5 Ways to Beat the New Year Blues

Oh my don’t you think Christmas flies by faster and faster each year? All the planning, preparation, wrapping and cooking; then before you know it, it’s gone. You are left sitting in your pyjamas on Boxing Day morning surrounded by bags of wrapping paper and enough leftovers to see you through to the end of January. If you are like me post-Christmas can leave you a little flat! So here are my top tips for picking yourself up in the New Year.

Top Tips for Beating New Year Blues
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  • Make a pledge to get active – yeh I know it’s a cliché and that January sees an influx of gym memberships (that are never used after February) But you don’t have to join the gym to get fit. Just a promise to take the dog out more often, or to walk to school on those cold bright mornings. Keep your goal achievable – you don’t need to set yourself up to fail!

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  • Clean out your wardrobe. Come on admit you are never going to wear that dress ever again. And those shoes? What were you thinking. Be ruthless – if you haven’t worn  it in 6 months get rid of it. Better still bundle the best bits together and get yourself on eBay. With all that extra cash you can hit the sales, buying things you actually want to wear!

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  • Book a holiday – I was doing this whilst cooking Christmas dinner! It doesn’t have to be the holiday of a life time (unless you got a Christmas bonus in which case go for it!) But just a weekend away later in the year will give you something to look forward too. Loads of places take a deposit these days so if you are strapped for cash you can book now and pay a little later in the year when your finances have recovered from Christmas.

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  • Set a goal – what do you really want to do this year? Sky dive, feed a meerkat or something more simple like read a book or spend more time with family. Decide what 2017 is going to mean for you and set yourself a target. It doesn’t have to be life changing – but it does us good to have something to work towards. Pudding, for example, has decided that she is going to curb TV use at HQ by chewing the buttons off the remote. You have to have goals people!

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  • Appreciate what you have. It’s not always about striving towards the next thing. Sometimes it’s learning to enjoy what’s around you. Taking the time to really make the most of friends and family. Finding joy in the little things, is the beginning of true of happiness. So whilst the New Year is a time to look forward and plan, it’s also a time to reflect.

So there you go a few simple ideas to banish those New Year Blues. Have you got any others you would like to share?

This Is My Time and You Won’t Take it From Me – PND

It started when Pie went off to school. I knew it would be hard but a little part of me was looking forward to some peaceful days. Well peaceful days have turned into peaceful weeks… With out realising it the low mood has crept back in. Slowly, unnoticed but as dark as before.

I recognised it quicker this time. The rising irritability, the lack of motivation and I am sorry to say but a slight slide in personal hygiene. Maybe I did realise it earlier than I wanted to admit. I knew I was struggling. But I figured it was normal to feel a bit lost when your child first starts school. Lost yes – totally derailed no.

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The school provides Pie with a routine and me too, to a certain extent. But the 6 hours he is away leaves me able to stew in my own juices quite uninterrupted. To torture myself with what I should or could be doing, but ultimately doing nothing. Feeling uninspired to eat, socialise or indeed shower.

I force myself out of the house on occasion. For Puddings sake I attend a class, potter into town or if its a particularly bad day we just about make it to the corner shop. I speak to no one other than my husband or my mother. If friends ask I maintain I am ok, just busy. Yep just busy sitting staring blankly at the TV. I can’t even pretend I am busy blogging! Maybe if I could concentrate long enough I would blog. But my mind flits about, not able to settle to anything. Like a constant turning cog, of a machine that keeps slipping it’s gears.

On the outside you would never know. I function. Childcare, work, chores, sleep, repeat. A robot going through the motions.

DigiPD / Pixabay

This time I caught myself getting frustrated over everything and nothing. Spotted the signs in my own self. From somewhere I found strength enough to say to my husband ‘I am not doing OK’. It’s only half the battle though. Now I need to act. To pull myself back and to get a grip on the darkness before it sucks me back in. I can do it – but I need to want to.

Tomorrow I will get up. I will shower, maybe even straighten my hair. When Pie wakes up I will be dressed, downstairs and breakfast will be ready for him. Let’s start small and work up from there. It’s time to crawl out of my well and stand in the beautiful autumn sunshine.

I will not be beaten by you PND, this is my time. My time with the children, to enjoy them and to nurture them. I only get this chance once and you won’t take it from me.

Looking for a bit of a Mummy Boost?

It’s true that being a mum can be tiring. Probably more tiring than you ever really though it would be! Between the constant running around after the kids, the lack of sleep and the fact that none of us eat properly we could all use a little boost. That’s not to mention the amount of lifting and carrying we do. We need to look after ourselves but where to start?

Hellenia have produced a new supplement for busy people to help maintain healthy joints. The Naticol® ProActive Hydrolised Marine Collagen Powder is packed full of hydrolised marine collagen. The marine collagen is from a natural and sustainable source and is an excellent source of amino acids. The orange flavoured ProActive collagen powder can be added to juice or water, and is formulated with musculoskeletal health in mind, with Vitamin C and added Celadrin®.


You can buy The Naticol® ProActive Hydrolised Marine Collagen Powder online direct from the Hellenia website. At just under £13 for 300g it’s a reasonable option for the maintenance of your bone and joint health. You can take the ProActive collagen powder up to twice a day.

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As we grow older it becomes increasingly important to make sure we care for our joints. Whilst we are running around after the kids it is very difficult to think about what next week will bring let alone look after our bodies in preparation for old age. Hellenia’s supplement is an easy option to add into your day routine. No fuss no extra work, just a quick scoop into your morning orange juice. Protecting your joints for chasing round the grandchildren!

*DISCLAIMER – This is a sponsored post, this product is not endorsed by myself in my professional capacity as a nurse, all opinions are my own personal views as a mother*

The Sunshine Spot: Feel Tired…But Look Good!

Like millions of women around the world, I feel the need to be like the Energizer Bunny.  I plan absolutely everything, I make goals which I feel are realistic and I sign up for activities because it seems my help may be needed.  It’s wonderful that I do these things-but then I forget to plan the time to get these things accomplished.  I once had my doctor tell me that I needed to work harder on my treatment regimen and I told her that’d be totally doable if she was going to put more hours in my day!  (she didn’t give me any more hours nor did she revise my regimen! )

I finally came to accept that I fit in with probably 95% of all women all over the world.  Ask any woman how they are doing and if they are completely honest with you, they will tell you that they are tired.  I decided to take a harder look at my day to see where some adjustments could be made.  I was not a happy camper when I didn’t find much moving room.  I’m thinking you probably won’t, either.  So what’s a gal to do?

DieterRobbins / Pixabay

After not being able to add more hours to my day, and not being able to really take any activities out of my day, I decided to work with what I had left:  my appearance.  Here are some of the things I have found helpful:

  • Figure out your face shape and use it to your advantage.  I think long hair is beautiful.  I always had long hair in my younger days.  But now, long hair does something to my face that I can’t deny-it makes it look droopy and accentuates the puffy bags under my eyes (which I’ll address later).  I have found that a chin-length bob works best for my oval-shaped face.  From time to time-particularly in the hot, humid summer months-I’ll grow it past my chin but I usually feel like an old hag-and I’m sure I look it, too!  So I finally just had to accept that even though I think long hair is beautiful, it just does not work well with my facial structure.  Added bonuses to shorter hair:  a) short hair elongates your neck which gives the illusion of additional height!  I’m 5 feet so I always love to look taller – and thinner!; b) less hair products to use; and c) less hair to clog the drain (which makes my hubby happy!)!
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  • Learn your skin tone and use it to your advantage.    I’m fair-skinned and freckle easily.  I figured out that soft colors look best on me.  When I’m under the weather but have to keep it going without the world knowing, I opt for soft pastels in pink, lavender or blue.  If you aren’t sure of which colors suit you best, you can go to Wiki.com and search for “How to Choose Colors That Flatter Skintone”.  Or, you can have a little fun and try different colors and see how many compliments you get from close friends and/or acquaintances.  We all have those best friends who will tell us like it is!
  • The eyes have it.  This is a two-part section. For starters, learn which eye shadow colors work best for you.  I have blue eyes so I prefer browns or maybe a brown with a pink undertone.  I love color, so in my younger days, I played with many different colors.  Over the years, I have also learned which colors do NOT work well:  purple and green; blue I use in extremely small amounts.  (This is very unfortunate because I really love purple eye shadow.)  You can go to Google.com and search for “eyeshadow colors for eyes” which pulls up many articles to help you figure out which colors work best for your eyes.  I have always enjoyed playing with colors on my own!
PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay
  • I suffer from sever under eye dark circles and puffiness.  There are some mornings I honestly wonder if my husband hit me while I was sleeping!  I have spent tons of money on products for this, but I have found two rather cheaper alternatives that I now turn to:  a) Preparation H; and b) Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel.  Preparation H can be found in any supermarket but be careful to not over use it.  I will usually use it only a couple of nights a week.  I’m sure you can use it more, but I just simply choose not to.  As for the soothing eye gel, I found it at my local Walgreens for less than $15.  It is a known fact that cucumbers are a miracle cure for puffy eyes.  After only two nights of using this gel, I could tell a difference in my “eye bags”.  You can actually use it morning and night if you’d like.  For my dark circles, I use my Estee Lauder Advanced Eye Repair in the mornings under my make-up.  It really is a little expensive, but a little goes a long way so I really only buy a jar every six months.

There are so many other things to try-and believe me, I’ll keep trying different things!  Actually, while I was getting this article together, I came across several things I want to try myself.  I hope you’ve found this article helpful.  Feel free to comment with what you’ve found helpful as we keep moving on!

Thank you for reading!

Introducing The Sunshine Spot

Melissa Langston is a blogger for hire and creator/author of The Sunshine Spot, a fun blog meant to encourage and inspire others. She enjoys relaxing at the beach and/or creek, shopping, playing the piano and being with family and friends. Check Melissa out on Facebook and Twitter for some more inspirational tips and ideas! Don’t forget to tell her that Pudding sent you 🙂