Pudding HQ – A Watery Disaster


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It all began a few days ago when my lovely neighbour popped round to ask about some water that was gathering on her patio, she was very nice and came to see if we were having the same problem, we weren’t, hooray I thought! You see when we moved into Pudding HQ 2 years ago we moved into find a free swimming pool had appeared in the garden. After some investigation it turned out to be a leak from the water main and £600 later and a very wet muddy garden it was repaired. Fast forward 3 months and I noticed that the garden had begun to look a little like beaver falls again, called out the guys and low and behold the pipe had sprung a leak in a different place! Another £600 later and all was well again (apart from the mud and lack of lawn!)

This morning the chaps came to investigate my neighbours leak, having removed the fence panel (and consequently destroying a small buddha!) they began to dig in earnest… Imagine then my total dismay when they called me out to the garden to explain that their ‘exploratory’ hole had indeed found the source of the leak (thank goodness it was in fact just on the neighbours side) however; that hasn’t stopped a hole the size of china being dug in my garden or the now exceptionally boggy area of gravel  by the back door because it was easier to fix it from my side… Of course living in a victorian terrace you expect some old clanky pipe work but seriously if Pudding HQ was a boat it would have sank months ago with the amount of leaks we have had.

The leaks aren’t just contained to the outside unfortunately, the bathroom has been refurbished due to a leaky pipe and now we are currently awaiting the kitchen and dining room floors to be repaired following a slow water leak from behind the kitchen sink. It’s like I am destined to grow flippers and become semi-aquatic!

Luckily this time the outside work wasn’t ours, and maybe this will be the last leak we will have. Alternatively Pudding HQ may just suddenly disappear into a large sink hole and that will be the last you ever hear of us ever again…


Photo Credit: PhillMono via Compfight cc

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Have you taken a Parenting Win Today?

I should be feeling amazing today, channeling my inner Mummy Pig should be a doddle. Because last night was the first night in months that I had 8 hours uninterrupted sleep. Pudding slept a massive 10.30-7.30! No night feeds and no flappy bird moments where she had escaped her swaddle. So why then do I feel more tired today than those nights where I get up 2 or 3 times??

I think we are conditioned to have to moan about something. Usually it’s pretty easy to find a subject to complain about but on occasion we have to pick something ridiculous. Today that is ‘I have had too much sleep’.

TawnyNina / Pixabay

Of course most fellow Mum’s don’t have this complaint. I do feel lucky but then again I have now lost my main group of sympathisers. Let’s face it no one likes that smug mum at the baby group who announces that their child is now sleeping through the night. Being able to have a good moan is what bonds us all together. Whether it is lack of sleep, teething or our partners, a moan is good. It makes us realise we are not going through all this stuff on our own. Our mum friends can help give us some perspective when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes though I worry that all I do is moan about the kids. Think about it when was the last time you actually boasted to another mum about a real parenting win?

We are conditioned to continually denigrate ourselves. We all know that raising children can be a thankless task some days. That doesn’t mean we should only focus on our failures. Lets face it the media focuses on our ‘terrible’ mothering quite enough. We should be bolstering each other up. Celebrating those moments where it all goes brilliantly well as opposed to the normal every day battles. Especially as those moments are usually small things that no one else would give a crap about. If you can’t celebrate the fact that your child put his own shoes on without being asked 15 times with another Mum then who can you celebrate with?

I know there will be some mums out there who probably want to shove my positivity up my knows. Possibly they are shaking their fists at the screen even now. Rolling their eyes thinking ‘oooh you smug cow’ I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in 18 months. I am sorry if that is you. I know its tough and I do feel for you. But this isn’t about you. It is about me, finding something positive to celebrate in my parenting journey.

Today I am standing up and saying that my baby slept through the night at 3 months. I am going to pat myself on the back and say well done for getting her into a good bedtime routine. Does it mean she will do it again tonight? Maybe she will, maybe she won’t. But right now I am taking the win!