It’s Dinosaur; not Dine-Saw!

It’s a disappointment bigger than a Brachiosaurus that my boy Pie has not the slightest Iguanodon in dinosaurs. It’s not for lack of Triceratops on my part. Right from an egg I have been talking to him about these amazing creatures, but I may have been speaking in Velociraptor for all the good its done me. He doesn’t even Tyrannosaurus to look interested its like talking to a Diplodocus most days!

DariuszSankowski / Pixabay

He would rather talk about Star Wars or Harry Potter! It really gets my Spinosaurus up when I show him a dinosaur and he calls it a dragon. Why can’t we talk about Pachycephalosaurus or Zigongosaurus? They aren’t difficult names for my own Sauropod to get his tongue round! Yet he behaves like a creature from the early Triassic period and calls them all dine-saw…(Damn you George Pig) I know it’s not the be Allosaurus or end all but I always thought having kids would enable me to justify my own geeky love of dinosaurs!

I can still remember that first trip to the Natural History Museum with my own family. The sheer excitement as we walked through the door and came face to face with a colossal skeleton! It was an awe-inspiring moment, even now it still makes me Gallimimus. It cemented a life long passion and a desire to study Paleontology. (Alas this is waiting for my retirement, not many dinosaurs in Birmingham!)

JerzyGorecki / Pixabay

After a relentless first year of forcing dinosaur clothes, books and toys on him, Mr Pud has now banned me from trying to brainwash him into my Cretaceous period. I am not even allowed to show him Jurassic Park until he is older, not even the bit before it gets scary. But how can my Anklyosaurus-biter be such an old Stegosaurus? Maybe I will get lucky in Pudding and she will develop into a Gigantosaurus nerd like her Mother, after all who else is going to run round the Natural History Museum with me?


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The Other Side of the Operating Table

Tomorrow Pie will be having his operation to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. He is also having grommets inserted. I know that this is the right thing for him as he is deaf as a post. He also snores like a beast!

I am nervous, more nervous than I thought I would be. Mr Pud is doing the hospital bit. Not out of choice but someone has to stay with Pudding. She totally plays Mr Pud so she has to stay with me. Meanwhile I am sending my gorgeous boy off to the surgeons. I have been the nurse in these situations many times. But this is different. This is my child.

Operating Table

I know how the whole thing works.  How they will arrive and be greeted by a lovely nurse. Pie will meet his surgeon and have everything explained. Daddy will dress him in his hospital gown and together they will go down to the operating theatre.

I want to be there. I can’t. This is the joy of having two children and family to far away to help. I am his mother and he needs me.

So many times I have comforted parents. Steered them from the ward. Promised to call as soon as their baby is in recovery. Offered empty words or cups of tea. Held their hands. Given out hugs and tissues. Usually in circumstances much more serious than a tonsillectomy.

This time I am on the other side of the operating table. I don’t like it. It’s my baby, my boy who is at the mercy of someone else. I have no control over what happens. All the risks run through my head and crash over me like the tide. My rational brain is fighting with my emotional neurosis.

The boys are staying over night in the hospital. In a way this is good. Really all I want to do is scoop Pie up and tuck him in his own bed. I want to hold his hand and stroke his hair while he sleeps. Rock him in my arms like I haven’t done since he was a baby. Tell him Mummy loves him. Apologise that I couldn’t be there.


Being the other side of the operating table is hard. Harder than I ever imagined. My heart goes out to all the other parents whose children go through this. You are so brave. Braver than me. I can’t imagine what I would do if this was life saving heart surgery. Or one of several operations. I have been lucky to have a strong, healthy boy. I am sure he will bounce back like the trooper he is. But tonight? Tonight I will squeeze him a little tighter. Keep him up a little longer and read just one more story…


Gifts: That only a DAD would buy!

My lovely other half Mr Pud is a pretty damn good Dad, he can survive 13 hours with the kids whilst I work, even managing to keep up with the washing, shopping and making me dinner. What a good egg I hear you cheer! Well yes you are right he is 😊 However, this intelligent, sexy super Dad (he paid me to say that) has a major failing… His ability to buy an inappropriate gift is PHENOMENAL! He always buys presents with the best intentions, wanting to give the kids the things they want – it’s a shame that he doesn’t use his noggin when deciding to buy them! Age appropriate means very little to Mr Pud and this usually ends in potentially dangerous weapons being wielded in the house and me having to make up ridiculous rules like ‘no light sabers in Mummy’s bedroom’ and ‘you do not poke your sister with a wand’ – who knows what our neighbours must think as I scream these ridiculous rules out at various points during the day!

Dad present - Harry Potter Wand
The worlds most dangerous Dad present ever!

I have to say the winning inappropriate present does have to be the replica Harry Potter wand – it even said on the box this is not a toy! But Pie can’t read and Mr Pud doesn’t care, I knew this bloody wand would be a mistake!! It’s around 9 inches long, made of porcelain and has a metal rod running through it (I know this because bits of the porcelain have fallen off) does this sound like the sort of thing you would want to arm a 3 year old with?!?! Pie LOVES this wand, it has to go everywhere, to begin with he even slept with it! Watching Harry Potter on TV now requires him to jump off the sofa pointing said wand and shouting out various spells. If I have to sit and watch it too I have to add more wand rules in ‘don’t point that wand in my face’, ‘take that wand out of your nose’, ‘do not pick your sisters nose with the wand’ and on and on. I HATE that wand, and would gladly throw it in the bin or stick it up Mr Pud’s nose…

Bed filled with wands, light sabers and books
How does he sleep in this bed filled with dangerous items?!

Inappropriate gift number 2 is the ginormous light saber purchased while I was at work a few weeks ago! A friend of mine had brought him a play light saber and Pie had unfortunately broken it attacking the sofa (this should give you some idea as to why I hadn’t rushed out to replace it!) However; Dad in his infinite wisdom, went and brought not only a replacement but an upgraded, supercharged replacement. I tell you this thing is bloody huge! It makes crazy noises and has a mini light sabre that comes off the end (this tells you how huge this thing is). It really is more of a weapon than a toy – I have had to ban it in my bedroom in the mornings! Pudding just looks on in horror as this enormous, noisy red piece of plastic swoops past only millimetres from her nose…

The worlds largest and most dangerous light saber
The worlds largest and most dangerous light saber

There have been other gifts over the years, but these two are the current ones destroying my house, my patience and my sanity! Pie once hooked on to something is like a dog with a bone, it’s Harry Potter and Star Wars from morning until night at Pudding HQ. If it doesn’t involve a sword or a wand then apparently it’s just not fun… Even crafts aren’t safe as pencils, pens, glue etc can all be weaponised! I blame Mr Pud and his inappropriate, only a Dad would buy, gifts…

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Potty Training A Poo Pirate

I am so glad that people have stopped asking about how the toilet training is going, now that Pie is 4 people assume correctly  incorrectly that we have successfully mastered this key milestone. I have tried all manners of bribery, stickers, chocolate buttons, reward charts, expensive potty’s, wine, new pants; you name it I have tried it. I have tried tough love, my husband once woke up for his night shift to hear me say that 5 pairs of trousers in an hour was unacceptable and that he would have to spend the last hour before his bath in the nuddy… But seriously I can’t keep up with the washing! You would think that as I started attempting to get Pie clean when he was 2 and half that we would in fact have cracked it, but you do not realise that he  is in fact a Poo Pirate, too busy conquering the Seven Seas of Wee too consider using a potty or heaven forbid a toilet!

sever111 / Pixabay

10 Rules for Potty Training Poo Pirate’s:

  1. Ye shall ‘ave th’ choice o’ which vestibule in which t’ ship thy internal waste. Once ye has made thy choice ye shalt nah change thy mind or whinge fer fear o’ bein’ strung up by thy ankles from th’ main mast  washin’ line.
  2. Thou shalt nah mug thine Mother off by pretendin’ thou has wee’d jus’ t’ receive bounty chocolate buttons, if thou dost ye shall be marooned on a desert island in time out.
  3. Successful use o’ th’ potty cannot be used against yer Mother t’ gain further treats aft th’ initial reward.
  4. No poo shall be left unattended in th’ potty due t’ th’ scurvy Sausage dogs love o’ all faecal matter, all poo must be immediately reported t’ th’ Cap’n
  5. No drink shall be consumed aft 6pm in th’ vague hope that yer bladder will be emptied afore bedtime, thus providin’ a dry nights sleep in ye hammock
  6. Only one portion o’ beans be allowed per day due t’ th’ magnitude o’ poo explosion per helpin’, furthermore ye will nah run around th’ deck wit’ a poopy bum, nor shall ye put thy skiddy underpants on thy head!
  7. Any hittin’, yellin’ or unruly behaviour aft th’ command t’ use th’ Potty has been issued will result in th’ Poo Pirate walkin’ th’ plank being marrooned in time out
  8. Proclaimin’ ‘Mummy I ‘ave damp pants’ ‘n then refusin’ t’ use th’ potty afore bein’ issued wit’ a new pair will be resolved by duelling a wrestling match
  9. Hands must be washed aft usin’ th’ potty, ’tis nah negotiable. Any non-compliance shall result in reduced rations o’ rum fun
  10. Th’ Mother shall ‘ave rest on Sunday’s from potty trainin’ the Poo Pirate. Daddy will be in charge o’ sailin’ th’ ship!

Have you struggled to get your kids clean and dry? Any fantastic tips that might help the Captain of this ship?


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NameTags4U – A Review

Here at Pudding HQ we are under constant seige by Pie’s Preschool to name all his uniform and I have to say after buying several jumpers I can see why! One day he even managed to come home without his trousers, don’t ask me how he managed this, the boy has talents that have yet to be discovered! So imagine my delight when the lovely peeps at NameTags4U offered me a whole set of labels to review. Winner I thought, just what I need and even more so as Pie is due to start big school in September and I shall be buying new kit left right and centre.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 8.01.31 PMI had to pop on to the NameTags4u website to choose what I wanted and I was pleasantly surprised at their huge range, you can have all kinds of different labels, including ones you and the kids can stamp on, iron on labels as well as the traditional sew on ones. For me being pretty short on time I opted for the iron on kind! (Pie would have loved the Stampas, but I had visions of everything being stamped with his name, including the dog and Pudding!) Once I had selected which type I wanted, I had to pick the design, there were loads to choose from, you can have just a name, or picture and a name in the colour of your choosing. If you really want to make sure your child has their item you can even upload their picture and have that on the label. You get to build your own label with a really easy to use web page and see the preview of what your label will look like.

The NameTags4U labels arrived super quick, and I was immediately impressed but how bright they were. They came with a set of instructions and everything you need to put them onto clothes. Pie thought they were pretty awesome too, I don’t think dinosaurs would have been his first choice (see my recent post) but I continue to try and persuade him!


To show you all how easy it is to put these labels on I have ventured into unknown territory and created a vblog! (Please be kind)

Nametags4u vlog

You can see how quick and easy it was as the video is so short – these really are a fantastic product from NameTags4U. They retail at £9.50 for 52 superior labels, which in my opinion is reasonable and a lot cheaper than having to keep replacing items of school clothing! I would certainly recommend these labels, and NameTags4U to my friends at the school gate.

Want to try these great iron on labels? You can order them here. You can also follow NameTags4u on twitter.

Massuese Mousse

Hey! Baby massage rocked my world this week, it was amazing. Just me and mummy in a room full of other babies (I was the oldest for a change!) getting up close and personal. I had a little trial of this when we went to the fabulous Bluestone and cos I enjoyed it so much Mummy kindly booked me in for a few sessions when we got home. I think Mum was a bit nervous when we first got their as she didn’t know anyone but I helped her out by smiling and talking to everyone. Of course they all commented about my amazing hairdo – I call this weeks style troll-esk ( mum is threatening hair clips🙈).

Blue haired troll - looks like Pudding We did leg massage this week, which took Mum ages because as she said their is a sizeable amount of thigh there. I think she was insinuating that I am slightly rotund, I quickly reminded her that I have the body of a goddess (So what if Buddha was a guy). My Nana says I am cute and look like a cabbage patch baby, not entirely sure what this is but Nana would never be mean about me. Apparently it’s arms next week, this could be tricky as I can’t seem to take my fist out of my mouth for more than 10 seconds, unless Mum is spooning in some parsnip…

Pie and I have been taking it in turns to scream this week, we figured Mum would rather we did that than scream simultaneously. However; this just seems to make her less sympathetic to both of us so we have gone back to the original plan that Pie screams in the morning constantly and I get to scream from tea time until bedtime. Mum doesn’t particularly like this either but at least she gets a break at lunchtime….

Due to continuing issues Pudding HQ has had  to take to its feet this week, great news for me as Mum usually pops me in the ergo. It really is the best place for a Pudding to be! All those extra snuggles and getting to talk to Mum all the time has meant I am turning into a right Mummy’s girl, especially as she treated me to a new Sophie this week. Sophie 2 and extra Mummy love have been needed this as these teeth are really starting to bother me – luckily Mum has finally agreed that they are a problem. Well done mother it’s only taken you 4 weeks 😡, some people just never listen!

I will let you know how we get on with the arms. I have to go now because it’s my turn to scream like a banshee…

Broccoli Is Never In Style – Taylor Swift

Broccoli Tree
B3R3N1C3 / Pixabay
So Pie hates broccoli, even when we try and pretend they are mini trees he just will not even entertain the idea (I have to say I am totally with him but tell Mr P) so in tribute to my boy I have taken one of his favourite songs and attempted a broccoli themed parody! Enjoy Broccoli: Never In Style,  to Taylor Swifts’ ‘Style’:


Teatime, You ask me to wash my hands before I eat mine.

It looks fine, but this could end in tears or paradise

This could be new, oh, it’s been a while since I have even tasted you (tasted you)

I am begging you please’cause you

Know exactly where it leads but

We have to go ’round and ’round each time

Give me my baked beans, ice cream and things that I like

Not those green stalked broccoli trees that are vile

And when I go into meltdown, every lunch and tea time

‘Cause broccoli is to vile

I’ll never eat it with a smile.

Very sulky faced little girl
PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Its got that long stalk, greenness, and tastes like dirt

Don’t put it near my face or I will spit it on your skirt

And when I go into meltdown, every lunch and teatime

‘Cause broccoli is to vile

I’ll never eat it with a smile

He we go…

You can’t make me eat that, it smells like a toad!

I start to groan

Gloves are off, do you have to gloat?

You say, “I heard, oh, that you’ve been following new rules, eating this at school.”

I say, “What you’ve heard is true but I

I am not eating this for you,” and I…

You say, “We’ve been here, too, a few times.”

Delicious looking ice cream
Unsplash / Pixabay

Give me my baked beans, ice cream and things that I like

Not those green stalked broccoli trees that are vile

And when I go into meltdown, every lunch and tea time

‘Cause broccoli is to vile

I’ll never eat it with a smile.

Its got that long stalk, greenness, and tastes like dirt

Don’t put it near my face or I will spit it on your skirt

And when I go into meltdown, every lunch and teatime

‘Cause broccoli is to vile

I’ll never eat it with a smile


The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

Monday, Monday

Screaming Seagull Face
It would appear that Pudding & Pie didn’t get the memo about today being a bank holiday. In fact I would go so far as to say they got the memo, ripped it into tiny pieces and then promptly ate it. I do kinda blame our neighbour who slammed the door so hard at 6.30am that it rattled through every house in the row. I guess they figured that as they had to be up for work on the bank holiday then the rest of us should suffer too, after all misery loves company right? If that is the case I  am quite tempted to go over and ring their door bell at 5am every morning until the end of time, But I digress…

So Pudding HQ is awake, even Mr Pudding couldn’t sleep through the noise this morning! Before leaping out of bed to deal with the situations in the room next door we take 2 minutes to hold conversation, uninterrupted:

Mr P: ‘Morning’

Me: ‘Clearly..’

(Snuggle in for a quick cuddle, making sure no one gets a mouthful of morning breath)

*Noise Level Rising*

(Sounds of Pie swipping a ‘wand’ through the air shouting ‘expelliarmus’, this later turns out to be an orange felt tip with no lid….)

Me: ‘We need a plan for today…’

Mr P: ‘I thought we could wander to the pub, have a few ciders, maybe play some pool….’

Me: ‘Oh that sounds great, we could grab some lunch, sit in the garden. Oooh and I quite fancy a game of darts’

*Noise starting to reach crescendo*

Me: Are you making coffee or dealing with wee?

Mr P: I will make coffee….

Me: Good choice, nobody would ever choose wee…

(Lay still for a minute listening to noise)

Me: Remember that pub in Whitechapel with the beer garden?

Mr P: The one where The Krays shot Jack the Hat?

Me: Ha ha Jack the Hat, only in the East End would somebody be called Jack the Hat! What was that pub called?

Mr P: The Blind Beggar – we had our first kiss there…

*wistful glances*

(Noise reaches defcon 4… With accompanying air raid siren howl)

Me: I miss London

*collective sigh*

The day has begun, two tired and slightly disgruntled parents slide out of bed…

Hope everyone enjoys their bank holiday!!

Pink Pear Bear
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Still not a Swiss Roll, But I have Big Love for Pie

Pudding & Pie having a cuddle
Hey Pudding Fans,

See what I did there? I got a little sports reference in, Dad would be proud. Speaking of Dad he made me sit and watch the FA cup semi-final on Saturday, apparently he was supposed to be giving me my bed time bottle but it wasn’t very relaxing! He kept jumping out of the chair and making me almost wet myself with his over-enthusiastic shouting. Mummy just tutted at him, it’s ok for her she wasn’t the one who nearly drowned on several occasions. I am only 4 months but I already have an inkling that I won’t be a huge football fan…

What I am a fan of though (other than parsnip) is my big brother Pie, he is awesome 😆, he is probably the only one who understands what it is like living in this mad house with these ridiculous dogs. He is getting pretty good at communicating my needs to mother, although I do get a little indignant when he tells me I am a ‘grumpy poo pants with grumpy bits!’ I mean how is a girl supposed to react to such a statement? I have managed to accept this crazy Harry Potter phase and we now regularly curl up together while he watches it, still not a great lover of wands though. Probably because there is always that fear that I might lose an eye (a fear shared by mother dearest).

I think this week Mum may have lost her mind slightly as she brought this crazy thing downstairs and hung it in a door frame then put me in it! There I was suspended, barely touching the floor. I did a few little bounces and she thought that was great but then Toby (that giraffe stealing sausage) licked my face so I clouted him on the nose (that was revenge for Sophie). Pie decided that what I needed was for him to bounce me which ended up in me getting cross and vomiting on the carpet in a moment of protest, suffice to say I don’t think Mum will be trying that out again anytime soon!

I would like to say that I had an update regarding the rolling – but as of yet I have not been able to work the magic. The elusive rolling, remains a mystery to me. Pie has been ‘helping’ but again not a great ending (more sick more  cross Pudding). Mum says I will get there – but when, it’s just so frustrating, there are so many naughty things I could be getting up to if I could just move. Saying that I am hoping to really catch her off guard and roll off her bed one morning while she is putting her knickers on…

Anyway enough rambling from me – mum says its parsnip for tea and as you know this girl loves a bit of parsnip!

Love Pudding xx

Petite Pudding
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Angry or Hangry? An A-Z Guide

We all know that kids are ticking bombs of emotion ready to implode or explode at any time! Pie is the king of the untimed and totally unprecedented meltdown – living in Pudding HQ you get used to wearing a tin hat and being in a perpetual state of unease as another tantrum can be imminent at any given moment. So to guide you through this minefield I have prepared an A-Z guide: Hangry or Angry? 🍰😊

A is for angry, and not just a little bit cross but full on raging (usually over something ridiculous eg ‘I have water on my sleeve’)

Bat shit crazy, those days where they run round the house like a Tasmanian devil tearing up everything in their path and creating the same level of destruction as a small scale hurricane.

Cute and cuddly, this one is elusive you may only see it just before bedtime. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are being sweet, this is their way of wiping the slate clean ready to start all over again in the morning!

They have Dell boy’s ability to negotiate a fantastic deal that will leave you feeling totally had – you started requesting a toilet trip they ended up not going to the loo but some how getting a biscuit and a bag of raisins. How exactly did that happen?

E is for excited (not exorcism although believe me I do wonder sometimes) sometimes you just have to delight in how the words ‘soft play’ can make your small person so happy whilst making you feel instantly miserable.

Fanatical, and I mean utterly obsessed, once they have their spidey-senses locked on something then its all they talk about, think about, dream about but then comes the flip side they are such Fickle creatures that these obsessions are reasonably fleeting.

Grumpy – for no apparent reason. You put them to bad happy but this morning they are looking and sounding like one of Snow Whites dwarfs.

H should be for happy but let’s be honest it’s more likely that they are Hangry. We have all been there, we forget sometimes our small person needs feeding at regular intervals but miss that window and suddenly they are hulking out until you can shove a sandwich or a banana at them. Unlike Gremlins you can feed them after midnight.

Inconsolable, this stage can be reached in 5 seconds flat due to the loss of a favourite toy or just because they have their shoes on the wrong feet. Getting back from this is like wading through treacle and you will undoubtedly have to make deals that would usually never be on the table.

You know that dance they do when they need the loo but are too busy to go? Well that is what we call Jiggly. Jiggly is usually a state of high parental alert and requires swift intervention to prevent a minor accident followed by major meltdown.

King of NO! Everything you ask is met with ‘No’, this little word can be said softly or screamed in your face. It doesn’t really matter how it is said it often feels like a red rag to a bull.

Love of course is L but I think also we must mention that most preschoolers and toddlers are total Lushes’ giving out free hugs and sloppy kisses to all and sundry. They maybe small but they have a lot of love to give.

M has many options there is of course meltdown an important one, as well as manic and moany but special mention has to be mummy-centric. This one drives all Dads to distraction ‘I want mummy to do it…’ But it’s not great for mums either cos mummy-centric means a constant commentary whilst sitting on the loo.

Nasty or Nice? How can you tell in advance? Impossible. There appears to be a switch that they can flick throwing you completely off guard. One minute stroking that chick next trying to pull its head off…

Overstimulated is def O – that moment when something goes from being fun and exciting to completely overwhelming and a large amount of crying follows. This signifies a speedy extraction from the situation and hopefully a long car journey home so you can get a nap out of them (if they fall asleep 30secs from home just keep driving!)

Polite and pleasant spring to mind but I think Political is probably more apt. With a deftness that can only be recreated in a Game of Thrones episode they can turn parents against each and plot the downfall of their siblings and grandparents. Before you know it they have overthrown the entire household and are sitting smug on their Peppa Pig throne with total control over the TV.

Queen, of the drama variety. Your local am-dram has nothing compared to your child who has scratched their finger or who has been told they can’t have a biscuit. Be prepared for flinging, arm waving and crying (and that’s just you!)

Rolling on the floor laughing! Yes something has tickled them and they are now in fits of laughter on the floor, usually its something that has totally gone over your head but you find yourself joining in with them as its infectious.

We could have had Temper or Tantrum here, both would have been great but I have chosen Tenacious. Seriously they can harp on for hours until they get what they want, its not that you wanted to give in but you just can’t take it any more. The constant questions, the rephrasing of the request and the sideways glances to see if your resolve has softened.

Silence ha ha only joking! Sulking would be more appropriate, arms folded, little mouth pout – no matter how you phrase the question this is the reaction. Give up, have a brew and move on with your life because S also stands for sticky situations and that is exactly where that sulky face is leading you. The Silly-Billies,  is my personal favourite, when they run into the living room with a saucepan on their head and announce they are in fact a cat.

Vexed up and vulgar! Yeh that little person is so easily wound up that sometimes you can’t resist poking him with a stick but you know long term you will regret it, especially when he later starts shouting ‘poo-head, booby face, willy’ in the middle of a restaurant just to get his own back!

Why, curiosity killed the cat right? Maybe it did but your preschooler is taking his life in his hands with the constant stream of why. Everything is met with a why until you find yourself roar like a lion ‘because I said so’ to which they reply ‘alright mum’ ….

X-acting? Yep it’s got to be done just right, the right amount of butter in the bread, no not that jam the other one, my toast is too toasty etc etc

Yee ha cowboy’ or ‘yo ho ho m’hearties’, everything is an imaginatve adventure, from pirates to cowboys, to rockets and monsters, sometimes the only way to get through to them is to stick them in the washing basket and row them to the bathroom to brush their teeth.

Zzzzzz tired, you, them and the dog! No one copes well when they are sleepy, time for some warm milk and a nap (just ship the kids off to Grans first!) It’s a shame that despite being tired kids won’t sleep, now as an adult if someone said have a nap you would be in there like swimwear right?

Cuddle Fairy