Crikey Child! What is wrong with your face?! – An Allergic Reaction

So this weekend both Mr Pud and I had to work so Pudding and Pie were left in the care of the grandparents. Now I don’t know who was most excited about this! Suffice to say the grandparents had lots planned and the kids looked like they were plotting a pretty amazing rampage of their own.

Off we went then 7am Sunday morning feeling more than a little miffed to be missing out on the fun. They all had a great day – and some lovely food at a local bistro. Mr Pud noticed when he rang at tea time that Pud had a red face. We put it down to teething and thought no more about it.
When we got back the kids were in bed. My mother in law mentioned that Pudding’s face was very red but that she was happy. I had a quick look at her in the cot but was initially unconcerned. After waving off the grandparents and assuring them all was fine we ordered a pizza ready to settle on the couch together. Mr Pud was a bit concerned about Pud so we decided to get her up and just check her for a rash anywhere else. We are meningitis neurotics any sight of a rash and I am getting glass out!
Well we woke her. She was chuffed to see us. I can only say I didn’t share her joy! My poor child looked like she had gone 5 rounds with Tyson!! Her face was bright red and her eyes were so swollen she could barely open her eyelids. Despite looking like something out of a horror movie she still smiled…

Even as nurses we were pretty shocked at how bad she looked. It was clear that she was having an allergic reaction to something. We got some input from one of our doctor friends and called the 111 NHS service. We were advised to take her into A&E. Inwardly I groaned, having already been at the hospital 13 hours this was the last thing I wanted to do. But dutifully I packed a bag and picked up my puffy Pud, I crossed the threshold as the pizza arrived!

A&E was manic as I knew it would be. Poor Pud had no idea what was going on. But despite being dragged out in the middle of the night she took it really well. She was smiling and waving at people. This was met with a mixture of horror and compassion. Poor little girl did look awful! Finally after a few hours we were seen, a quick dose of Piriton and we headed home. Tired but no worse for our little adventure.

This morning Pudding looks ok, apart from being angry about lack of sleep. A bit red-cheeked still but most of the swelling has gone down. It was scary was even with our backgrounds, we didn’t know if she would get any worse or what was causing her to have an allergic reaction. The cupboard is now stocked with Piriton and I am trying not to monitor every thing she eats or touches.

Ant one else experienced anything similar? How do you deal with allergic reactions?

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  1. Oh have we had our share! Our little was born, with so many allergies, and we had to learn the hard way. It started early on with dark circles under her eyes and pateches of excema. She would also vomit all the time, while breastfeeding, eating, etc. Big was a bit of a vomiter herself, so we just assumed we had kids who cheesed all over. Little’s were different. Once, when giving her scrambled eggs to try, (which she loved) she blew up like a balloon, got covered in welts and expelled vomit across the room with the force of a fire hose. Next stop allergies where we learned she was allergic to dairy, eggs and possibly peanuts. Both she and the Mrs. had to change their eating habits immediately (breast feeding). At six, she has since grown out of dairy allergies (thankfully) and will soon be tested for eggs. It’s been a rough road of label reading and caution, but we are seeing some light! Oh how I hope Pud is ok! #EatSleepBlogRT

  2. We haven’t experienced allergic reactions to anything but my daughter did have a recent trip to out of hours due to a high temperature! Thankfully after two rounds of paracetamol she is now back to a normal temperature and less lethargic than she was. h#EatSleepBlogRT

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