Are you clucking about like a headless chicken blogger? 

If you are reading this you are obviously feeling a bit like a headless chicken blogger. Ah yes I know that feeling. You write an amazing blog post, you want to crow from the roof top. Hit the publish button, scuttle off to tweet it, link it to Facebook, pin it on Pinterest and add it to one of the 4 trillion  linkys you take part in every week. Sit back on your perch, fluff up your feathers and wait for the views to come into roost.

What no one has noticed your frankly clucking marvellous piece of writing? Surely someone wants a piece of this free-range action. It’s ok keep your pecker up. The internet is unfortunately like a battery house. Lots of chickens laying lots of eggs, and none of them are hatching.

It gets you scratching about for ideas. But you have to be careful not to ruffle anyone else’s feathers. You don’t want to end up in a troll pie. But you could definitely handle a viral post comparable to chicken pox. You squeeze out another egg. Cross your claws, and check those stats with your beedy eye… Surely that egg was a double yoker? The blog posts of all blog posts, a pinnacle moment in a chicken, sorry bloggers, life.

Nope, it wasn’t. It didn’t hit everyone’s spot like a fresh bucket of KFC. It made an impression on a few but it has gone mostly unnoticed. See being a chicken blogger is a bit like being a chicken. Once cooked you taste just like everyone else unless you have an amazing sauce to chuck over the top. We are all battery hens in a blogging coop – but a few of us will find our sauce. Will it be you?

What We Are Reading This Month – October Blogs

So I have read loads of blogs in the few months I have been blogging but a few really stick in my mind. They are written by bloggers that can bring a smile to my mouth or a tear to my eye. They are the kind of writers that I aspire to and that on a cold wet afternoon I turn to with a hot cuppa and a sausage dog on my knee!

jill111 / Pixabay
5 writers to aspire to:

Have you read anything by Min from Single Mum Speaks? I can’t recommend her high enough. I loved her recent post about being a middle class mum that doesn’t drive. Because Mr Pud doesn’t drive I could really relate to what she was saying.

Another firm favourite is Jade at The Parenting Jungle, her recent post about whether we like our children all the time really resonated with me. As my son has a total jekyll and hyde outlook on life I could definitely relate to what Jade was saying. Bookmarked that one for the next time I am sobbing in the kitchen….!

Then there is my recent find Over Heavens Hill – this is a beautiful blog and Geraldines post about how we share images of our children online really stuck with me. It’s something that i have grappled with myself but that as a blogger feels an inevitable part of my life. But I do wonder how my kids will feel when they grow up about the use of their pictures.

Also love Nadia over at Scandi Mummy – I think that her blog just oozes style. Always filled with gorgeous pictures as well. Packed full of useful reviews and fabulous giveaways, I can spend a happy half hour browsing through Nadia’s latest blog posts.

Finally and certainly my go to for a few laughs has to be Beth of The Adventures of Beta Mummy. I just can’t get enough of her hilarious cartoons. She always hits the nail right on the head! Simply loved her recent post about reaching half term. It was with a huge sigh of relief that I sunk on to the sofa last week, with no school runs looming before me!

So there you have it all out latest and greatest finds – make sure you go over and check them out.