Out of Date Mates: A Weaning Mum’s Essential

Come on we have all been there right? You open the fridge to find no food but an entire stack of half used baby food jars. Now the no food thing is a problem. (Easily solved by calling the local chinese) But the baby food jars? How an earth are you supposed to remember which one you opened when? Yes I know the little darling has probably sucked on the dogs tail and licked a shoe today. Still you don’t want to give them gone off mush do you!

Enter Out of Date Mates! When I heard about these I couldn’t believe that nobody had thought of this idea earlier. Well at least I hadn’t heard of it! So simple yet completely brilliant. This is what the folks over at Out of Date Mates has to say:

‘Feed your little one with confidence with these helpful friendly magnets. Out of Date Mates magnets enable you to easily keep track of when you put opened jars of baby food in the fridge giving you peace of mind that the food is safe for your child and reducing food waste.’

We though these magnets were such a good idea I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! Luckily those lovely peeps over at Out of Date Mates were looking for a few people to review so they sent us a set 🙂

FullSizeRender (11)

First off I love the colours. I am a sucker for bright things. Like a magpie with a piece of foil.. Secondly I was really impressed that they also sent a big pile of stickers. Although we use jars we also use those new fangled pouch thingys. The stickers are perfect for that.

The Out of Date Mates are pretty self-explanatory to use. Pick the right magnet (or a sticker). Write the date on. Pop on jar/packet. Put in fridge. No more worries about when you opened that food and when it goes out of date!

FullSizeRender (12)

FullSizeRender (14)

When you have finished with the magnets you can just wipe them over with a cloth and reuse them. See what I mean? Simple yet brilliant! Unfortunately it doesn’t solve my issue of where to put the baby food in the fridge… (Still a girl can’t have everything!)Out of Date Mates

We think these are a great idea and would certainly recommend them for your weaning journey. Less waste, less stress. A win win situation in my book 🙂

Want to get yourself a set of Out of Date Mates? You can order them here! You can also keep up with Out of Date Mates on Twitter and Facebook.

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