Graduating into The World of The Grown-ups

It’s a strange thing when you realise unexpectedly that you have entered the realm of the ‘grown-ups’. Most people think this automatically happens when you turn 21.  For me personally all that happened when I turned 21 was the amount of alcohol consumed went up and the scrapes I got myself into required a lot more getting out of! But as I looked across the table at my school friends the other night I suddenly realised that we were in fact now adults.

This is truly cemented now that we have 6 children between us (Poor Pie is the only boy, Least he has the pick of the ladies). But I don’t quite know when this happened. We are all married and have been for 5 years or more, I don’t remember thinking wow we are all big girls now we have husbands. We still had those boozy weekends away and fell back into our teenage ways. Then the pregnancy announcements started, which to be honest curtailed the booze (hopefully only temporary). Once the first of the little people arrived it was out with shopping trips and in with nappy changes and nipple cream.

cherylholt / Pixabay

It was great to have my closest girlfriends going through stuff together, it made that journey into motherhood much easier. I think the real shift into adulthood came one Xmas eve. Usually a drunken affair with some very silly games, this was replaced by soft drinks and quiet(ish) conversation. Where had those raucous twenty-somethings gone? I would like to say it’s because we were all so happy and contented we know longer needed to prove we were the loudest voice in the room. In all honesty I think it had more to do with the fact that we were all shattered and wanted to be at our best for the kids next morning! And there it is the reason why we went from living it up to the Mumsketeers. You can’t get shit faced until 3am and function with a baby and a toddler the next day.

stokpic / Pixabay

It’s not that having a baby makes you a boring person. It’s just that your priorities change. You wake up one morning and realise you are no longer at university, but that these small people depend on you. The late nights are gone. The responsibilities are bearing down on you. Without realising it you stray into the land of the grown-ups and once you are in there you understand that it’s not so bad. So long as you have your friends and you smuggled in a bottle of gin.

Party Pudding

Aloha Pudding pals!

I know it’s been a few weeks, Mum has been far to busy enjoying herself to take the time to write out my inner monologue. I have been telling her about all my concerns and general life questions but she has been turning the other cheek…

You probably heard it was Mother Dearests’ birthday last week – oh woohoo I hear you cry and I share your underwhelming enthusiasm or I would if it hadn’t been for the fact that I got to sample something amazing this week, I believe my grandmother called it chocolate… Read on Pudding fans I shall tell you more!

 Mum managed to drag her Birthday over a few days, according to Dad she always does this. I was disgusted to learn that on her Birthday she gets a lie in and then breakfast in bed, (let’s gloss over the fact that I get breakfast in her bed every morning) she also got cards and flowers. I notice nobody sent me a present just for being cute, it appears I am forgotten…

Then at the weekend we went over to the grandparents house in Shrewsbury. I love it there because it’s cuddles on tap and that naughty Mutti feeds me stuff when Mum isn’t looking. Pie loves it too and the Sausages think it’s ace to terrorise the local birds, cats and children.

Saturday we went to this cafe in town called The Birds Nest, Mum always raves about there sandwiches, so it was her choice to go there. I have to say it was pretty cool, amazing lights to look at, loads of people to smile at and a DJ too. The food did look great (Mum assures me her sandwich was epic) I tried to get a piece of cake off the cake stand but was busted at the last second.

 We then went back and got organised for a BBQ, I didn’t see much of this but apparently there was an intense boules competition after several glasses of wine, in which Daddy was crowned the champion. Not sure how this happened, sporting prowess is not one of the terms I would have used to describe my Dad…

Sunday was chilled kind of a day, I lazed about, getting cuddles at every opportunity and refusing to partake in any kind of tummy time or rolling activity. I am teething don’t you know? This required constant 1:1 attention and a lot of bonjela.

 But shut the door, I found a better teething cure! When Mum wasn’t looking I, me, yes me, I was given a load of chocolate icing to lick off Mutti’s finger… OMG why has this not been on the weaning radar before?? I was quite giddy with excitement and with all my squealing I drew Mum’s attention, that’s when she saw the chocolatey face…

Apparently me and Mutti are naughty, but I am starting to see why Pie loves going to see the grandparents so much! I am contemplating moving in, they don’t even think about offering me broccoli!

Love Pudding X

Cuddle Fairy

Pie Turns 4 – Big Boy Party Fun


Hi There,

I had a great day yesterday as I graduated from a threenager to a big boy of 4! It was all very exciting, my lovely Aunt & Uncle were then when I got up and the living room was filled with balloons and lots of presents. I was super excited and got down to getting that wrapping paper off as quick as humanly possible, before Mummy had even managed to get herself a coffee! I was an exceptionally lucky boy, Mummy had organised for everyone to get me these amazing Harry Potter figures, because as you know I love Harry Potter. Unfortunately I managed to break a few wands off quite early on in my game but Mum says she will stick them back on when she has brought some extra strong sticky glue.

After presents it was time to get dressed and meet all my little friends at the farm. It was really busy, but we got to do loads of cool things like holding chicks, feeding coats and sitting on horses. My favourite part was feeding the tiny lambs with my best friends, the bouncy castle was also pretty awesome. Mummy fell in love with some ginger piglets but Daddy said she wasn’t allowed to put one in Pudding’s bag, I reckon the Sausage Dogs would have loved a piglet. After we had been to see all the animals we went to the big indoor play area for some lunch. I love this place it is possibly the best place ever. There is this huge bouncy pillow which my mates and I went crazy on, and Daddy spent loads of time chucking us down the enormous blue slide. Even Pudding had a go on the wavy slide with Daddy – she looked a bit shocked! We all sat and had lunch together, Mummy had a burger that was nearly as big as my head, I couldn’t believe she ate the lot, she said that birthday parties made her hungry.

After we said good by to my friends we went home to find my Aunt and Uncle and my Grandparents, then there were more presents. I finally got my hands on the Voldemort figure, he is my absolute favourite. Then Mummy lit the candles on my Hogwarts castle cake, which I thought was amazing (Mummy is not known for her baking prowess or general cooking skills).  I got a bit over excited and blew out the candle before everyone had sung Happy Birthday but Mummy relit them and we tried again. After every one had finally said goodbye I got to play with all my new toys, before collapsing on the sofa to watch some Harry Potter before bed. It was a fantastic day and I think I am going to like being 4!

Love Pie xx


Never seen someone so excited about a basket of ducklings!

Big boys enjoying getting to know the chicks and ducks

POP vinyl Prof Snape – one of oh so many HP characters now living at Pudding HQ
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