Why Babies Love Sophie La Girafe – A Mum’s Review

 Ah the infamous Sophie la Girafe. We will soon be on our second one due to a slight incident with the family dog! I guess the fact that we are going to buy a second one demonstrates how much we value this toy. Personally before I brought this for Pudding I was very sceptical, why on earth was this one of the best-selling baby products?

Sophie La Giraffe Teether

Well now I get it. Pudding loves this, even at 3 months she can hold it in her hand either by the leg or the neck. She loves to chew its face while she goes through this pre-teething stage. Sophie’s squeaker makes her smile and she turns to see where it is. This is brilliant for Pie, as he gets to play with her and see her react to what he is doing. Certainly strengthening that sibling bond. Unfortunately the squeaker does send the dogs into fits…

On a safety note, Sophie is great, she is made of 100% natural rubber and painted with non toxic paint. Perfectly safe for your little one to chomp on when those nasty teeth are working their way through. I was amazed when I looked into the Sophie La Girafe website and read about how this simplistic toy helps to stimulate all of Pudding’s senses. She is easy to keep clean too. Just don’t submerge Sophie La Girafe in water!

The downsides? Well apart from her obvious attraction for dogs! Sophie is quite expensive for a baby toy. But when you consider what goes into making her and how much babies seem to love them I guess it’s not too bad. (So long as she doesn’t get used as a dog toy, or would a cheap dog toy be as effective for the baby?)

All in all we think Sophie La Girafe is a worthwhile buy for your baby!

Pudding Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰 4/5