Finding Us, With A Little Help From Just Us Box

I was sent an amazing treat from Just Us Box a few weeks ago. Ok let’s be honest several weeks ago! It has been sat teasing me on my dining table, whilst Mr Pud and I try to find an evening that is ‘just us’. With our work schedules that’s a pretty rare occurrence (I could make a reference to rocking horse dung but you get the picture!)

Finally this week we had two such opportunities. So I dived into the box to see what we would be doing…img_2580The box was themed and had everything you would need for a romantic night of Stargazing! There was a lovely thermos for taking hot chocolate out, the required picnic rug and binoculars. There was also an envelope of activities and some handy conversation starters. The whole date had been planned beautifully, giving both of you a little nudge to help you connect or reconnect in our case.


All the stuff in the box looked amazing. Everything we would need for a night of stargazing. However, what Just Us Box can’t guarantee is the weather! So in the usual vain of British Summer, it rained. Hard. Both evenings 🙈

I was not to be put off – ok so we couldn’t stargaze as such. We could put down our phones, lie on the blanket with hot chocolate and talk. Like we used to before the children. Just talk. We lit some candles, brought the cushions off the couch and our hot chocolate and we caught up. For the first time in ages! We used some of the conversation starters too. Just to move us off of the constant talk of the children (who doesn’t talk about the kids on date night?!) We also used this cute little jar to remind each other how lucky we are. I think this could become a firm favourite in the future.

Overall it was a lovely evening. OK maybe not exactly what we had planned but isn’t that just the way life goes sometimes? A big thank you to Just Us Box your ideas helped us make more time for each other. I am ever hopeful that we will get out to stargaze soon.

If you fancy trying a Just Us Box head over to their website. You can order a one-off or why not try a subscription for a monthly date night?

*I received the Just Us Box for free in order to complete this review. All opinions contained within are my own *

4 thoughts on “Finding Us, With A Little Help From Just Us Box”

  1. I absolutely love this idea and I love that they provided instructions on how to have your date. What a lovely idea and for a couple with children we all know how hard a date night is to have……xxxx

    1. So glad you had a good time and fingers-crossed you get outside soon for a spot of stargazing. Our stargazing box has sold out but we have lots of other lovely themes xx

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