Pudding’s Gift Guide 2016: COGs for Kids!

Undoubtedly up and down the country everyone has noticed the bitter cold that signifies winter is truly on its way. At Pudding HQ we like to stay in doors by the fire with hot chocolate as much as possible. But there are always days when we have to venture out into the arctic conditions. This being the sad reality means layers and most importantly gloves! SO what could be better than a pair of gloves that can help Pie with his maths?

introducing COGs! COGs or Counting On Gloves to give them their full title are designed to help kids learn their times tables. Aimed at children in Key Stage 1, you can buy the gloves to help with all the times tables up to 10. One pair of gloves for each number. The gloves come with 4 activities you can do with your child to help them learn their times tables. This is great for those long walks to school on chilly winter mornings!


Now Pie is only 4 so times tables is a bit beyond him right now, although I am sure it won’t be long. So we opted to try the 1 times table gloves because we could use them for counting too! We have been counting the things we see on the way to school and then Pie turns the his hands over and tells me which number it is. Keeps his mind off the cold in the mornings.


COGs are a pretty simple idea but I think that they are great for getting kids to engage in their times table. Especially when they are a captive audience on the way to school! A fabulous stocking filler ready to help them hit the ground running in January.

You can order COGs from the Counting On Gloves Website. They come in lots of different colours so something to suit everyone. The gloves themselves are fit kids from 4-8.


DISCLAIMER: We were sent the COGs free of charge in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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