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Mum & PuddingI love it when Mum comes to stay, even for a couple of days, it lifts the whole mood in the house. I am calm and relaxed, I don’t feel the pressure of trying to get the kids dressed, fed, and washed, because she is beside me. We laugh and joke, and it makes all those daily chores feel less, well chore like. Because she is my Mum she just seems to inherently know what needs to be done or how something needs to be done and she just cracks on with it, no fuss. I enjoy cooking for her while she is here, because after all these years its nice to be able to give something back, I don’t want her to feel like she comes here and is a slave for me! But having her here certainly makes my life a bit easier and just her jolly attitude helps to lift me up and carry me along, when she goes I feel so flat. Tonights’ bath time was lovely with the kids, we sang and splashed, everyone was happy, but I felt a slight ache because I had had to say goodbye to my Mum a few hours earlier and she won’t be back for a few weeks again now.

Mum & Kids

I never considered what it would be like to bring up my children so far from my own Mum, but had I known when we had the made the decision to move across the country, what I know now I think I don’t know if I would do it again. I love my house, my husband and my life in Birmingham but I miss my family who live around 3 hours away (if we get a good run!) I am super lucky to have such supportive and lovely in laws, but even they live over an hour away. I wish we had some one closer, someone who I could pop in to with the kids for a coffee or who I could even leave the kids with just for an hour whilst I run an errand or do the food shop. I miss being able to just drop in some where, almost unannounced and have a pick me up pep talk when being a Mum gets tough. They are all the things my Mum would provide if she wasn’t so far away. I don’t want her to do endless hours of childcare or even to sit in our house whilst my other half and I enjoy a child free meal (although I wouldn’t say no to that occasionally!)

What I really need is an adoptive-grandparent, one who lives near to me, who maybe doesn’t have grandchildren of their own. Maybe they have family that live far away and they also crave the kind of companionship that is so lacking for me! Do you think you can put an advert into the local papers? You know a bit like the lonely hearts column, how would it read?

Wanted Stamp
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Wanted Granny: Young(ish) Mum looking for a friendly adoptive Granny. Not too old, must love cats, biscuits and tea. Needs to enjoy the company of small children. Would prefer if they had a dog and a garden. Quite happy to take them out to places for lunch and coffee every week, in return for a listening ear and a few kind words. If you are interested in this post and live in the West Midlands please contact me…


Sounds mad doesn’t it? Obviously you can’t just adopt a Granny, but if we could, I definitely would. We could do with an adoptive Grandad too for that matter, one who could mow the lawn, or do a few odd jobs, nothing fancy just things that most people would ask their Dad to do for them!  Sometimes I need that cup of tea with a side order of wisdom that can only come from the older generation…


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  1. Love this as I can completely identify – my Mum lives over 200 miles away and it’s really hard sometimes I want to see her or ask her advice and I know she misses Josh a huge amount. I’m lucky my mother in law is close by and always there if I need her, but there is nothing like your own Mum xx #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. I agree there really is nothing like your own mum, but it would be lovely to have a ‘granny’ figure who could just be around a bit. It is so hard being so far from family and like you I know my mum misses the kids. Thanks for commenting xx

  2. This hugely resonates with…my family live over 3 hours away too and I would urge anyone if they are close to their family to bring up their children near to them! Just the company of a close family member can help ease the pressure of baby and toddlerdom. My husband’s family are fab but not that close and I completely agree…just someone to pop in for a cup of tea and family Sunday lunches would be the dream for me. I love your ad but as Fi has says above, there isn’t really anyone like your own #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. SO true having a family member close enough just to relieve some of those pressures would be amazing, but no one can replace your own Mum. And lets face it who does a roast dinner quite like your own mum?! Thanks for commenting chick xx

  3. Oh you’re so lucky that you have the sort of relationship with your mum though – I know exactly how you feel. I love the idea of an ad – there probably is someone out there who may not have family who would love to have an adoptive family – love the notion but as others have said there is something about it being your own mum that can’t be replaced! #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. I reckon there would be people out there that would love to join in with a young family, but like you and others have said, there really is no replacement for your own Mum. Thanks for commenting xx

  4. I love this idea! My mum lives an ocean away and I only see her a few times a year, so an adoptive gran (or grandad) is exactly what I need. No one could replace real grandma, of course – the Popple and I chat with her on Skype a few times a week and the Popple gets SO excited when she sees the Skype program come up on my laptop. #fortheloveofBLOG

    1. We do loads of Facetime with my Mum, and that is a great help and it means the kids do get to know who their Nana is, but sometimes I can almost see her reaching through the iPad to hug them! I hope you enjoy your visit to see your Mum, I bet the Popple will have a great time. Thanks for commenting xx

  5. Mum’s are the best aren’t they? I’m really close with my Mum in the same way. She lives about an hour away, which isn’t massive but still too far in my opinion! We live really near my other half’s parents and I envy him being able to just pop round and have a cup of tea whenever he fancies. Thanks for sharing with us on #fortheloveofBLOG X

    1. Yeh even an hour can seem a long way when you just need that cuppa eh? I don’t think my other half would pop over to see his Mum even if she lived next door, boys just seem to have a different relationship with their Mums than us girls! Thanks for commenting xx

  6. Aww…. it is so great that you have such a lovely mama and the best granny for your baby ever! I am sooo jealous! In a good way of-course. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The WANTED is so funny! Bless – I bet she looks forward to come a see you real soon though. ๐Ÿ™‚ xx #justanotherlinky

    1. Ah thanks for your lovely comment – she is back next week and I can’t wait! I do wish that wanted ad could work some magic for us tho. Thanks for commenting xx

  7. Ah it must be tough having your family live so far away. Wouldn’t it be great if we could adopt a Granny! Life does seem much easier when they are around doesn’t it?


    1. So much easier! Still least we get to enjoy her when she does come up and that makes us appreciate her time more. Thanks for commenting xx

  8. Ooh a business opportunity…!
    It must be hard living far away from your family.I’m really lucky having my mum only an hour away but sometimes (especially in rush hour!) it feels like a million miles away!

    1. Yes! Do you think you could start a website advertising for Grannies?! I bet that journey can feel like forever when you are tired and have a crying baby in the back. Thanks for commenting chick x

  9. It’s lovely that you have that sort of relationship with your mum. We would have the same, if we hadn’t moved abroad. Luckily our parents are very supportive of our decision but I would still love to liv just around h corner again! #KCACOLS

    1. I do cherish the relationship with my Mum, and she does totally understand why we moved, but like you I wish she was just around the corner. Thanks for commenting xx

  10. I can see lots of people signing up to something like this! On the parents side that is, possibly not on the grandparents ๐Ÿ™‚ On the plus side, you clearly have a lovely relationship with your mum, and I’ve often thought that having a child has brought me and my mum even closer together. I do feel for you though – my mum is only 40 minutes away and, while I’m grateful she’s that close, it sometimes seems that little bit too far (especially on a trip where I get massively held up in traffic, which seems to happen a lot!) #KCACOLS

    1. I reckon there must be some grannies and grandads out there who would love a little family to hang out with occasionally – but can you imagine the realms of paperwork and red tape you would need to go through?! 40 minutes can feel like a life time when you just need that cuppa and a few encouraging words after a long sleepless night. Thanks for reading and commenting xx

  11. I completely understand, I feel exactly the same. I love the wanted ad, though, I’d just want my mum to be honest! No one would be quite the same. Mine is 6 hours away, it’s the one thing I really wish I could change. Thanks for sharing on #KCACOLS hope you can link with Franca next week too x

    1. Agreed if I had the choice I would always choose to have my own Mum, I wish I could move closer or persuade her to move up here but I know that can’t happen. It’s a few visits a year and Facetime for us, thank goodness for the invention of video calling. Thanks for your lovely comment xx

  12. I can’t imagine living that far away from my mom. I’m so lucky that both she and my in-laws are only a few minutes away. I think you are amazing to cope with being so far away from your family! #KCACOLS

    1. Thank you – I am quite envious of you living so close, it can be hard, but luckily we have some good friends who are usually able to help us out when we need a kind word and a brew! Thank you for commenting xx

  13. Oh bless your heart. I can completely relate. We relocated three years ago just before starting a family and I’ve always been a real home body. It was never the plan. But like you, we have a wonderful life here and I’m so grateful. And we even have two adopted grannies and some wonderful friends but it’s still not the same. I think many people would jump at the chance actually to play granny or Grandad!! Any nice neighbours lurking about…?? Ours is our neighbour opposite!! Hehe.
    It is lovely that the time you do have with your mum is quality though
    Thank you for sharing this. If you ever want to chat about the perks and perils of relocating feel free to message ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    1. Its hard isn’t it being so far away? Least we have great video calling these days! If I had my time again I think I would have fought to stay closer but hindsight is always clearer! My neighbours are lovely but they are all busy working, no potential Grans’ on our row unfotunately… Thanks for your lovely comment xx

  14. Haha! We don’t live near any grandparents on either side – my mum is nearest at 2hrs away, his family are 3 and half hours, and my dad is 5+hrs. It is a shame, and we are also lacking in anyone to look after the kids for a couple of hours, so I have to take them everywhere with me no matter what! This is a great idea! I may suggest to my mum that she advertises herself as a rent-a-grandma in her local area! She is sad that she doesn’t live near her grandchildren, so it would be a perfect plan! ๐Ÿ˜€ #KCACOLS

    1. You do get rather good at doing everything with small people in tow don’t you? I haven’t yet persuaded my son to sit still enough fo rme to have my hair done tho! I think my Mum would also like to be a rent-a-granny, maybe we should start a website?! Thanks for reading and commenting xx

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