JORD Wood Watches My New Favourite Time Piece and Festive Giveaway

I don’t know about you but I am always chasing time these days. I think it’s the addition of two children in my life. The endless school runs, homework, play dates and household chores mean that time is constantly slipping away from me. But what better way to keep track of those precious minutes than with a gorgeous wooden women’s watch from JORD.

These beautifully crafted time pieces add a unique style to your wrist. Hand crafted from luxury wood and sized to your wrist, its time to make every minute count. Whether you are looking for a man’s watch or a women’s watch JORD has something for everyone. One thing you can certainly say is that these are cool watches.

JORD Women's Watch

The whole experience of receiving a JORD watch is thrilling. This sleek black box arrives at your door. Once you get inside the watch itself is contained in a smart wooden box and there is some wood oil too. This watch just cries out quality before you put it on. For me with my tiny sparrow wrists having a watch that fits immediately was amazing. I literally took it out the box and put it on. No having to go into town and waiting 3 days to have it resized, or the painful experience of attempting to put another hole in the strap. I love that it just fits – beautifully.

JORD women's watch

Now as a nurse I don’t get to wear a wrist watch all that often. When I do get to put a watch on I want it to be special. To fit perfectly and to make me feel like I am not chasing time but that I am enjoying every minute of my day. The sophisticated feel of the Frankie JORD watch against my skin makes me feel that. I love how the light catches off the emerald face. This women’s watch feels light to wear but has an air of quality about it. I have to say that a lot of people have commented on my new time piece.

JORD women's watch

*DISCLAIMER – This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. I received the Frankie women’s watch for free in order to complete this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

Unique Watch

Stylish Cheeky Chompers to Soothe Teething Troubles

So as many of our readers will know young Pud has been teething since, well forever. At least that is how it feels! Despite being a dribbling, red-faced Were-Pudding we still have only cut two teeth. Our little drama Pud would have you believe she has more teeth than a great white shark so it was with delight we accepted the chance to review Cheeky Chompers.

Just like so many of the amazing baby products hitting our shelves Cheeky Chompers were designed by mumprenuers Amy and Julie. We love the ideas coming from mumpreneurs, because they know just what mums need. Born from the idea that teethers spend most of the time on the floor getting covered in goodness knows what, Amy & Julie designed the Neckerchew. A teether that stays attached to baby and always in easy reach. Simple yet brilliant, not to mention stylish.

I chose the Cat Spot design for Pudding, because I love spots. If you asked my family they would say I was spot obsessed… We were lucky enough to review the Chew Pack in the Cat Spot Design. This included the Neckerchew and the Comfortchew.

I love how soft both the Neckerchew and Comfortchew are. The Neckerchew comes with really sturdy poppers, unlike some of the other dribble bibs on the market, so it actually stays in place. I think Pudding looks great in hers. The rubber triangle on the end is textured to really help ease those gums. A little handy tip from the team at Cheeky Chompers was to put a smear of teething gel on the rubber bit. This really helped Pudding get the gel exactly where she needed it.

The Comfortchew was a huge hit for Pudding and me. She loved the tags attached, and I loved the little elasticated band which meant the comfort chew could be attached to the pram and or wrist. No more lost comforters in town!

Cheeky Chompers have advised me that the Cat Spot Design is almost sold out and that they won’t be making any more in this design. So if you want one, then you will need to be quick! However, there are some other beautiful designs available, take a look these:

It is a big thumbs up from us for Cheeky Chompers. Great designs, soft and functional, a real teething winner. Prices start from £11.99 for a Neckerchew make sure you check out the website for the full range. You can also find Cheeky Chompers on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

*DISCLAIMER – We were sent the Chew Pack from Cheeky Chompers free of charge in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*



Beautiful Organic Baby Clothes From Babies with Love

Here at Pudding HQ we love getting our hands on the latest gorgeous organic baby clothes. It was with great pleasure then that we agreed to review the beautiful new range launched at From Babies with Love. Just like us From Babies with Love think that super soft organic cotton is the way forward for dressing your precious little bundles. But what I love about From Babies with Love is that every purchase you make helps support abandoned children through a donation to SOS Children. Gorgeous, super soft clothes and support for a worthy cause, how can you not fall for From Babies with Love?


We were sent a simply printed romper suit and matching hat for Pudding to try. I was immediately struck by the quality of the cotton. It really is super soft, I almost wish they did this in an adult size! Unfortunately my model has been less than gorgeous these last two weeks. But you can catch her in her romper over on Instagram later this week.


The French Grey Little Kisses romper was generously sized. Our little Pud is on the petite size, so the 6-12 month romper has plenty of space for her. This beautiful starry romper is the perfect mix of class and sophistication for this time of year. Whilst being both comfortable against the skin and giving back to others less fortunate. A festive purchase that really takes on board the meaning of Christmas.

The whole Autumn/Winter collection is fabulous, From Babies with Love have produced some exquisite items. And knowing how cosy the romper is that we have reviewed, I would have no hesitation in recommending these:


I think that From Babies with Love is not only producing lovely soft, organic baby clothes but is also bringing a little bit of extra love to those babies who are not as lucky. By supporting From Babies with Love we can as parents open our arms out to little ones, who through know fault of their own, need our love and support.

Fallen in love with From Babies with Love? Why not check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


*DISCLAIMER We received the items From Babies With Love free of charge in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own*

Puddings Christmas Gift Guide: Stacking Rings, The Ultimate ‘Push Present’

Have you ever dreamed of something so beautiful that you just want to hold it in your hands? If you are expecting your own special arrival for Christmas you will know exactly what that feels like. That magical moment when you finally meet the new member of your family. Of course nothing can compete with that feeling. But if you are looking for that beautiful gift for your partner then I think I have found just the thing.


These stunning diamond stacking rings from Rare Pink would make the ultimate gift for the amazing lady in your life. If you are celebrating the birth of your first child this Christmas these pave-set rings bring just the right amount of sparkle.


Custom-made and available in 18ct white, rose and yellow gold with matching colour toned diamonds these rings are designed to your requirements. Perfect if you are contemplating gifting for the birth of your first child, or even your second or third.


I was sent a set of these exquisite rings to review and I can honestly say that I was in awe of the sparkle. Beautifully crafted with a tiny pink stone set on the inside of the band. They felt solid in my hand but not heavy or cumbersome like some eternity rings. Each of the stacking rings were delicate, catching the light and twinkling at every turn of my hand. My eyes were drawn to each, but the overall effect of having them stacked together was stunning.


Each ring contains 42 x 1.3mm diamonds. This does depend on the size of the ring and is based on a size L1/2. The stacking rings range in price, starting from £1,595. To find out more about ordering for your partner you can send an enquiry to Rare Pink.

Personally I would love to discover one of these in the toe of my stocking on Christmas morning. If you are looking to add a little extra sparkle to the birth of your baby this Christmas you can’t go wrong with these Stacking Rings from Rare Pink.


DISCLAIMER: This is a collaborative post with Rare Pink. We were loaned the rings in order to completed the review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Puddings Gift Guide 2016: Get Personal With Hello Moon Posters

I really love personalised things for the kids, I think its because when they get older I know they will like that somethings were just for them. Everyone enjoys that feeling of being a bit special. Now Pie already has a few personalised goodies but Pudding doesn’t. So with their room freshly decorated it felt only right that she should have something that was just hers.

Hello Moon had just the type of thing I was looking for. They have a great range of posters all of which can be personalised with a name. Some go further than that and you can design gorgeous New Baby posters which include name, weight and date and time of birth. They are exceptionally cute, a perfect gift to welcome a new bundle of joy into the world.

You can also order adult posters as well! This hilarious one has gone on my own Christmas list this year.


The other great thing about Hello Moon is that they will mount and frame your poster for you too. This is priced quite reasonably too and saves you having to go out and do it yourself.

After much deliberation and distraction through all the wonderful things on the Hello Moon website. I finally decided on the Little Monster Poster, I felt it struck a remarkable resemblance to Pudding… I really liked the poster when it arrived. It looks really classy mounted in the frame and is very cute with the little bit of personalisation. I am sure you will agree that Pudding does look a bit like the monster!

fullsizerender-48 fullsizerender-49

I think Hello Moon have a great selection of posters to choose from to brighten up any room with a personal touch. Starting from £16 for the poster they make an excellent and thoughtful gift this Christmas. You can order Hello Moon posters here.


DISCLAIMER: We received the Little Monster poster courtesy of Hello Moon in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinion are our own.

Puddings Gift Guide 2016 – Add Some Colour with Ink Mill Vinyl

Very recently I made the some what mad decision to redecorate the kids room. Before Pudding was born I had in a last minute nesting moment painted the room yellow. Not relaxing pale yellow, oh no, bright custard yellow. So a year later I have re-painted a cool nordic off white. I know check me out being all trendy! Any way once finished the room needed a splash of classy colour and who better to provide that than Ink Mill Vinyl.

A Contemporary Family Home transitional-nursery


Ink Mill Vinyl will make vinyl stickers for your wall in any design or colour that you desire. But if like me you are slightly less artistic they have a set of go to designs. Including some great feature wall stickers. Personally I loved the clouds but Mr Pud said we saw quite enough clouds in Birmingham! But seriously they do all sorts, and every thing is customisable to your size and colour.

After much debate I decided on a height chart and a cool noticeboard that the kids can write on with chalk. After further deliberation I chose the Giraffe Height Chart in yellow. Now I know Pie would have liked the Star Wars type stickers but I had to think about Pudding too! For the blackboard I kept it simple and went for the noticeboard style, but there were loads to choose from.



Once the Ink Mill Vinyl had arrived I got down to the task of putting them up. Of course in hindsight waiting for Mr Pud would have been sensible. But Pudding and I tackled this on our own, which I think is testament to how easy they are to apply. We were pretty happy with the results!


I was really impressed by the quality of the vinyl stickers from Ink Mill Vinyl. They look great and stick very well. Possibly the height chart should have been a two person job but hey… The vinyl really brightens up the kids room and I can’t wait to see what Pie draws on his new notice board.


The lovely peeps at Ink Mill Vinyl have very kindly agreed to give one of their Blackboard Vinyls away to one of you lucky readers. If you would like to win one of your own custom blackboard vinyl stickers you can enter the giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


DISCALIMER: Ink Mill Vinyl provided us with the vinyls free of charge so that we could conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Puddings Gift Guide 2016: Messy-Me Takes the Stress out of Mess

Ah the weaning stage! How as parents we love it, watching those little people stuff food in there mouths ears, nose, eyebrows… Yes you and I both know that getting the food actually in to the child can be a bit a of a challenge! Still its all part of the fun right? So long as the clear up operation afterwards is not to onerous. Well let me introduce to you the marvel that is Messy-Me.


These beautiful oil-cloth products are not only wipe clean, parent friendly items but they also look super stylish as well. No more day-glo bibs and high seat covers, your babies feeding station can blend in with the decor. Even if last nights spaghetti it still hanging off the ceiling!

Messy-Me offer a wide range of items from floor mats to help protect the carpet, tunic style bibs for those super messy eaters and comfy inserts for your high chair. Now Pudding is as most of our regular reader will know, a bit of a foodie. She loves it, and I have to say she is not too messy because she wouldn’t ever want to waste anything that could be eaten!  With this in mind I opted to review the gorgeous inserts for her high chair and one of the bibs. Although I spent a long time browsing the Messy-Me site and marvelling at all the lovely things on there.


The bib and the insert arrived super quick. I was immediately struck by the quality of the Messy-Me products. The oil-cloth was really soft and you could tell it had been well manufactured. The insert was lovely, all soft and squishy. Perfect for getting Pudding to sit a bit longer at the table after she has finished stuffing her face.


I picked a print that is called Vintage Floral on the Messy-Me site. A beautiful feminine print, just perfect for Pudding. I hoped it would add a touch of class to her eating. Unfortunately it hasn’t and she still resembles a piglet that has fallen into a bowl of tomato soup most meal times… Still at least the bib itself is very easy to clean!

Messy-Me have some fabulous items, not only are they useful they are beautiful looking and made to a really high standard. If you are buying for a weaning Mum & baby this Christmas you should definitely consider these. You can order them here, prices start from £7.99.


DISCLAIMER – We received the bib and high chair insert courtesy of Messy-Me in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

The Puddings Gift Guide 2016: 4D Flashcards, Augmented Reality for Kids

There are somethings that on the surface you think look quite cool. Then there are things that are actually more amazing than you ever imagined! Well the 4D Space+ flashcards sent to us from Octagon Studio are such an item.

When I was approached to review them for the gift guide I thought they looked interesting. Knowing how Pie loves Space I thought they were a good stocking filler for him.

The 4D flashcards arrived and they are good quality material, but the fun begins when you download the special app…

Downloading the app was super easy. All the instructions come in the packet. Once opened the app needs access to your camera. As you hover the opened app over the 4D flashcards look what happens…

The planets literally popped off the cards! You can turn them round, zoom in and all the orbiting moons are there as well.

Even better this lunar buggy popped up and then you could drive it across the moon!

I was seriously impressed and can’t wait for Pie to play with these Christmas morning I know he is going to love them. So I went back to the company to get a bit more information from them and this is what they sent me:

‘We produce and sell educational products that help make teaching and learning more fun. Some children require visual learning or are in special education needs. These products are a perfect resource to help make that happen.

We do this by using the latest technology called Augmented Reality. AR is the process of superimposing digitally rendered images onto our real-world surroundings, giving a sense of an illusion.’

I am by no means an expert in Augmented Reality. What I can say is I love it! Kids are going to think this is amazing. It’s so interactive even as adults we spent ages looking through the 4D flashcards and getting thoroughly engrossed in what we could do.

The 4D flashcards cover several subjects including Animals+, Dinosaurs+ and Space+. There is even a colouring book so that children can bring their own creations to life! Prices start from £9.90 and you can get 10% off with the code PETITEPUDDING when you order them here.

I can not recommend the 4D flashcards from Octagon Studios enough, they are a  must have this Christmas.


DISCLAIMER: We received the Space 4D Flashcards as a gift in order to complete this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Puddings Gift Guide 2016: Misson Cookpossible! 

Are glorious memories of baking of kids. It’s one thing I still remember, licking the spoon, arguing over the bowl! At Pudding HQ cooking and baking only really happens if I am feeling particularly strong. This is for two reasons firstly my kitchen is tiny. Second I am a terrible cook. I mean really awful. So bad that Pie has started to ask me to try really hard not to burn the tea. What we needed was a few pointers for beginners. Enter Mission Cookpossible!

So this is more than just a cool cook book. Personalised with your child’s name and their own character. The whole book is written as a story. With some fab villains and a quirky plot this book can be read without having to do the recipes.
You can pick out the recipes for the book – which is great as you can tailor them to your child’s taste. Personally I chose the recipes that not only Pie would like but that sounded quite simple! There was a great selection to choose from as well so something for everyone.

I am really excited to give this to Pie for Christmas. I can’t wait to get in the kitchen with him and actually produce something edible. Watch out Deliah we are coming to get you!

If you want to get you and the kids one of these great books you can order them here. The ordering process is really simple and you get taken through each step. You can preview the book before you order and there is an option to add in your child’s best friend too.
Please be aware that if you want one of these brill books for Christmas you need to get ordering before the 2nd December.


DISCALIMER – We received Mission Cookpossible for free in order to complete this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Petite Puddings Gift Guide 2016: Trolley Bags

Have you seen these before? I did last year and thought I really need these, they would make my life so much easier! Thank goodness that this year Trolley Bags” offered us the opportunity to try them.


If like me you love to shop at Lidl or Aldi you will know the sheer panic at the checkout as things fly at you and there is nowhere to put them. You desperately chuck them in the trolley and then have to move out the way to pack them ‘properly’. Well enter Trolley Bags! No longer is this an issue. I can face even the largest of shops now with these in my trolley.


Super easy to use, you just spread them across the trolley and start packing your shopping in them. The Trolley Bags stay open so you don’t have to keep fighting the bags. I did have to fight Pudding who kept trying to dive into the nearest bag and unpack it. But you can’t have everything right?! Then when I got to the car, it was stress free. All the bags came apart easily, allowing me to lift them into the car. Seriously it was a breeze. Sorry not so much of a breeze I could take pictures!

Trolley Bags come in a variety of colours, personally I like the pastels ones that we were sent. But you can also get them in bright colours and in a slightly smaller size to fit in the small trolleys. You can even get a special cool bag for your frozen items. For £19.99 for the original size I think they would make an excellent gift for the busy parent.


You can order Trolley Bags online here . I know that I shall be using mine for that huge Christmas food haul we do every year. At least packing at the checkouts won’t be stressful this time, just the unpacking when I get home! Unfortunately I haven’t found a product that can squeeze all the items in to my already bursting cupboards!


DISCLAIMER: We were given the Trolley Bags for free in order to conduct this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.