Please Look After This Pudding – Off to the Childminder

It’s Puddings first day settling in with her new childminder today. I spent a long time looking at childcare for her. As a parent it’s so difficult to hand over your precious little baby to some one else. To trust that they will provide the same standard of care that you do. In truth my new childminder will probably give Pud more time and attention than I do. She won’t be flying all over the place, trying to sort the house out and get the food shop done!

The lady that will be caring for Pud seems to share my child-raising values. I think that’s what really clinched the deal for me. Not just the hundreds of qualifications or the beautiful set up in her home. She’s a sensible, practical person like myself. Not overly mumsy or fussy. I know she will care for Pud in a way that is similar to my own mothering style. She won’t wrap her in cotton wool or make her into a pampered princess. Most of all she doesn’t make me feel like I am a ‘bad’ mum for going back to work.

Making the decision to go back to work full-time will have a huge impact on all of us. For me personally it is giving me back my drive and passion. I believe it will make me a better mother. Having an outlet for my myself will enable me to enjoy the children more. Rather than feeling, as I often do, that I am a slave to their every need, with no time for myself. Is that selfish? Possibly. But as much as I love them, my children do not define who I am as a woman.

Don’t get me wrong, handing Pud to the childminder this morning was tough. Not for Pudding, but for me. As I drove away I couldn’t help but feel that this was the end of a chapter in my life and Puddings’. No longer will we be girls together all week while Pie is at school. She will be out on her own adventures, learning new things from another person who isn’t me. Undoubtedly I will miss those first steps that I have been waiting for these last few weeks. I probably won’t hear her first proper word. It makes me sad. But I also know that in the long term this will be good for her. She will get to socialise with other kids and learn to trust other people.

I know I have picked the right person to look after my little Pudding. When I go back to collect her in a couple of hours she will I am sure have had a lovely time. In the meantime I am going to try to swallow that mummy guilt. Drink a hot coffee and enjoy a deep bath (without the addition of plastic toys…) We will enjoy our last full week together and then get ready to embark on a new big adventure. We might not be hand in hand all the time but at least we will be walking in the same direction.

12 thoughts on “Please Look After This Pudding – Off to the Childminder”

  1. As you know, ( as, you have commented, on my blog) I used to work as a Registered child minder, myself, you have done the right thing, in finding a child minder, who has the same opinion as you, where children are concerned, your little one, will have a wonderful time, making new friends and learning through play, with the child minder!

  2. Aww how did it all go? It was so strange the first time I left my little girl! Not knowing what she was going to be getting up to. She love she it with the childminder now and has this whole other life! Still so weird but I love that she has this 😀 Xx

  3. This is such a sweet post. I ran a home daycare for years and I always felt for the moms when dropping off their children to return to work. They were a mixture of sad and happy with a lot of nervous mixed in- but they were so strong. I can’t even trust someone with my dog, imagine if I had a child! #EatSleepBlogRT

  4. My Mum was a childminder when we were younger, we loved it, it was like having extra brothers and sisters. I’m sure Pud will settle in no time, and your childminder sounds lovely. It’s important to get that time back for yourself too, to selfish at all. Xx #EatSleepBlogRT

  5. I’m sure she’ll be really happy. I remember dropping off my son aged 2 and half at nursery like it was yesterday. His little face was so miserable as I said goodbye tho as soon as was out of door he perked up apparently. (Hardwired to ellicit guilt i reckon!) I wonder now he’s older if he wouldn’t have been better off starting much earlier as he’s very attached to us. Not a bad thing in itself but perhaps other adults apart from me and his father all the time for first 2 years might have been better? Who knows? Wish you the best back at work Jo #eatsleepblogRT

  6. Oh, I remember when I dropped my daughter off for the very first time. She left and ran toward other little people and smiled and made friends. I walked quickly back to my car and just cried on the way home to wait for 6 hours. But like you said, it’s the best thing we can do for them. She’s 10 now, but I always still feel a little sigh of letting her “go”. Great post & good job Mum! #eatsleepblogRT

  7. Awwww bless little pud! She is so adorable! Glad you have found a childminder that you can relate to. It’s great that you both share the same views on things because then you can be rest assured that they’ll have yours and pud’s best interests at heart. 🙂 #EatSleepBlogRT

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