Puddings Gift Guide 2016: Get Personal With Hello Moon Posters

I really love personalised things for the kids, I think its because when they get older I know they will like that somethings were just for them. Everyone enjoys that feeling of being a bit special. Now Pie already has a few personalised goodies but Pudding doesn’t. So with their room freshly decorated it felt only right that she should have something that was just hers.

Hello Moon had just the type of thing I was looking for. They have a great range of posters all of which can be personalised with a name. Some go further than that and you can design gorgeous New Baby posters which include name, weight and date and time of birth. They are exceptionally cute, a perfect gift to welcome a new bundle of joy into the world.

You can also order adult posters as well! This hilarious one has gone on my own Christmas list this year.


The other great thing about Hello Moon is that they will mount and frame your poster for you too. This is priced quite reasonably too and saves you having to go out and do it yourself.

After much deliberation and distraction through all the wonderful things on the Hello Moon website. I finally decided on the Little Monster Poster, I felt it struck a remarkable resemblance to Pudding… I really liked the poster when it arrived. It looks really classy mounted in the frame and is very cute with the little bit of personalisation. I am sure you will agree that Pudding does look a bit like the monster!

fullsizerender-48 fullsizerender-49

I think Hello Moon have a great selection of posters to choose from to brighten up any room with a personal touch. Starting from £16 for the poster they make an excellent and thoughtful gift this Christmas. You can order Hello Moon posters here.


DISCLAIMER: We received the Little Monster poster courtesy of Hello Moon in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinion are our own.

Petite Puddings Gift Guide 2016: Trolley Bags

Have you seen these before? I did last year and thought I really need these, they would make my life so much easier! Thank goodness that this year Trolley Bags” offered us the opportunity to try them.


If like me you love to shop at Lidl or Aldi you will know the sheer panic at the checkout as things fly at you and there is nowhere to put them. You desperately chuck them in the trolley and then have to move out the way to pack them ‘properly’. Well enter Trolley Bags! No longer is this an issue. I can face even the largest of shops now with these in my trolley.


Super easy to use, you just spread them across the trolley and start packing your shopping in them. The Trolley Bags stay open so you don’t have to keep fighting the bags. I did have to fight Pudding who kept trying to dive into the nearest bag and unpack it. But you can’t have everything right?! Then when I got to the car, it was stress free. All the bags came apart easily, allowing me to lift them into the car. Seriously it was a breeze. Sorry not so much of a breeze I could take pictures!

Trolley Bags come in a variety of colours, personally I like the pastels ones that we were sent. But you can also get them in bright colours and in a slightly smaller size to fit in the small trolleys. You can even get a special cool bag for your frozen items. For £19.99 for the original size I think they would make an excellent gift for the busy parent.


You can order Trolley Bags online here . I know that I shall be using mine for that huge Christmas food haul we do every year. At least packing at the checkouts won’t be stressful this time, just the unpacking when I get home! Unfortunately I haven’t found a product that can squeeze all the items in to my already bursting cupboards!


DISCLAIMER: We were given the Trolley Bags for free in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Pudding’s Gift Guide 2016: Kids Yoga Mat from Yoga Direct

When Pie started yoga at school, I was pretty skeptical. I mean come on how many 4 year olds can concentrate on yoga? Well I have to admit I was wrong. He loved it. In fact it was the one thing a week that he really enjoyed. Being the conscientious parent that I am I want to be able to cultivate this new-found love of yoga at home. I was delighted then when Yoga Direct offered us the chance to review one of their yoga mats aimed at kids.


The yoga mats are slightly shorter and have great kid friendly designs on them.Yoga Direct do them in pink, blue and orange. I chose the orange one for Pie with the view that eventually Pudding might get into a little yoga herself!

When the mat arrived I was pleased with the quality and Pie was pleased with the design. In fact he knew exactly what it was and what we were going to do with it. Cue a lot of badgering of poor Mr Pud who finally acquiesced and put on the yoga programme on the TV. Pie immediately sat cross-legged on his mat and chirped ‘namaste’.


Well the next 10 minutes were watched with a mixture of pride and hilarity (mainly hilarious watching Mr Pud!) But I was impressed at how Pie stayed on his mat and really focused on the yoga. In this fast paced modern world it’s so important for kids to find a little relaxation and I really think yoga does this for Pie. Having his own mat makes him focus on what is happening. It also mean that he and I can do yoga together when Pudding is napping and its our special thing.


The mats retail at £16.99 and you can buy them on the Yoga Direct website. There are also lots of lovely Mummy things on their was well. Personally I have my sights on one of the eye pillows. Maybe I can teach Pie that when Mummy has her eye pillow on she is not to be disturbed….


DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Kids Yoga Mat from Yoga Direct for free in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Pudding’s Gift Guide 2016: Willow The Pillow

Let us introduce to you the amazingly cute and super snuggly Willow The Pillow. This sweet idea is more than just a play thing. As the Willow The Pillow website explains: ‘Deep relaxation boosts our concentration, decision making and creativity. It also promotes greater health and happiness. Sleep allows the brain to clear away the waste products that can contribute to diseases like Alzheimer’s, while processing and making sense of the data we absorb during the day.’ See I told you Willow was more than just cute and cuddly!


I had originally thought that Willow would be perfect for Pudding, who is some what reluctant to snooze on occasions. However, Pie took a real shine to Willow and he has been curling up with him on these cold evening after school. Willow has now made his way into Pie’s bed! Such a simple idea but so great for providing comfort and hopefully an afternoon snooze to your little one. I love the fact that you can take Willow in the car and to friends houses, meaning there is always a sleepy hug at hand.


Willow is an organic cotton pillow case that fits most standard sized pillows or you can have a toddler sized one! Designed with two sleeping eyes and super soft he is perfect for a hug. I have to say that all of us have enjoyed a little cuddle with Willow when we are feeling a bit sleepy in the evenings. Even Mr Pud has been a fan…. Keeping that pesky sausage dog of of Willows face has also been a challenge.


We think Willow would make a great stocking filler. He is certainly going to feature in my post Christmas dinner snooze. You can order Willow here. If you want to check out Willow’s Facebook page with all his current adventures you can find that here.


DISCLAIMER: We received Willow the Pillow free of charge in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Pudding’s Gift Guide 2016: Rozee Cheeks Boutique

If you are one of our regular readers you will know that we love boutiques at Petite Pudding. No Christmas gift guide would be complete without mentioning some of our recent finds and we think that Rozee Cheeks is a gem!

Rozee Cheeks is A US-based boutique which specialise in organic clothes. We love all the prints from these guys. This great blanket by Penguin with red penguin-print is no exception. Made from super soft organic cotton, its perfect for naptime and playtime.


We think the matching red penguin-print romper is super cute as well. The kimono wrap style is gorgeous. The romper is also made out of organic cotton and feels great against babies skin. Full of festive cheer but still wearable in January!

img_3232 img_3234

The whole range on Rozee Cheeks is stunning. From beautiful girly summer rompers to warm pure cotton sleep suits there is something for every baby. Most importantly all the items are 100% organic. Which means not only are they super soft but that the manufacturing process is also less harsh on the environment.

Go over and check out Rozee Cheeks and their beautiful items. If you are Stateside make sure you check out their fab collaboration with Bala Yoga and enter the competition to win $150 of goodies!


DISCLAIMER: This is a collaborative post with Rozee Cheeks. All opinions are our own.


Lost My Name – Personalised Book Review

We are such a bunch of book worms here at Pudding HQ that when Lost My Name approached us to review a couple of their books I jumped at the chance.


Lost My Name are personalised books for children using characters in the story to spell out your child’s name. The website is really easy to use and you can pick the main character to look like your child.


Once you have chosen your character you type in the name and the website generates your Lost My Name book. If you want to change the character representing each letter you can pick from a few options.

On completion you can preview the book and put a special printed message in for your child. I have to say once I had finished designing the kids books I was really excited to receive them. Standard delivery is free and takes around 4-5 days. You can order express delivery if you need the book in a hurry.


I had to fight Pie off the package when it came. He always seems to know that something exciting is being delivered for him. I actually want to save these for Christmas for the kids so he was firmly shipped off to school! When I opened the package I wasn’t disappointed. The Lost My Name books were beautiful.

img_2884 img_2885 img_2886

I love the illustrations on each page, they are brilliantly done. The story is easy for the children to follow and I think that as Pie’s ability to read takes off at school he will enjoy the book even more. Pudding’s was really cute too and the character looks really like her. I am sure she will like the pictures and I know she will be happy to have her own story.

Lost My Name books are the perfect gift. They offer a classy personalised addition to any young child library. We would definitely recommend them. The books retail at £19.99 each, which could be considered expensive. However, the quality of the pictures and the level of personalisation available make Lost My Name books a good buy in my opinion. If you want to order one for Christmas or just because they are great you can do so here.

*Disclaimer* We received the 2 Lost My Name books as a gift in order to conduct this review but all thoughts and opinions are our own.