Motivational Failure – Why I can’t get myself to the Gym

So you might be wondering how the exercise plan is going – no doubt you are ready to hear tales of how I have motivated myself to lose at least a pound or two… well no!

Really this site should be called fat bum won’t exercise… I have had my FitBit on which gives a surprising insight to how much walking I do. Considering I now spend most of the day in the car, I can still clock up 7000 steps most days. Of course that’s does not negate the fact that I eat burger for lunch almost every day. Add to this my excruciating back pain (it’s the sitting all day) I have to admit that the motivation for exercise is severely lacking.

You see I start of with great intentions. Today for example I was going to do the park run with a friend – but she didn’t text so I just kept that suggestion on the downlow. Now I am lying in bed drinking a full fat latte from Nero; nursing the heartburn that was a consequence of the freshly baked croissant that accompanied said coffee.

People tell me that once I start to exercise it becomes addictive. I find this hard to believe – chocolate, cigarettes and shoes are addictive but exercise? I can see that it makes you feel good and you get a sense of achievement but I can’t imagine it is comparable to biting into a bar of Dairy Milk straight from the fridge…. mind you if I never get started I will never know!

Perhaps I should set some personal achievable goals. Of course today’s goal is to get out of this bed and do the 18 loads of washing. If I have the energy after that and my spine doesn’t feel like it’s on fire I could do a 20 minute jog. But really I would rather sit for 20 mins and drink a brew. Preferably while the kids play quietly in the other room. See I think this might be the crux of the issue – I don’t want to ‘waste’ my 20 mins of down time from the small ones to go for a run. I want 20 minutes for me to relax, drink a hot cuppa or have a quick shower. There are not enough 20 minutes in the day and I don’t want to spend time doing something I know I will initially hate!

(As if to to emphasise my laziness the other half has suddenly dropped to the floor and done 20 push-ups. He is working on his beach body…)

I should be working to be ‘beach body’ ready myself. The prospect of putting this post-2-children body into a bikini is not something I want to think about. Don’t get me wrong it looks alright under clothes but bikinis don’t give you a lot of space to hide. Beside which the bottom half of my legs will never tan. I will do that thing where you only get brown knees and the bar across your feet where your flip flops are. You would think that the bikini thing would push me to tone up this ass – it doesn’t I will just buy a bikini with short bottoms!

So I think this post explains that I am fundamentally lazy! Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can get myself motivated??

3 thoughts on “Motivational Failure – Why I can’t get myself to the Gym”

  1. Haha, that sounds so familiar! 😂 recently (only couple of weeks ago), I found something that works for me, so thought I’ll share, since you asked for suggestions! 😁
    I now exercise with Youtube 👌 I enter ‘belly butt and thighs workout’ (my wobbly bits, you can adjust that to suit your needs best), choose one that is long/short enough and go! As you get through few of them after few days, you’ll find traners that work best for you. I love it for few reasons, firstly, that I don’t have to get all presentable looking to exercise! Secondly, that even if I get it wrong and look ridiculous doing it no one is laughing at me (well, unless I do it in front of my 4 year old, then loud laughter might be heard #truestory 😂) and finally, that I can choose what I like that day (long, short, easy, more difficult etc) and do it when it suits me.
    Anyway, might be worth a try to see if that might work for you too 😊

    1. Brilliant idea – this is definitely worth a try. I actually didn’t realise that you tube had such things on there…. 🤔 Thanks for the suggestion!!

      1. It’s awesome! And have a mentioned the pause button that it comes with??? 😁
        At the moment I love Jessicasimthtv workouts (a bit slower and more manageable) and fitnessblender (more cardio and slightly harder), but as soon as you get going you’ll see for yourself which trainers you like.
        Good luck, hope it works for you too!

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