Blogging Balance – Too Much Information?


Here at Pudding HQ we are all pretty new to the world of blogging, Twitter and all the things that come with it. The geeky part of me is enjoying getting to grips with coding and designing the website and I love the challenge of promoting the site. The realistic part of me says that this will never come to anything more than a hobby but what if it did? What if my website took off and became as famous as some of my other fellow bloggers? As amazing as this would be it would come with a huge amount of responsibility to Pudding & Pie.

The danger of overstaring information is brought into sharp context when you remember that everything you write or post online will be around forever. All that I write today will be available for my children to read when they are teenagers. How then will they feel about having their young lives described in every intimate detail? Do I want them to know about every personal struggle I had whilst raising them? I think the answer is no. I never want either Pudding or Pie to read anything I have written and to think that in that moment I didn’t like them or love them. I want them to read about our good times together or the hilarious disasters that befall our family on a regular basis and laugh. I don’t want them to feel that they spent the first few years of life irritating the hell out their mother, because in general that’s not true. I think I could easily fall into the trap of casting them as comical individuals or turning them into mini monsters, I hope that I don’t.

I chose to anonymise Pudding & Pie because I don’t want there school friends to Google them and be flooded with stories of toddlerhood and embarrassing pictures. I think about their long term futures – high flying execs? Politician or even Prime Minister? I can’t see that future employers would want to have access to their whole childhoods and nobody wants to hear about the Prime Ministers’ potty training. My job is to protect my kids but I also want to share my parenting experience and read about others, it’s a hard balance.

I already love the online mum community I have only recently been initiated into, every one gets each other and there is such a sense of ‘we are all in this together’. I just worry that I will turn into a moany mum blogger – concentrating only on my children’s failings and foibles, or that I will paint myself as a terrible mother! I want to be able to write hilarious, witty anecdotal posts without being either moany mum or rubbish mum. I think I can do it, I am certainly going to try!

Petite Pudding
Cuddle Fairy

What no Easter Bonnet?


Ladies and Gentlemen, as I sit here today I have to confess my disappointment in my Mummy. Can you believe that she sent me to school with no Easter bonnet when its parade day? I first noticed the potential problem as we walked to school, lots of the other children were carrying or wearing these beautiful hand crafted hats, covered in chicks and eggs. I could hear her start to mutter under her breath to Pudding in the carrier, ‘maybe he won’t notice’ I heard her say. Notice? I may spend most of the time wrapped up in the world of Harry Potter, but I don’t live on a different planet!

I don’t say anything to her about the hats, but chat quite happily about my plans for pirates invading the sand pit and whether my best friend will be at school before us. Then when we are standing in the playground and are surrounded by all the other children and their beautiful hats, I let her know that the lack of Easter bonnet has not gone unnoticed. ‘Mummy’ I say loudly ‘where is my Easter hat, everyone else has one, it makes me very sad that I don’t have one’, queue a nasty pink colour creeping over her cheeks and some fervent eye glances to see who has heard me speak. Just to make sure every one heard I repeat the last part of the sentence again ‘I am very sad that you didn’t make me an Easter hat Mummy’. I can almost hear her embarassment as she crouches down to speak to me. She does say sorry and makes some excuse about forgetting last night, then I pounce, this is the time to ensure that I get everything on my wish list whilst she is wracked with guilt. I quickly request that when I get home from school we watch Harry Potter,  that I can have my wand back (confiscated earlier that morning for trying to curse Pudding), I can have an Easter egg and that tomorrow we can do some Easter based crafts. She agrees to all of the above without complaint, so I gently pat her on the arm and say quietly that it doesn’t matter about the hat…

Hot Cross Pudding


Today is not a good Pudding day, it may be Easter but the only thing I want is my two front teeth. Mummy says it is far to early for my teeth to be making an appearance, she even went so far as to say I am a drama queen. Well tell me this then mother dearest why is it that I am all dribbly and I keep trying to chew my own fingers off? Yes I know you have had a look in my mouth and you say you can’t see any signs of redness, or even the remotest sign that there are teeth, but I assure you they are on there way. No I don’t have a temperature, although I am trying my best to get one by screaming myself hoarse and getting all sweaty and irritable. Where did this rule come from about no temperature, no Calpol??

Plus, I heard you talking with Daddy this morning about moving me into Pie’s bedroom into my cot. What is this rubbish you are speaking of? I may have slept through the night all week but that is no reason to ship me out to listen to him snore all night like a freight train. I am not fooled by your campaign to make me have my naps in my ‘big girl cot’ either. Have you not read the literature about me sleeping in your room until I am 6 months? I won’t stand for it, being just across the landing will not cut it, even though you can see me from your bed, its just not on, you can try it but I will have my revenge on you at 3am. Let me also take this moment to say that should you decide to also stop swaddling me I will sing the song of my people so loud that even the neighbours will be begging you to wrap me up like a sausage roll.

I tell you its a good job we are off to Nana’s tomorrow, she would never allow me to be this upset and there is no way she will banish me to sleep with Pie… Nana knows how to treat her little Pudding, she will cuddle me all day without making rubbish excuses like ‘hold on Pudding, I need the loo’. She will also believe me when I say my teeth hurt and I am pretty sure the ‘no temperature, no Calpol’ rule doesn’t apply to Nana’s either…

Optional Participation – Epic Fail


So as many of you will have read, Pie went to school without an Easter bonnet today, this can only really be charted up in the big book of experience. You see as I am only going through the preschool stage for the first time I didn’t realise the importance of participating in such things as the Easter Hat Parade! The school had mentioned it in their newsletter, but the way it was written made it sound like an optional bit of fun, more aimed at those in reception classes and above, not nursery. Ah I see now this was rookie mistake, when the school says ‘your child can make and wear an East bonnet if they like’ what they mean is as a parent you are expected to craft an amazing piece of head wear which will be nothing short of being worthy of Lady Gaga. Let me tell you there were some very impressive pieces at school today, but I doubt much that the children had much to do with making them. I know for sure that had I sat down with Pie to craft this masterpiece that he would have been bored 30 seconds after starting and my house would have been covered with decapitated fluffy chicks and shredded paper. Not to mention the fact that undoubtedly one of the sausage dogs would have eaten a chick head or worse waited until the hat was drying from its many layers of PVA glue and then sat on it. So I tactfully forgot that it was the Easter Parade, but to make me feel even more like I had made a huge parenting faux pas Pie’s lovely preschool teacher made him a hat to wear at school so he wasn’t left out, cue a huge amount of Mummy guilt!

Unfortunately this is not the first time I have been duped by this apparent ‘optional participation’ first their was ‘Pinky Purple Day’ a few weeks ago when all the children had to go in purple or pink clothes in aid of Polio. I remembered this the night before, bit of an issue as Pie doesn’t own anything pink or purple, the answer was to get a white t-shirt and decorate it with a pink Sharpie. Not a great parenting triumph but least he had something to wear. Then came World Book Day, now I only have myself to blame here really as I could have done what 80% of mums did and brought a pre-made costume from Tesco’s or the like, but I didn’t, I forgot. Again. SO at 6.30 on World Book Day, I was up making some glasses out of pipe cleaners and a Gryffindor badge, I’ve got this covered I thought. Wrong again, despite his obsession with Harry Potter, Pie would not wear the glasses or the badge and would not let me draw a scar on his forehead, so he went to school in uniform. Suffice to say when he got home he wanted me to wear the glasses and he drew a scar on my head with a Sharpie pen, which has only recently come off. Finally it was Sports Relief – wear something sporty they said, this I was sure I could manage. Alas the clothes were ok but could I find a pound anywhere? Nope, I had to raid every drawer in the house trying to find enough coppers to make up the required sum, we only made it to 97p, luckily it was collected in a bucket so we threw it in and know one was any the wiser!

I love that his school has so many things he can participate in, I just wish I could get my act together. I don’t know how everyone else manages, having Pudding is only going to hold up as an excuse for a short time. Eventually I will be expected to sort my act out and get on top of all these costume days. I shudder with horror for next year, when it will be even more important to him to be participating. Before children I was pretty disorganised, I am the sort of person who loses her keys 5 times a week and ends up having to call her other half home from work to let her in. I wouldn’t mind but I write everything on the calendar and still forget it or write the wrong time down and turn up on the wrong day! Is this baby brain? I would like to say it is but really I think it might just be scatterbrain. Pretty sure Mummy Pig doesn’t have this problem, her costumes are always amazing and she doesn’t short change charities.

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Park Life Pudding


oh my what a tiring afternoon! Mummy, Pie and his friends and me all went out to enjoy the lovely bank holiday weather at a great big park today. Mummy popped me in the carrier for some hands free time, yet again I had to have my bottle on the move, this is becoming a habit! Still it was OK as being close to Mummy is what I like best. I wasn’t to sure about the great outdoors to begin with as I had been napping in the car but with a full tummy there is nothing I can’t handle. Although it wasn’t great when a big piece of Mummy’s nobbly bobbly ice cream landed on my head, I wasn’t that impressed. Mind you it was quite funny when Pies’ ice cream fell out of his cone and Mummy picked it up, pulled a stick out of it and shoved it back on, he didn’t seem to be too worried. 🍦🍦

The boys were crazy, like a pack of wild dogs, running all over the park chasing each other and shouting. There was some to do about hand holding and someone calling someone else a princess (such sensitive souls these boys). I hung with the girls and tried to join in their conversation, I just ended up babbling at them as I was so over excited looking at the trees and sky. I tell you something though all that walking and fresh air wore me out completely, I ended up sleeping on the way back to the car! 😴

Pie loves the park it’s one of his favourite places to go – I think he is making a list of his top 5 reasons why the park is great. I bet it features a stick, he loves a stick does Pie. Me? Oh my favourite thing about the park is definitely being snuggled into Mummy with the sun on my face 😊

Puddings should swim only in custard


Mummy decided in her infinite wisdom that today should be my first swimming experience. She said as Daddy was off this was a good day to go altogether… Now there are a couple of things you need to know about being a Pudding, firstly Puddings do not under any circumstances like being cold. Secondly, Puddings do not like to feel weightless!

so we arrive at the place they called a swimming pool, Daddy took Pie to get changed, he was very excited, I was just pleased to be with Mummy on my own. If this was swimming the start looked good! Mummy took her clothes off and I watched her fight her way into her swimming costume. She muttered something about wishing she had brought a new one as trying to squeeze into this one was a joke 13 weeks post baby – I have to say it was quite funny watching her wriggle into it!!

Then it was my turn, well that soon wiped the smile off my face, she laid me on a bench and stripped all my clothes off – brrrrt cold cold cold. Then she redressed me in a stretchy wetsuit thingy that was a bit big as it was my brothers. To add insult to injury she had the audacity to laugh at me and say I was a silly Pudding! Hmph least my costume was too big…

Then the moment was finally upon me – my first swim! A quick dunk in the shower, ooh warm, that was lovely. But hang on its very bright in here and what’s that smell?? Mummy started to walk into the water, she waved at Daddy and then sunk into the water with me. Holy moly that is cold! She laid me right back with just her hand under my head, I felt all floaty. I was really unsure about this swimming malarkey, but Mummy kept smiling at me reassuringly and I kicked my legs a bit, that was pretty cool. Pie came over to see us and he splashed my face, I could feel my bottom lip come out, but Mummy scooped me up and held me against her warmth – crisis averted!

It it was starting to get pretty cold now – Daddy said that as I was turning blue now might be a good time to take me out. Oh great thanks Dad, now it’s really cold! Luckily Mummy wrapped me in a nice warm towel and took me to get dressed. Taking the swimming costume off was a struggle – mine and Mummy’s – I wee’d on my towel just to show how I was feeling! Finally we were dry and I was dressed and in my car seat, 30 seconds later I was back to snoozie land…

Day Trip

Mum says today is the first day of Spring, not entirely sure what that means but the sun is shining and apparently we are off on an adventure, wherever we are going Pie seems excited so I guess it will be good when we get there.

Ooh I had a lovely snooze in the car, I didn’t really want to wake up but Mum says I need to get my cardigan on and get in the carrier. Usually I love the carrier, but what is this? This is not my wrap or my beautifully comfy Ergo, and she has scratched my face on a nasty piece of Velcro whilst trying to wrestle me in to position. I am not impressed and I am starting to feel a bit peckish…. No no no I draw the line at a hat, I hate hats, I won’t wear it I tell you (Mummy gives up, it’s spring after all). I manage to snuggle down into my unfamiliar carrier, it’s ok I guess but now I am feeling really hungry, it’s no good she is gonna have to hear me roar! Oh you have to be joking, your going to feed me in this thing? No sitting on a bench in the sunshine looking at you? Fine I will drink it but I am silently protesting with my eyes, this would never have happened with Pie. Just because I am the second baby doesn’t mean you can get away with this.

I finish my milk, grudgingly and settle back into the carrier. I really want to see these Sheep things Mummy  keeps talking about, Ewan is a sheep and he is pretty cool. But oh no my eyes are starting to close….. Suffice to say I saw nothing of the sheep or the farm, apparently Pie had a good time so I guess he will have to tell you all about it!

Love Pudding xx

Farm Fun


So Pudding and I went to the farm this weekend, she wasn’t exactly the life and soul as you have probably read. Well she missed out big time there was loads going on!

When we got there we saw loads of dogs jumping over things and running through tunnels. They looked like they were having a great time, I can’t imagine our sausages doing that. I guess they might if mum promised them some kind of amazing treat, but as they mainly like sitting on the sofa I think it would have to be the best treat ever. After that we walked round and found that someone had built a camp fire and was providing marshmallows for toasting, I got a long pointy stick and got to toast my own. It didn’t go great, I set it on fire and then screamed my head off when I pulled it out the fire and it was black. Mummy had to eat it for me and bribe me back to smiles with the promise of a cake later on.

Then there were loads of tractors and a huge piece of machinery that Mummy did not know the name of, but I was allowed to climb up into the cab and pretend to drive both of them. The wheels were so big that Mummy And Pudding could sit in them. I tried my best to ignore Mummy when she said I had to come out but eventually she sent Opa to come and get me. I tried the old cat in a basket trick, you know arms and legs out grabbing everything on the way past but it was unsuccessful!

I enjoyed seeing the sheep and cows, there were lots of baby sheep with their mummies but by this stage the most important thing was getting that cake that Mummy promised. I made sure she didn’t forget about it by reminding her every 30 seconds. I finally got the cake on the way back to the car, as usual I ate half of it and then decided I didn’t like it, Mummy ate it for me, what would I do without her??

Why my grandparents rock by a four year old

Hooray a weekend at Mutti and Opas! I love being at my grandparents house, Pudding doesn’t realise how great this is yet. I am taking full advantage of this. Grandparents equals undivided attention for me.

Firstly its all about the space. Mutti has a big house and a huge garden. Which I have built an amazing den in which has a no Pudding Policy! Jerry the guinea pig lives in the garden too. Mummy says she and Daddy had him before I was around and that when I was little he used to live with us indoors. Today Mummy and Opa built Jerry a new house. I was supposed to be helping but the huge cardboard box was much more exciting, besides those two kept being really silly…

The other awesome thing about Mutti’s is the food. I get biscuits and brioche almost on tap and Mutti makes amazing meals too. Mummy’s does cook but apart from sandwiches she really isn’t too good at it. Don’t get me wrong its edible but not exactly inventive. Mutti also makes cakes, all the time. Not those ones out of a box like Mummy does but from scratch and everything. Also I get to measure out all the flour and sugar and use her super mixer thingy too.

I also get to go swimming at Mutti & Opa’s posh gym which has a lovely big pool and is nice and quiet. My great shark fin float helps me to swim on top of the water rather than underneath. I quite like to wear my goggles too and I am learning to put my face under the water. Mummy doesn’t usually come in with us she likes to sit and drink coffee and watch me through the window. It must be really boring for her, although she always seems really excited about it. Sometimes Daddy comes in and sits in the big bubbly hot tub, apparently that is excercising….img_1185

Mummy always looks super relaxed when we go to my grandparents. I keep trying to get her involved in things, but she just smiles sweetly at me and cradles her cup of tea. She says its a bit like having a 2 day holiday. I can see why; great food and entertainment! I don’t know why Mutti & Opa always look so tired when we leave, I thought holidays were supposed be relaxing!!!

Have you taken a Parenting Win Today?

I should be feeling amazing today, channeling my inner Mummy Pig should be a doddle. Because last night was the first night in months that I had 8 hours uninterrupted sleep. Pudding slept a massive 10.30-7.30! No night feeds and no flappy bird moments where she had escaped her swaddle. So why then do I feel more tired today than those nights where I get up 2 or 3 times??

I think we are conditioned to have to moan about something. Usually it’s pretty easy to find a subject to complain about but on occasion we have to pick something ridiculous. Today that is ‘I have had too much sleep’.

TawnyNina / Pixabay

Of course most fellow Mum’s don’t have this complaint. I do feel lucky but then again I have now lost my main group of sympathisers. Let’s face it no one likes that smug mum at the baby group who announces that their child is now sleeping through the night. Being able to have a good moan is what bonds us all together. Whether it is lack of sleep, teething or our partners, a moan is good. It makes us realise we are not going through all this stuff on our own. Our mum friends can help give us some perspective when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes though I worry that all I do is moan about the kids. Think about it when was the last time you actually boasted to another mum about a real parenting win?

We are conditioned to continually denigrate ourselves. We all know that raising children can be a thankless task some days. That doesn’t mean we should only focus on our failures. Lets face it the media focuses on our ‘terrible’ mothering quite enough. We should be bolstering each other up. Celebrating those moments where it all goes brilliantly well as opposed to the normal every day battles. Especially as those moments are usually small things that no one else would give a crap about. If you can’t celebrate the fact that your child put his own shoes on without being asked 15 times with another Mum then who can you celebrate with?

I know there will be some mums out there who probably want to shove my positivity up my knows. Possibly they are shaking their fists at the screen even now. Rolling their eyes thinking ‘oooh you smug cow’ I haven’t had a decent nights sleep in 18 months. I am sorry if that is you. I know its tough and I do feel for you. But this isn’t about you. It is about me, finding something positive to celebrate in my parenting journey.

Today I am standing up and saying that my baby slept through the night at 3 months. I am going to pat myself on the back and say well done for getting her into a good bedtime routine. Does it mean she will do it again tonight? Maybe she will, maybe she won’t. But right now I am taking the win!