It’s Dinosaur; not Dine-Saw!

It’s a disappointment bigger than a Brachiosaurus that my boy Pie has not the slightest Iguanodon in dinosaurs. It’s not for lack of Triceratops on my part. Right from an egg I have been talking to him about these amazing creatures, but I may have been speaking in Velociraptor for all the good its done me. He doesn’t even Tyrannosaurus to look interested its like talking to a Diplodocus most days!

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He would rather talk about Star Wars or Harry Potter! It really gets my Spinosaurus up when I show him a dinosaur and he calls it a dragon. Why can’t we talk about Pachycephalosaurus or Zigongosaurus? They aren’t difficult names for my own Sauropod to get his tongue round! Yet he behaves like a creature from the early Triassic period and calls them all dine-saw…(Damn you George Pig) I know it’s not the be Allosaurus or end all but I always thought having kids would enable me to justify my own geeky love of dinosaurs!

I can still remember that first trip to the Natural History Museum with my own family. The sheer excitement as we walked through the door and came face to face with a colossal skeleton! It was an awe-inspiring moment, even now it still makes me Gallimimus. It cemented a life long passion and a desire to study Paleontology. (Alas this is waiting for my retirement, not many dinosaurs in Birmingham!)

JerzyGorecki / Pixabay

After a relentless first year of forcing dinosaur clothes, books and toys on him, Mr Pud has now banned me from trying to brainwash him into my Cretaceous period. I am not even allowed to show him Jurassic Park until he is older, not even the bit before it gets scary. But how can my Anklyosaurus-biter be such an old Stegosaurus? Maybe I will get lucky in Pudding and she will develop into a Gigantosaurus nerd like her Mother, after all who else is going to run round the Natural History Museum with me?


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22 thoughts on “It’s Dinosaur; not Dine-Saw!”

    1. Thanks chick! Can’t believe you have never been to the Natural History Museum – it is ACE! I need to check out this Andy’s Dinosaur Adventure, see if I can use it in my favour… Thanks for commenting xx

  1. Sorry I’m in stitches I love how you got so many names of dinosaurs/dino references in most impressive! Hope pudding is your sprite dinosaur and you have many a happy afternoon mummy daughter bonding over Jurassic park and many rainy days spent in the natural history museum

    1. Glad it made you giggle – I am ever hopeful she will be a dino fan, if I have to endure princess stuff I don’t think I will cope! Thanks for commenting chick xx

  2. I really loved this post! Loved the way you weaved the dinosaurs into your post. We are big Star Wars and Harry Potter fans here as well as dinosaurs, so you never know, he may change his mind and decide to love dinos too! I loved the way my children’s eyes lit up when they saw the fossils for the first time. The local zoo recently had dinosaur animatronics and that sparked the youngest’s interest. #triballove

    1. Thanks El, glad you enjoyed it! You have given me hope that I may yet be able to persuade him, maybe I will take him to the museum anyway and see if I can WOW him! Thanks for commenting xx

  3. I love it!! So many dinosaurs – maybe he’ll come round eventually! My little girl is adamant to play with only buses and trucks so there’s not much you can do, they like what they like eh 😉 #triballove

    1. No they just stubbornly walk their own path – but maybe I will get lucky with Pudding! I might make a recording of exciting dino facts and play it to him while he is sleeping, see if it starts to sink in… Thanks for commenting xx

  4. Ahaha this made me chuckle, love all the references! I like dinosaurs too my little man already has lots of dinosaur clothes. Hopefully your little girl will like them!! My friend just took her little girl to dinosaur world near Norwich and they loved it. #triballove #fartglitter

    1. Dinosaur World?! This has my attention, I will need to go and do some research on this… Glad you enjoyed it and it made you laugh, thanks for commenting xx

  5. Haha great post, gutted the mini-me actually isn’t (I thought part of the benefits of having kids was the chance to create a clone who wants to do everything you like as they grow up…! Hubs thinks it’s cruel that I regularly sing to the twins lol)

    1. I also thought that was one of the main benefits but apparently my son didn’t get that memo – I can’t believe the other half managed to get him into Star Wars… Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for commenting xx

    1. Ah least you have something to enjoy together – Pie also loves Harry Potter but as he has made me sit through every film a gazillion times I am now going off the idea! Thanks for commenting x

    1. Ah I love that he is his own man really – I just kinda hoped he would be able to geek out with his ol’mum! Thanks for commenting x

    1. Ah see my son went through a stage of preferring Frozen and dolls – not that I mind the girl things but I just wanted him to love some of the things I do!! Thanks for commenting xx

  6. I’m impressed at how many dinosaur references that you’ve managed to get in this post! The natural history museum is such a great place though – I’m sure your little ones will love it even if you never quite manage to get them to share your geeky love of dine-saws (sorry couldn’t resist!) 🙂 #triballove

    1. Thanks – you gotta love Dino’s! I am sure that when we head to London in the Summer hols we will be able to persuade him to love the dine-saws ha ha Thanks for commenting xx

  7. this is brilliant – so clever and so funny to read – I’m trying to come up with a witty comeback but I’m not funnysaurus enough! Hope little pud has your interest gene lovely! #triballove

    1. Funnysaurus not bad my dear! I am starting super early with Pud by enforcing ‘Thats not my Dinosaur!’ Thanks for commenting xx

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