Personalised Cupcakes from Caketoppers

We are no strangers to cake here at Petite Pudding. In fact people who turn up to our house without cake in hand may find they are not granted admittance! So imagine my joy when we were offered some cupcakes to review. Not just cupcakes either, but personalised with our own choice of pictures. How was I supposed to say no to that?

Having responded with lightning speed to an email from Sam at Caketoppers, saying yes please, send me cake. I got on to the Caketoppers website to have a little nosey around what products they had to offer. I was impressed with the range available. Not only can you order personalised cupcakes with photos or messages on from £13.49 for 6. You can also order bigger cakes for birthdays, all personalised for just over £30. You can also order your cakes for next day delivery during the week.

When my chosen cupcakes arrived I was slightly concerned I may have to share them with my Mum who was staying. But luckily they arrived the day before she left and we just didn’t find time to open them…. However,

after she had gone I decided to get a pot of tea on the go and see what Caketoppers had sent me.


I was really impressed with the quality of the photos – they looked fabulous. Very clear and both the coloured photo and the black and white were very effective.


Still the proof of the pudding as they say is in the eating. Well, I can tell you something I was not disappointed. One cupcake was vanilla and the other was chocolate with chocolate icing. Unfortunately Pie had found me hiding in the kitchen with my cupcake goodies and because his picture was on one he claimed the vanilla one for himself. He tells me it was amazing…


The chocolate one was mine and there was no way I was sharing it! I can honestly say it was one of the most moist cupcakes I have ever eaten. The icing was perfect and not too much on the top. The photograph didn’t impact on the taste or texture of the cake at all. I did have an initial moment where I thought should I be eating Pudding’s face, but after the first mouthful any thoughts like that soon disappeared.


The only truly disappointing thing about the cakes from Caketoppers was that there were only two of them! Don’t get me wrong the cakes themselves were perfect size to go with a cuppa. But I just wished I had another one for my next cup of tea!

If you would like to try some of these delicious cupcakes please use my discount code PPUD10 for 10% on the Caketoppers website. Believe me you will not be disappointed. Please feel free to send me some too!


*Disclaimer: I received the cupcakes free of charge to complete this review. All opinions are my own*

Party Pudding

Aloha Pudding pals!

I know it’s been a few weeks, Mum has been far to busy enjoying herself to take the time to write out my inner monologue. I have been telling her about all my concerns and general life questions but she has been turning the other cheek…

You probably heard it was Mother Dearests’ birthday last week – oh woohoo I hear you cry and I share your underwhelming enthusiasm or I would if it hadn’t been for the fact that I got to sample something amazing this week, I believe my grandmother called it chocolate… Read on Pudding fans I shall tell you more!

 Mum managed to drag her Birthday over a few days, according to Dad she always does this. I was disgusted to learn that on her Birthday she gets a lie in and then breakfast in bed, (let’s gloss over the fact that I get breakfast in her bed every morning) she also got cards and flowers. I notice nobody sent me a present just for being cute, it appears I am forgotten…

Then at the weekend we went over to the grandparents house in Shrewsbury. I love it there because it’s cuddles on tap and that naughty Mutti feeds me stuff when Mum isn’t looking. Pie loves it too and the Sausages think it’s ace to terrorise the local birds, cats and children.

Saturday we went to this cafe in town called The Birds Nest, Mum always raves about there sandwiches, so it was her choice to go there. I have to say it was pretty cool, amazing lights to look at, loads of people to smile at and a DJ too. The food did look great (Mum assures me her sandwich was epic) I tried to get a piece of cake off the cake stand but was busted at the last second.

 We then went back and got organised for a BBQ, I didn’t see much of this but apparently there was an intense boules competition after several glasses of wine, in which Daddy was crowned the champion. Not sure how this happened, sporting prowess is not one of the terms I would have used to describe my Dad…

Sunday was chilled kind of a day, I lazed about, getting cuddles at every opportunity and refusing to partake in any kind of tummy time or rolling activity. I am teething don’t you know? This required constant 1:1 attention and a lot of bonjela.

 But shut the door, I found a better teething cure! When Mum wasn’t looking I, me, yes me, I was given a load of chocolate icing to lick off Mutti’s finger… OMG why has this not been on the weaning radar before?? I was quite giddy with excitement and with all my squealing I drew Mum’s attention, that’s when she saw the chocolatey face…

Apparently me and Mutti are naughty, but I am starting to see why Pie loves going to see the grandparents so much! I am contemplating moving in, they don’t even think about offering me broccoli!

Love Pudding X

Cuddle Fairy

Wanted: Granny! – Mum is the Word

Mum & PuddingI love it when Mum comes to stay, even for a couple of days, it lifts the whole mood in the house. I am calm and relaxed, I don’t feel the pressure of trying to get the kids dressed, fed, and washed, because she is beside me. We laugh and joke, and it makes all those daily chores feel less, well chore like. Because she is my Mum she just seems to inherently know what needs to be done or how something needs to be done and she just cracks on with it, no fuss. I enjoy cooking for her while she is here, because after all these years its nice to be able to give something back, I don’t want her to feel like she comes here and is a slave for me! But having her here certainly makes my life a bit easier and just her jolly attitude helps to lift me up and carry me along, when she goes I feel so flat. Tonights’ bath time was lovely with the kids, we sang and splashed, everyone was happy, but I felt a slight ache because I had had to say goodbye to my Mum a few hours earlier and she won’t be back for a few weeks again now.

Mum & Kids

I never considered what it would be like to bring up my children so far from my own Mum, but had I known when we had the made the decision to move across the country, what I know now I think I don’t know if I would do it again. I love my house, my husband and my life in Birmingham but I miss my family who live around 3 hours away (if we get a good run!) I am super lucky to have such supportive and lovely in laws, but even they live over an hour away. I wish we had some one closer, someone who I could pop in to with the kids for a coffee or who I could even leave the kids with just for an hour whilst I run an errand or do the food shop. I miss being able to just drop in some where, almost unannounced and have a pick me up pep talk when being a Mum gets tough. They are all the things my Mum would provide if she wasn’t so far away. I don’t want her to do endless hours of childcare or even to sit in our house whilst my other half and I enjoy a child free meal (although I wouldn’t say no to that occasionally!)

What I really need is an adoptive-grandparent, one who lives near to me, who maybe doesn’t have grandchildren of their own. Maybe they have family that live far away and they also crave the kind of companionship that is so lacking for me! Do you think you can put an advert into the local papers? You know a bit like the lonely hearts column, how would it read?

Wanted Stamp
OpenClipartVectors / Pixabay
Wanted Granny: Young(ish) Mum looking for a friendly adoptive Granny. Not too old, must love cats, biscuits and tea. Needs to enjoy the company of small children. Would prefer if they had a dog and a garden. Quite happy to take them out to places for lunch and coffee every week, in return for a listening ear and a few kind words. If you are interested in this post and live in the West Midlands please contact me…


Sounds mad doesn’t it? Obviously you can’t just adopt a Granny, but if we could, I definitely would. We could do with an adoptive Grandad too for that matter, one who could mow the lawn, or do a few odd jobs, nothing fancy just things that most people would ask their Dad to do for them!  Sometimes I need that cup of tea with a side order of wisdom that can only come from the older generation…


Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

Did Some One Say Cake? Bakerdays Review

So one day while I was cruising around on Twitter a little tweet popped up from Bakerdays asking me if I would be interested in reviewing one of their cakes. I was like ‘hold the phone; review a cake? this looks like something I could definately do!’ and so I sent them a tweet straight back and the rest as they say is history..

Bakerdays Cake

I had heard about Bakerdays through a fellow blogger who had also been offered this fantastic opportunity, her review was so good my mouth was watering at the end of it, so you can imagine how excited I was last week when Bakerdays emailed me to say my cake was on its way, but before I start to give you the full lowdown on the cake itself let me first tell you a bit about Bakerdays.

Bakerdays is an internet firm that specialises in what they call ‘letterbox’ cakes – these lovely 5 inch cakes are perfect to send through the post to friends or family. All the cakes come with the option to personalise, you can add pictures or words and Bakerdays have designs suitable for any occasion. The amazing thing about Bakerdays is that you can order your cake right up until 2pm the day before and they will deliver the very next working day, 6 days a week. The website is easy to navigate and simple to use, personalising the cake takes a few moments, I felt quite spoilt for choice when I came to pick my cake to review. Eventually I chose one of the lovely thank you cakes for my friend Michelle who has been a star since Pudding was born (and I knew she wouldn’t mind sharing her cake with me!)

When the postman knocked on the door the morning after the email I knew it was going to be my cake (sorry Michelle’s cake…) he handed me a small white box, but unfortunately I had to wait for Michelle to come over the following night so I sat and stared at the box for 24 hours… Finally the moment came – we were both quite excited and I was really suprised when I opened the box and found the cake was presented in a lovely little tin, with a card and a tube of love hearts. I was impressed buy the presentation and wrapping, if I was to receive this through the post from a friend I would be really chuffed. Having persuaded Michelle not to eat the love hearts before I did a few pictures for the review, we moved on to opening the tin and looking at the cake itself.


Again I was impressed at the quality of the icing and personalisation, the cake had travelled fine in its box and personal cake tin.

Bakerdays Cake

Once we took the cake out we thought it was cute and perfect for a couple of people to share with a cuppa.

Bakerdays Cake


Then came the important part the taste test, so having made the required brew, we opened the cake! The icing was lovely and soft and when I cut through the cake the sponge was moist and had just the right amount of butter cream.

Bakerdays Cake


Finally the part I had been waiting for was upon us – the tasting! Well where to start, so apart from being cute, personalised and well presented the cake tasted amazing. It was a lovely melt in the mouth sponge surrounded in smooth butter cream and soft icing.

Bakerdays Cake

I initially thought that I would manage two slices (because I am a pig) but in actual fact one slice was quite rich so I think this cake would easily serve 4 people. Both Michelle and I agreed that it was a beautiful and tasty gift and we would certainly think about sending one to our friends and family. Thank you Bakerdays for giving us the opportunity to review your amazing cake!

Feel like trying a Bakerdays cake? Or want to send one to a friend? Connect with Bakerdays at Facebook, Twitter or at their Website

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