Coffee House Stalker – but She’s Not ‘Sad’

A few weeks ago my mother made a rare visit to Birmingham. Now it takes a lot to get her to travel north of Watford so I wanted to make sure we had a good couple of days. Due to some unfortunate circumstances we found ourselves in town earlier than we had expected. This had obvious benefits like an empty car park, but the main draw back was the fact that nothing was yet open!

We crossed the car park chatting to ourselves before the reality of time hit us. As we approached T K Maxx I turned to my Mum and this is the conversation we had:

Me: ‘oh look we are so early its not open yet’

Mum: ‘ah’

Me: ‘I don’t think we need to stand outside and wait’

Mum: ‘oh no I don’t think we are sad enough to queue for T K Maxx to open’

Me: ‘shall we get a coffee’

Mum: ‘yeh sounds like a plan’

At this point we wandered off, carrying on chatting about stuff. I decided to take Mum to the new coffee place in town as their pastries are amazing (if you want to know more about this place check out the ‘Couch to Kitchen’ section).

We order our coffee and respective pastry and retreat into the back of the coffee house. Its pretty quiet in there, but there are a few people about. Leaning back in our chairs we carry on chatting, discussing the family and such. When out of know where this woman comes steaming up to the table:

Woman: ‘I think you are both very rude, I am not sad for queuing outside T K Maxx’

Cue totally non-plussed faces from me and my mother. 

Me: ‘errrr, what? what who are you?’

Woman: ‘you are both rude for saying I was sad for queuing outside T K Maxx’

(at this point she is waving her T K Maxx bag around and starting to draw quite a lot of attention)

Me: ‘sorry if you think we were rude but we weren’t talking about you, we didn’t even see you! We were talking amongst our selves’

Woman: ‘you are just very rude, I am not sad’

Mum: ‘oh love we weren’t talking about you’

The woman continues to rage at us, waving her T K Maxx bag in our faces before turning and storming from the coffee shop. Mum and I were agog and I think half the coffee shop were pretty shocked as well!

Being British Mum and I faced it off. We didn’t mention the outburst over the rest of our coffee. Not wanting other coffee-goers to think we were in the least bit perturbed. Once out of the coffee shop we both burst forth – ‘who was that woman?’ ‘how many coffee shops did she go round until she found us?’ 

Is it just me or is this an exceptionally bizarre set of events? If you have had a similar experience I would love to hear about it, because sometimes I feel these things only happen to me!

3 thoughts on “Coffee House Stalker – but She’s Not ‘Sad’”

  1. Oh my goodness! I wouldn’t know how to react to that. I might have been tempted to say “I didn’t think you were sad but I think you are sad now for stalking us around the coffee shops” What a strange one and how awkward it must have been! #FridayFrolics

  2. That’s a memorable coffee. When I was 14 I was in McDonalds with my mates. This girl i had never clapped eyes on stormed over to the table and told me I had been giving her evils. She then punched me in the face and dumped strawberry milkshake over my head. To add insult to injury it was MY strawberry milkshake. And it was a large one. My nickname at school for the next year was strawberry! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

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