Never Underestimate The Baby Cold

‘Ah poor Pudding’ I chuckled at some point two weeks ago. My little lady was full of cold and kept sneezing all over the place. I felt sorry for her, poor girl was not happy Pud at all. Of course we were all suffering the dramatics of Puddings first real baby cold. She whinged all day, wiped snot in every conceivable place and had us up at all hours. But calpol was dispensed and cuddles were given.

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I hadn’t anticipated for one moment that soon all of us would be suffering. Pie got it first and battled through with minimal fuss. Mr Pud came next – a day on the sofa saw him right as rain. Then is was my turn. Armed with my flu jab and an extra boost of vitamin C from my recent orange obsession. I was quietly confident…

Alas! My yet again less than capable immune system let me down. Badly. Now the baby cold is what I like to think of as a bunch of juvenile bugs. Think over excited puppy, as they go whizzing round your body. Bit of a runny nose, half-hearted cough and a few sneezes. Then they fizzle out, unable to take a proper hold. Well at least that is how they operate in most people. However, once they meet my immune system they manage to morph. Suddenly juvenile bugs are grade A assassins. Their only intention is to capture and hold my sinuses. Once they have a strong hold they can camp in there for weeks.

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What was previously a ‘baby cold’ has now become a sinister sinusitis. The assassins are in and have been holding me hostage for well over a week now. No more hilarity at Mummy sneezing. Oh no, now everyone is running for cover. My patience has been replaced with a constant headache and the inability to bend down. Just to add a little extra to this already less than fun party are some feverish chills and achey joints. (Yeh good work flu jab you have done me a solid here).

Having to admit defeat and take time off work was a low point. But I told myself a few days rest and I would be on it. Well that was 6 days ago. I am by no means ‘on it’. Unless of course ‘on it’ means curled up on the sofa under a blanket surrounded by tissues. In which case I am very much ‘on it’. It is a sign of how bad things have got when the dog has given up stealing the used tissues.

Yet again I underestimated the ‘baby cold’. I should have been wearing a mask last week! It is too late for me, but I warn you save yourself. Those puppy-like viruses and bacteria are coming for you.

13 thoughts on “Never Underestimate The Baby Cold”

  1. Oh, no! I managed to get a bug (a gastric one in this case), which I shared with our eldest (who’s four) but managed to keep away from our ten-month-old. Four was in bed four days and nights. But, on the bright side, it meant Baby spent a couple of nights in a room in the cot on her own while the lurgy gripped the bedroom she had been in. So, she’s ready for her own room. 🙂

  2. I worked in daycare for 13 years so my immune system was a champion ninja slayer. Until one of the kids got the H1N1, or what they called swine flu. That took me down like I had an anchor around my neck. That was the strain of flu that wasn’t targeting young children and elderly for death, but was actually killing the 18-35 year old demographic…which I was in. I spent some time in quarantine praying for a swift death.

    I hope you feel better very soon! #EatSleepBlogRT

  3. It is the worst- at least the flu bug is in and out in a gif- the cold lingers for weeks and by the time it has run through a large family it has literally been MONTHS from start to finish.


  4. Oh no, the dreaded baby cold!! Sorry the lurgy has hit, sinusitis is the worst, I have chronic sinusitis which means that I have had it for the last three years now, not fun! Get well soon! #eatsleepblogRT

  5. The baby cold is a particularly virulent strain that could wipe out a small village if it so desired. I swear since Willow went to nursery either myself, Anthony or my mum have had a cold at any one time. The thing is it keeps skipping Willow, she is merely the incubator and we have to trudge on feeling dreary and like our heads are full of cotton wool. I hope you feel better soon and that the cold cycle doesn’t start again in your household xx #EatSleepBlogRT

  6. Oh nooooo poor you Sinusitus is sooooo painful. I feel like I am surrounded at the moment and it’s only a matter of time – it will be typical that I succumb next week when I’m on my course. Hope you’re all lurgy free soon. #eatsleepblogRT

  7. Sinusitus is NASTY. I had it a couple of years ago and the pain was intense. Hope you’re better soon and you’re right, we must never underestimate the baby cold, it’s the worst cold of all. EVEN WORST THAN MAN FLU! #eatsleepblogrt

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