Day Trip

Mum says today is the first day of Spring, not entirely sure what that means but the sun is shining and apparently we are off on an adventure, wherever we are going Pie seems excited so I guess it will be good when we get there.

Ooh I had a lovely snooze in the car, I didn’t really want to wake up but Mum says I need to get my cardigan on and get in the carrier. Usually I love the carrier, but what is this? This is not my wrap or my beautifully comfy Ergo, and she has scratched my face on a nasty piece of Velcro whilst trying to wrestle me in to position. I am not impressed and I am starting to feel a bit peckish…. No no no I draw the line at a hat, I hate hats, I won’t wear it I tell you (Mummy gives up, it’s spring after all). I manage to snuggle down into my unfamiliar carrier, it’s ok I guess but now I am feeling really hungry, it’s no good she is gonna have to hear me roar! Oh you have to be joking, your going to feed me in this thing? No sitting on a bench in the sunshine looking at you? Fine I will drink it but I am silently protesting with my eyes, this would never have happened with Pie. Just because I am the second baby doesn’t mean you can get away with this.

I finish my milk, grudgingly and settle back into the carrier. I really want to see these Sheep things Mummy  keeps talking about, Ewan is a sheep and he is pretty cool. But oh no my eyes are starting to close….. Suffice to say I saw nothing of the sheep or the farm, apparently Pie had a good time so I guess he will have to tell you all about it!

Love Pudding xx

Farm Fun


So Pudding and I went to the farm this weekend, she wasn’t exactly the life and soul as you have probably read. Well she missed out big time there was loads going on!

When we got there we saw loads of dogs jumping over things and running through tunnels. They looked like they were having a great time, I can’t imagine our sausages doing that. I guess they might if mum promised them some kind of amazing treat, but as they mainly like sitting on the sofa I think it would have to be the best treat ever. After that we walked round and found that someone had built a camp fire and was providing marshmallows for toasting, I got a long pointy stick and got to toast my own. It didn’t go great, I set it on fire and then screamed my head off when I pulled it out the fire and it was black. Mummy had to eat it for me and bribe me back to smiles with the promise of a cake later on.

Then there were loads of tractors and a huge piece of machinery that Mummy did not know the name of, but I was allowed to climb up into the cab and pretend to drive both of them. The wheels were so big that Mummy And Pudding could sit in them. I tried my best to ignore Mummy when she said I had to come out but eventually she sent Opa to come and get me. I tried the old cat in a basket trick, you know arms and legs out grabbing everything on the way past but it was unsuccessful!

I enjoyed seeing the sheep and cows, there were lots of baby sheep with their mummies but by this stage the most important thing was getting that cake that Mummy promised. I made sure she didn’t forget about it by reminding her every 30 seconds. I finally got the cake on the way back to the car, as usual I ate half of it and then decided I didn’t like it, Mummy ate it for me, what would I do without her??

Why my grandparents rock by a four year old

Hooray a weekend at Mutti and Opas! I love being at my grandparents house, Pudding doesn’t realise how great this is yet. I am taking full advantage of this. Grandparents equals undivided attention for me.

Firstly its all about the space. Mutti has a big house and a huge garden. Which I have built an amazing den in which has a no Pudding Policy! Jerry the guinea pig lives in the garden too. Mummy says she and Daddy had him before I was around and that when I was little he used to live with us indoors. Today Mummy and Opa built Jerry a new house. I was supposed to be helping but the huge cardboard box was much more exciting, besides those two kept being really silly…

The other awesome thing about Mutti’s is the food. I get biscuits and brioche almost on tap and Mutti makes amazing meals too. Mummy’s does cook but apart from sandwiches she really isn’t too good at it. Don’t get me wrong its edible but not exactly inventive. Mutti also makes cakes, all the time. Not those ones out of a box like Mummy does but from scratch and everything. Also I get to measure out all the flour and sugar and use her super mixer thingy too.

I also get to go swimming at Mutti & Opa’s posh gym which has a lovely big pool and is nice and quiet. My great shark fin float helps me to swim on top of the water rather than underneath. I quite like to wear my goggles too and I am learning to put my face under the water. Mummy doesn’t usually come in with us she likes to sit and drink coffee and watch me through the window. It must be really boring for her, although she always seems really excited about it. Sometimes Daddy comes in and sits in the big bubbly hot tub, apparently that is excercising….img_1185

Mummy always looks super relaxed when we go to my grandparents. I keep trying to get her involved in things, but she just smiles sweetly at me and cradles her cup of tea. She says its a bit like having a 2 day holiday. I can see why; great food and entertainment! I don’t know why Mutti & Opa always look so tired when we leave, I thought holidays were supposed be relaxing!!!

Introducing Pie


Hi Pie here, I am 3 and have recently been lifted to Big Brother Status, this is quite exciting but it’s not quite what I thought it would be. For starters Mummy and Daddy told me that I was going to have a baby brother or sister months and months ago and they kept taking me to see this greenish blob thing on a screen and trying to tell me this was the baby. Then there were all those times Mummy said she was tired and then she got too fat to help me put my shoes on or chase me round the soft play, she also got quite poorly and I was scared to leave her alone. Daddy said that my baby sister would be here just before Christmas, I thought maybe Father Christmas would bring her, but she arrived a few days early. Mummy said Pudding came out of the little red line on her tummy, and that the red line would be sore for a little while and that she wouldn’t be able to pick me up and that we would have to have low down cuddles. This made me quite sad as I love to play rough and tumble with Mummy and Daddy. I got to be the first person to see Pudding at the hospital, Daddy took me in to see her and Mummy. She wasn’t very interesting she was asleep, I was a bit disappointed as I wanted to play with her, luckily Mummy had saved me some biscuits!

The first few weeks home with Pudding was really hard for me, I love her lots and like to give her cuddles, but she takes up lots of Mummy’s time and sometimes I feel a bit sad when Mummy can’t respond immediately to my demands. Daddy and I have done loads of things together since Pudding arrived, we have made an awesome den in the park and we have been doing lots of soft play together. Its been really cool to have him at home to keep me entertained and to play with me when Mummy is sorting out Pudding or trying to get some sleep. I think Mummy has been a bit sad and has been crying quite a lot since Pudding was born, Daddy says its not my fault but that I just need to be as nice to Mummy as I can be. This is quite hard because I feel very cross at the moment and little things get me so mad, sometimes I find myself raging for no reason at all and it takes Mummy a long time to calm me down. I didn’t really like Mummy feeding Pudding either, she used to try and read to me  when she was feeding but Pudding kept messing about and ruining story time. Its much better now that I can help to give Pudding her bottle. I love picking out little outfits to dress Pudding in and I am great at finding all the things Mummy needs when she is changing Puddings’ bum. I had few problems with my talking and my toileting when Pudding was born, I really struggled to get my words out for a few weeks. It was very frustrating for me but its starting to get better now. I am still having a few accidents in my pants but I am getting lots better and Mummy is trying very hard to help me.

Life with Pudding is getting easier now, she smiles at me all the time and has started making funny noises at me. I am enjoying having Mummy home and not at work, we get to do lots of exciting things with my friends and I love going to preschool. Can’t wait for our holiday in a few weeks!

Love Pie xx

Mami 2 Five

The Rise & Fall of Sophie…

 Morning Folks! Today is a sad day at Pudding HQ. My beloved Sophie La Giraffe has fallen victim to the jaws of our sausage dog Toby. It all happened so fast one minute I was holding her in my high chair. Happily sucking on her face when she fell from my hand. She had barely hit the floor before that naughty sausage gathered her up and ran like lightening to his bed. Mummy hadn’t seen it happen by the time she realised  why I was wailing it was too late!

There was a tussle between Mummy and Toby. She wrestled Sophie from his jaws, she looked ok, no obvious damage. Result I thought! Mum cleaned her off and sterilised her but alas that dog had some how managed to remove the squeaker 🙁 I am not surprised that dog is a squeak removing machine…

I knew he had been after Sophie for days. Mummy kept telling him it was mine but he was watching and waiting. Toby took advantage of Mummy sorting out Pie ready for preschool and now Sophie is a shadow of her former self… Mum says she will get me a new one, but it won’t be the same. It has taken me ages to bond with this Sophie, she can’t just be replaced.

My first love is lost at the tender age of 3 months, I feel an emptiness inside…. oooh look there is my hand! Gotta go that hand isn’t going to watch itself!

Love Pudding xxxSophie la Giraffe



Photo Credit: jenny hair via Compfight cc

It’s great to be a Pudding

Lets face it being a Pudding is great – firstly I am super cute so every where I go everyone wants to talk to me or about me. Every time I smile I feel like a celebrity , people rush to get their camera out to take a picture and to coo over me.

Then there are the cuddles – now Mummy gives the best cuddles but to be honest I am not to fussy at the moment. If you are offering to cuddle me I wont say no. Any moment not cuddling is a wasted moment in my eyes.

My super power has to be the ability to fall asleep at any given opportunity – one minute I am happily gazing round the room, next I am gone, off to snoozie land. Mind you if you wake me I turn into a dragon, Pie made this mistake only a few days ago, he won’t forget that in a hurry!

Then there are all the amazing discoveries I am making, like my own hands, they are pretty fascinating. Finding my mouth with my own hands, now that was a result, I like to suck them super loudly while Mummy is trying to watch TV! Sometimes it all gets a bit much for me and then I have to fall back on the aforementioned super power 😊

Speaking of such things it must be time for another nap Zzzzzz

Ewan The Dream Sheep – Review

Now when Pudding was born and I was doing some research into the new products around since Pie was born Ewan the Sheep kept coming up, so I spoke to a couple of my mummy friends and he came really highly recommended and because we had gone for a crib a mobile seemed a bit big. So we ordered one!Picture

What a fantastic little gadget – Ewan is super soft and snuggly, really easy to install batteries and to operate. He has a couple of modes which determine how long the sounds play for and how loud which can be set up be taking the disc part out of his tummy. You can also set up the red light – designed to mimic the light baby would have seen in the womb. Each one of Ewans’ Legs makes a different sound, there is harp music, heartbeat, rain or the vacuum cleaner. These white noise sounds have been proven to help soothe babies as again they mimic what they would have heard in the womb.

Still the proof was in the Pudding – she loved it right from the start, all the noises seemed to be quite soothing but as she gets older she really enjoys the harp and the heart beat best. We used Ewan right from the first few days, every time we laid her down after her last feed at night we would press one of his legs. Now Ewan is an important part of her routine, he signifies the difference between day time naps and actual bed time. Ewan fits nicely in Puddings’ crib but he also has a velcro loop tail so you could hang him up if you wanted too.

The only real downside to Ewan is that he does seem to get through quite a lot of batteries – we are on our 4th set in 3 months. This is only a huge issue if you haven’t realised that the batteries are running out and your baby is as dependent on Ewan as Pudding is! We now keep spare batteries at home – the first sign that Ewan is starting to run out is an abrupt stop to the white noise/music. Ewan the Dream Sheep is quite expensive at £29.99 from most retailers, but I guess that is comparable to a cot mobile.

Overall we are impressed with Ewan the Dream Sheep and we would recommend him for newborns and for helping to establish a nice calm bedtime routine.

Pudding Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 5/5

Have you taken a Parenting Win Today?

I should be feeling amazing today, channeling my inner Mummy Pig should be a doddle. Because last night was the first night in months that I had 8 hours uninterrupted sleep. Pudding slept a massive 10.30-7.30! No night feeds and no flappy bird moments where she had escaped her swaddle. So why then do I feel more tired today than those nights where I get up 2 or 3 times??

I think we are conditioned to have to moan about something. Usually it’s pretty easy to find a subject to complain about but on occasion we have to pick something ridiculous. Today that is ‘I have had too much sleep’.

TawnyNina / Pixabay

Of course most fellow Mum’s don’t have this complaint. I do feel lucky but then again I have now lost my main group of sympathisers. Let’s face it no one likes that smug mum at the baby group who announces that their child is now sleeping through the night. Being able to have a good moan is what bonds us all together. Whether it is lack of sleep, teething or our partners, a moan is good. It makes us realise we are not going through all this stuff on our own. Our mum friends can help give us some perspective when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes though I worry that all I do is moan about the kids. Think about it when was the last time you actually boasted to another mum about a real parenting win?

We are conditioned to continually denigrate ourselves. We all know that raising children can be a thankless task some days. That doesn’t mean we should only focus on our failures. Lets face it the media focuses on our ‘terrible’ mothering quite enough. We should be bolstering each other up. Celebrating those moments where it all goes brilliantly well as opposed to the normal every day battles. Especially as those moments are usually small things that no one else would give a crap about. If you can’t celebrate the fact that your child put his own shoes on without being asked 15 times with another Mum then who can you celebrate with?

I know there will be some mums out there who probably want to shove my positivity up my knows. Possibly they are shaking their fists at the screen even now. Rolling their eyes thinking ‘oooh you smug cow’ I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in 18 months. I am sorry if that is you. I know its tough and I do feel for you. But this isn’t about you. It is about me, finding something positive to celebrate in my parenting journey.

Today I am standing up and saying that my baby slept through the night at 3 months. I am going to pat myself on the back and say well done for getting her into a good bedtime routine. Does it mean she will do it again tonight? Maybe she will, maybe she won’t. But right now I am taking the win!

Stokke Steps Chair & Newborn Bouncer Review

One of our most expensive purchases has been our Stokke Steps chair but it’s also been one of our best. Brilliant for Pie to be independent at sitting at the table. He was able to climb up from about 2 1/2 and join us for a family meal. He is also able to push it across the floor and use it as a step ladder – shows how light it is to move. But I don’t recommend this usage!! Saying that I have stood on it to paint various places round the house, it was sturdy enough to hold me at 38 weeks pregnant with Pudding (and it wiped clean…)

Pudding Modelling Stokke Steps

We have also used the Steps as an extra chair for adults when we run out st dinner parties. Most people comment that it’s very comfortable, even if they do end up sitting a little higher than everyone else 😊.

When Pudding arrived I decided to buy one of the newborn bouncy chair attachments. You can see why these are quite expensive, the seat is lovely and plush. The 5 point harness is really secure, although I do worry that the angle of the seat is quite steep so a good hold on a wriggly Pudding is required. The chair attachment is easy to fit and remove from the chair. Two little dots go green when it’s correctly attached, great little security check for a tired and harassed mummy. When you disconnect the seat the bottom flips out so it can be stood on the floor free standing.

By far and away the best thing is that combined the Steps and bouncer mean that Pudding can sit with us at the table and join in family meal times. She is already showing an interest in food, and loves to be included in the conversation. It also provides a great safe place to pop her when I have chores or blogging to do.She can see me and I can wander between rooms knowing one of those naughty sausage dogs can’t lick her face or sit on her blanket.

I am sure we will invest in the next stage baby seat when she is ready to sit and try her own plate of dinner. Like I said the Stokke Steps is one of most expensive things we have brought but it has certainly earnt it’s keep through two children and both Pudding & Pie would recommend the investment.

Pudding Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍩 4.5/5

Chicco Lullago Crib


What a fantastic idea the Chicco Lullago crib is – bigger than a Moses basket and perfect for keeping in Mum & Dads room. It’s great for staying away from home too as it folds small for transport and takes seconds to put together at the other end.Chicco Lullago Crib

We have been using this as Puddings main bed since she was born, with its mainly closed in fabric sides it just seemed warmer than her cot during those chilly winter months. She certainly seems to sleep very well in it and the mattress appears quite comfortable. Most importantly the mattress doesn’t rustle everyttime she wriggles so it’s not like sleeping next to a crisp packet all night. The Chicco Lullago is a great size, It gives Pudding lots of room, not that she really uses it as she still likes to be swaddled up like a sausage, but if she wanted to she could sleep like a starfish! Because of its big size the Lullago can be used up to 6 months unlike a normal Moses basket, making it a better value but at around £80..

We particularly like how the Lullago folds into a handy travel bag as we do spend quite a few nights at relatives. It’s so easy to pack away, take the mattress out and fold it in half, whip the legs off, collapse the bed put everything in carry bag – Roberts you Dad’s Brother – ready to go. Being able to take Puuddings bed with us has really helped to settle her when we are away as everything smells of her and is familiar.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Chicco Lullago is pretty, we have ours in battleship grey. (they call
it dove grey, but who are they kidding?) It’s not ugly as such but more serviceable than pleasing to the eye, none of your cutesy Moses baskets here. The other real nuisance are sheets for the Lullago – you can buy the specific designed ones from Chicco for a whopping £30 for 2, or I managed to get some small flat cot sheets that worked quite well and I did make some pretty ones on the sewing machine too.

Overall the Chicco Lullago does exactly
what Chicco says it will do! We have been pleased how well the product has fitted into our family life and would recommend it.

Official Rating: 🍰🍰🍰🍰 4/5