are rewarding for setting the table for tea! He is hoping to earn enough stars for a green light sabre…

The Clever Bees Club

We have yet to try the included recipes but they look yummy. I personally love the idea of the experiment using the ice cube tray. Being a bit of a science geek I am looking forward to getting Pie involved and taking about the outcomes. He is a curious little chap so reckon this will be right up his street. We just need the sun to shine to make the most out of it!

For the number of items in the box and the quality of the toys and activities I think the monthly subscription of £19.95 is fair. We were really impressed with the contents of the box, the items were all high quality. Everything is either useful or will be played with. All items were age appropriate to Pie and even Pudding can benefit from a few bits and pieces. Its a big thumbs up from us!

Enter our Giveaway!

Love the idea of The Clever Bees Club? Well we have been lucky enough to offer a free 3 month subscription to one of our readers! That’s 3 months of fun activities and new toys worth just under £60. Enter our competition below and we will announce our winner on the 30th June. Good Luck! (This competition is only open to UK residents)
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ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

We did receive The Clever Bees box free of charge in order to conduct the review. All the opinions are our own.

Mummy Tag

I have been enjoying reading all the Mummy Tag posts going round recently and it has been great to get to know all the other Mum Bloggers out there, so I was really chuffed when I was nominated by the lovely Squirmy Popple to have a go!

So here it is my Mummy Tag:

Are you a Stay at Home Mum or a Working Mum?

Currently a stay at home Mum while on maternity leave but back to work next month! Pudding was not exactly planned so financially I have to go back to work now she is 6 months. Lucky its only 2 days a week!

Would you have it any other way?

Hmmm I never thought I wanted to be SAHM because I love my job – but these days I think I would like to be home with the kids. In an ideal world I would be a stay at home blogger!

Do you co-sleep?

Nope – Never! Our bed is ours and under no circumstances do either children get in it before 6.30 am. Even when the other half is on nights. Everyone sleeps better in their own bed and we need to have something that is ours. Both kids come in in the morning and we all have a drink in bed and maybe a brioche or something!

What is your one must-have item for your baby?

My baby carrier – I love it and Pudding loves it. We have had several different ones. I used to be a huge Ergo fan but Pudding loves to face out so we have recently invested in a Stokke My Carrier which is totally fab. Now she can be nosy and still well supported. (plus its a gorgeous purple colour)

How many kids do you plan on having?

My husband would have said one – but as we are already at two… I think I would like a third but then again we don’t have a very big house and we would need a bigger car etc. Still never say never hey?

Date nights? How often do you have them?

Ooh we love a date night – although normally that means a good meal at home and some wine with a rented Sky movie! We do get out occasionally but we don’t have family that close for baby sitting. I think the most important thing is to spend time connecting with each other. Now summer is here we will spend more time in the garden with a cocktail and a pack of cards, hopefully unplugged from phones and TV.

Meditations / Pixabay
Your child’s favourite show?

Well Pudding doesn’t mind – but she is a total TV addict already. She spent the first few weeks of her life sat on the sofa with me listening to The West Wing (she still finds the theme tune quite soothing) Her big brother Pie spends most of his time watching and re-enacting Harry Potter! Although he has now moved on to Star Wars as well.

Name one thing you bought before you had the baby and never ended up using.

Well we were a bit more savvy with Pudding but with Pie I was a typical first time Mum and thought we should have everything stocked by Mothercare. I think the most useless item was probably a top and tail bowl – I don’t think we ever used that…

Your child’s favourite food?

Parsnips and Bananas – Pudding Loves them! I have to say she ain’t fussy really but the parsnips really get her excited! Pie on the other hand loves curry, its his latest thing and we ended up having to have it 4 times last week. I used to love curry but even I am getting a bit fed up with it now!

How many cars does your family have?

Just the one – a large bright yellow 500L. Its mine and I love it! My Hubby doesn’t drive (too many years living in London) so he doesn’t get a say in the car, the colour or the music!

Weight gain, before pregnancy, during, after and now?

I am one of those really annoying people who was a size 8 before pregnancy a size 10 during and back to a size 8 afterwards. I know I would hate me too…

Dream holiday with your kids?

Oh I know its been said loads but it has to be Florida – Pie would love to do Harry Potter world and the Disney Parks. Pudding doesn’t care, as long she is with us. Although I would like to see her in a princess dress with Belle!

Harry Potter Castle
randomwinner / Pixabay
Dream holiday without your kids?

Ah there are so many places we would love to go together – but I think for me it would have be traveling coast to coast across America in an old style American Muscle Car. Stopping at diners and motel, listening to classic rock!

How has your life changed since having kids?

In every possible way! I always used to be out and now I rarely leave home. I always used to love expensive clothes and since Pie was born I have stepped in All Saints once. We used to love a few glasses of wine and a good rant at Question Time and now we barely manage to keep our eyes open until 10pm. Would I change it? Not at all!

Finish the sentence “It makes my heart melt when…”

Pudding and Pie sit together on the couch and he puts his arm round her and says ‘I am here my Pudding’ and she looks up at him with a huge smile.

Mummy Tag

Where do you shop for your kids?

Oh all over but mainly Next and H&M – occasionally I splash out  in Jojo Maman Bebe or Joules. I would love to dress them in Mini Boden and The Little White Company but they grow so fast and Pie is such a dirt magnet it wouldn’t be worth spending all that money!

Favourite make-up and skincare products?

Well I love my Birchbox that comes every month – its my little treat to myself! But if I am off to buy my own it has to be Laura Mercier (that flawless skin facial wash is AMAZING) and Bobby Brown for their BB cream. I am not a huge makeup wearer but I like nice moisturisers and cleansers.

Huggies or Pampers?

Always Pampers – they just seem to fit better and feel softer.

Have you always wanted kids?

No! It was always in the back of my mind but I didn’t yearn for them in fact until just before we fell pregnant with Pie I had no burning desire. But now I can’t imagine life without them (just had to duck a wand attack from Pie whilst I wrote that, maybe I could imagine….)

Best part of being a mum?

Tucking Pie in at night and having him sit up give me a huge kiss and a cuddle whilst whispering ‘I love you Mummy’ and then picking Pudding out of her cot in the morning and seeing her beaming smile when I say hello!

Have you taken part in the Mummy Tag yet? If not why not have a go, its great fun and its nice to get know each other better!

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

Party Pudding

Aloha Pudding pals!

I know it’s been a few weeks, Mum has been far to busy enjoying herself to take the time to write out my inner monologue. I have been telling her about all my concerns and general life questions but she has been turning the other cheek…

You probably heard it was Mother Dearests’ birthday last week – oh woohoo I hear you cry and I share your underwhelming enthusiasm or I would if it hadn’t been for the fact that I got to sample something amazing this week, I believe my grandmother called it chocolate… Read on Pudding fans I shall tell you more!

 Mum managed to drag her Birthday over a few days, according to Dad she always does this. I was disgusted to learn that on her Birthday she gets a lie in and then breakfast in bed, (let’s gloss over the fact that I get breakfast in her bed every morning) she also got cards and flowers. I notice nobody sent me a present just for being cute, it appears I am forgotten…

Then at the weekend we went over to the grandparents house in Shrewsbury. I love it there because it’s cuddles on tap and that naughty Mutti feeds me stuff when Mum isn’t looking. Pie loves it too and the Sausages think it’s ace to terrorise the local birds, cats and children.

Saturday we went to this cafe in town called The Birds Nest, Mum always raves about there sandwiches, so it was her choice to go there. I have to say it was pretty cool, amazing lights to look at, loads of people to smile at and a DJ too. The food did look great (Mum assures me her sandwich was epic) I tried to get a piece of cake off the cake stand but was busted at the last second.

 We then went back and got organised for a BBQ, I didn’t see much of this but apparently there was an intense boules competition after several glasses of wine, in which Daddy was crowned the champion. Not sure how this happened, sporting prowess is not one of the terms I would have used to describe my Dad…

Sunday was chilled kind of a day, I lazed about, getting cuddles at every opportunity and refusing to partake in any kind of tummy time or rolling activity. I am teething don’t you know? This required constant 1:1 attention and a lot of bonjela.

 But shut the door, I found a better teething cure! When Mum wasn’t looking I, me, yes me, I was given a load of chocolate icing to lick off Mutti’s finger… OMG why has this not been on the weaning radar before?? I was quite giddy with excitement and with all my squealing I drew Mum’s attention, that’s when she saw the chocolatey face…

Apparently me and Mutti are naughty, but I am starting to see why Pie loves going to see the grandparents so much! I am contemplating moving in, they don’t even think about offering me broccoli!

Love Pudding X

Cuddle Fairy

Still not a Swiss Roll, But I have Big Love for Pie

Pudding & Pie having a cuddle
Hey Pudding Fans,

See what I did there? I got a little sports reference in, Dad would be proud. Speaking of Dad he made me sit and watch the FA cup semi-final on Saturday, apparently he was supposed to be giving me my bed time bottle but it wasn’t very relaxing! He kept jumping out of the chair and making me almost wet myself with his over-enthusiastic shouting. Mummy just tutted at him, it’s ok for her she wasn’t the one who nearly drowned on several occasions. I am only 4 months but I already have an inkling that I won’t be a huge football fan…

What I am a fan of though (other than parsnip) is my big brother Pie, he is awesome 😆, he is probably the only one who understands what it is like living in this mad house with these ridiculous dogs. He is getting pretty good at communicating my needs to mother, although I do get a little indignant when he tells me I am a ‘grumpy poo pants with grumpy bits!’ I mean how is a girl supposed to react to such a statement? I have managed to accept this crazy Harry Potter phase and we now regularly curl up together while he watches it, still not a great lover of wands though. Probably because there is always that fear that I might lose an eye (a fear shared by mother dearest).

I think this week Mum may have lost her mind slightly as she brought this crazy thing downstairs and hung it in a door frame then put me in it! There I was suspended, barely touching the floor. I did a few little bounces and she thought that was great but then Toby (that giraffe stealing sausage) licked my face so I clouted him on the nose (that was revenge for Sophie). Pie decided that what I needed was for him to bounce me which ended up in me getting cross and vomiting on the carpet in a moment of protest, suffice to say I don’t think Mum will be trying that out again anytime soon!

I would like to say that I had an update regarding the rolling – but as of yet I have not been able to work the magic. The elusive rolling, remains a mystery to me. Pie has been ‘helping’ but again not a great ending (more sick more  cross Pudding). Mum says I will get there – but when, it’s just so frustrating, there are so many naughty things I could be getting up to if I could just move. Saying that I am hoping to really catch her off guard and roll off her bed one morning while she is putting her knickers on…

Anyway enough rambling from me – mum says its parsnip for tea and as you know this girl loves a bit of parsnip!

Love Pudding xx

Petite Pudding
Cuddle Fairy