Are you clucking about like a headless chicken blogger? 

If you are reading this you are obviously feeling a bit like a headless chicken blogger. Ah yes I know that feeling. You write an amazing blog post, you want to crow from the roof top. Hit the publish button, scuttle off to tweet it, link it to Facebook, pin it on Pinterest and add it to one of the 4 trillion  linkys you take part in every week. Sit back on your perch, fluff up your feathers and wait for the views to come into roost.

What no one has noticed your frankly clucking marvellous piece of writing? Surely someone wants a piece of this free-range action. It’s ok keep your pecker up. The internet is unfortunately like a battery house. Lots of chickens laying lots of eggs, and none of them are hatching.

It gets you scratching about for ideas. But you have to be careful not to ruffle anyone else’s feathers. You don’t want to end up in a troll pie. But you could definitely handle a viral post comparable to chicken pox. You squeeze out another egg. Cross your claws, and check those stats with your beedy eye… Surely that egg was a double yoker? The blog posts of all blog posts, a pinnacle moment in a chicken, sorry bloggers, life.

Nope, it wasn’t. It didn’t hit everyone’s spot like a fresh bucket of KFC. It made an impression on a few but it has gone mostly unnoticed. See being a chicken blogger is a bit like being a chicken. Once cooked you taste just like everyone else unless you have an amazing sauce to chuck over the top. We are all battery hens in a blogging coop – but a few of us will find our sauce. Will it be you?

What We Are Reading This Month – October Blogs

So I have read loads of blogs in the few months I have been blogging but a few really stick in my mind. They are written by bloggers that can bring a smile to my mouth or a tear to my eye. They are the kind of writers that I aspire to and that on a cold wet afternoon I turn to with a hot cuppa and a sausage dog on my knee!

jill111 / Pixabay
5 writers to aspire to:

Have you read anything by Min from Single Mum Speaks? I can’t recommend her high enough. I loved her recent post about being a middle class mum that doesn’t drive. Because Mr Pud doesn’t drive I could really relate to what she was saying.

Another firm favourite is Jade at The Parenting Jungle, her recent post about whether we like our children all the time really resonated with me. As my son has a total jekyll and hyde outlook on life I could definitely relate to what Jade was saying. Bookmarked that one for the next time I am sobbing in the kitchen….!

Then there is my recent find Over Heavens Hill – this is a beautiful blog and Geraldines post about how we share images of our children online really stuck with me. It’s something that i have grappled with myself but that as a blogger feels an inevitable part of my life. But I do wonder how my kids will feel when they grow up about the use of their pictures.

Also love Nadia over at Scandi Mummy – I think that her blog just oozes style. Always filled with gorgeous pictures as well. Packed full of useful reviews and fabulous giveaways, I can spend a happy half hour browsing through Nadia’s latest blog posts.

Finally and certainly my go to for a few laughs has to be Beth of The Adventures of Beta Mummy. I just can’t get enough of her hilarious cartoons. She always hits the nail right on the head! Simply loved her recent post about reaching half term. It was with a huge sigh of relief that I sunk on to the sofa last week, with no school runs looming before me!

So there you have it all out latest and greatest finds – make sure you go over and check them out.


Bloggers Block – Things to Do when your Mojo Mooches off

Argh the last few weeks I have been blogging away, hardly finding the time to get all of my ideas out. But this last week. Oh man its like a huge fog has descended. I have nothing remotely interesting to say. I could tell you all about how Pudding is now crawling – check out Instagram to see the amount of mischief that little lady is getting into. Or I could happily tell you all about Pie’s first week at school. But in all honesty I don’t think my story telling is quite up to scratch and I wouldn’t do either justice. So whats a blogger to do when their mojo mooches off?Image result for lost mojo quotes

Well you may have seen that the last couple of weeks I have been handing out some blogger wisdom. If you are new to blogging or you aren’t a blogger you might not realise all the stuff that goes on in the background to make a blog successful. Unfortunately its not all about writing a piece and pressing the publish button. Hundreds of thousands of blog posts are written every day. Most of which go unnoticed by the vast majority of people. So if you don’t have a new post to write there is loads of stuff you can do to improve your visibility.

Tips to help you get your blog on when your mojo has gone
  • Spruce up your old posts – sort out those old blog posts that you are all but forgotten on your blog. Add some new images, add a pinnable image. Design an infographic to go with the post.  Then launch it like it’s a new shiney post. Tweet it, share it on Facebook and add it to stumble, All the things you would do with a new post, without the actual writing part!
  • Get on to Pinterest – there is some great stuff on Pinterest. Get pinning, researching, make a new board. Spend some time just enjoying other people’s work. You know the more you pin and share on pinterest the more visible your pins will be. You might find that one of your posts starts to get noticed a bit more.
  • Connect with other bloggers – sharing is caring in the blogging community. Put your keyboard down and spend some time reading other people’s material. You might find a new blog you love. You may even find some great content that inspires you to develop a point of view you had previously over looked.
Unsplash / Pixabay
  • Join some blogging Facebook groups – these are great for sharing your content. Join some threads, rshare some love. Brilliant for post promotion and getting your face known in the wider blogging community.
  • Respond to your comments – I am hands up terrible for this. Wish I could keep on top of the comments on my blog. I have hundreds to respond too. I love reading the comments people have left and I always intend to reply to them. Go spend some time speaking with your audience. Find out what they like about your posts, whether they have posed any questions you want to answer in a follow-up post.
  • Have a play on Canva – this is my biggest time waster. I can spend ages playing about with graphics and ideas. You could design a new logo, or a new badge for a guest series. I often find I make the graphics before I write the blog post. It gives me time to let my mind wander around a subject.
  • Edit your photos and post on Instagram – get your Instagram profile looking beautiful by spending some time tarting up your pictures. Also a good time to go through and dish out lots of hearts and comments. Remember what I said about sharing is caring in blogger land?
  • Learn about some of the other social media platforms – I like to read about what makes the other areas of social media work for bloggers. Set up a Bloglovin account and try to build up a following there (if you work this out let me know!). Get active on Google+ or even LinkedIn. Share your content across new platforms, make new connections.
  • Send out some PR requests (if you like working with brands) – either over Twitter or direct to companies you would like to work with. Draft an email and get it out. Go and grab yourself some opportunities. Join The Blogger Programme and Bloggers Required to see what opportunities they have that you can pitch for.

There you are a few ideas to keep yourself busy when your blog mojo has a vacation. Of course you could just take a blogging holiday completely. A rest from the world of social media and blogging could be just what you need. Forcing yourself to be creative when you have nothing pressing to say is not in the best interest for your blog. Take a step back, relax. All work and no play remember….

Basic Tips for Instagram Growth and Engagement

Every one loves a bit of Instagram right? There is something kind of warming when you post a picture and you get loads of likes and lovely comments. Certainly I am not an Instagram pro, I don’t have a gazillion followers (yet!) But I do have a nice group of well engaged people who regularly comment and like my content. I am also pleased to see some steady growth on my Instagram account.

So I have heard a lot about the new algorithm for Instagram. Luckily for me I only joined Instagram after the changes so I never knew any other way. Instagram is like every other social media platform. You get what you give. If you want to post one photo a day and leave it to do its thing then don’t expect amazing things. If you really want to make Instagram work for you then you need to understand it, and use the algorithms to your advantage.

Instagram Tips for Growth & Engagement:
  • Probably the most obvious thing is great content. A few fuzzy pictures is not going to get a gaggle of followers. Spend sometime editing pictures, everyone knows that Instagram is not a true depiction of your life. Besides you are creating a brand of sorts. People like to see a kind of pattern or uniformity to your feed.
  • The first 15 minutes is key. This is when your picture is most active in the Instagram algorithm. You need to get as many likes and comments as possible in this time to keep your picture in the algorithm so more people see it. Instagram pods are great for this (more on this later)
  • Timing of posts is really important for getting your picture noticed. Catching people in the morning between 6.30-7.30am and in the evening between 5-6pm when they are on their commute is the best time. This is when Instagram is the most active, giving you lots of extra likes.
  • Hashtags are the currency of Instagram. Some posts suggest that 11 or more is the way forward. I can’t say I have tested it under strict conditions but there are some hashtags that perform better than others. Spend some time working out what works for you. Look at the feeds you admire that have lots of followers, likes and comments. Try out some of the hashtags they use.
  • Join a pod. Not sure what this is? Basically its a group of people working together for each other. The pod is usually run via the message part of Instagram. When you post a picture you drop a heart and the others in the pod like and comment on your picture as soon as they can (ideally in 15 minutes). In return you are agreeing to do the same for each heart dropped by others in the pod.
  • Comment and like other photos. This is really important. If you have taken the time to follow lots of people its only courtesy to spend some time looking at their feed. If you want your own followers to be engaged with your feed you need to engage with theirs. Take some time to scroll through the feed and share the love.
  • Get involved with some of the available Facebook threads. Most of the blogging groups will run an Instagram feed where you agree to like all the pictures linked up. Personally I like this group. A lot will also run a follow thread too. If you join this make sure you follow all the members and don’t be a bad sport and unfollow them immediately afterwards.

So there you go. Some really easy tips for getting your Instagram account off the ground. I am by no means saying I have the answers for a viral feed, but these tips should help you grow an engaged community. Do you have any others you want to share?

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So you couldn’t give a crap about Klout? You Should!

Most of the internet have scorned the Klout algorithm recently. Well I say most of the internet, the reality is that unless you are trying to make an impact on social media you don’t even know what a Klout score is. Lets be honest a Klout score of 99 probably isn’t going to change your life. More importantly it’s probably not even possible. But a decent Klout score does come with some benefits.

LoboStudioHamburg / Pixabay

Just to give you a bit of an overview most people who don’t spend their lives on social media have a score of around 10-20. Popular opinion states that anything over 50 is heading in the right decision. Obama has a score of 98 (you would kind of hope the US President had a good bit of Klout.) The pro-bloggers are sitting in the 70s.

Having a good Klout score isn’t automatically going to bring extra work your way. What it can do is raise your profile and make you raise your online presence. Think of Klout as a way of measuring your own effectiveness on social media. Because it breaks down which areas your score is coming from it can highlight the areas you need to improve. For example my Klout score is mainly derived from my Twitter presence. My Facebook page isn’t really pulling it’s weight and my LinkedIn profile is barely registering.

The other nice thing you can do on Klout is hand out some K+ to your fellow bloggers. It’s such a quick and easy job. Now you only get 10 of these beauties a day so use them wisely. Everyone on Klout gets a load of categories they are ‘expert’ in. Don’t be alarmed if yours are random. For example I am an expert in Pudding (believe me there are worse things to be expert in!). You can award your precious K+ to anyone’s expertise. In return you kind of hope they will do the same to you (so choose wisely).

Giving and getting K+ will improve your Klout score but not in the same way improving your social media reach will. For example my score might get a 0.05% bump from getting 10 K+ a day. But I can get a 0.80 bump from a busy day on one of the social media platforms.

kaboompics / Pixabay

The best way to use Klout to improve your online presence is to make sure you link all your social media profiles. The main ones being Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google +. These are the channels that directly effect your Klout score. As previously mentioned my Facebook page isn’t helping me out much on Klout. This shows me that this is a social media platform that I need to work on. With millions of users, Facebook is not one of the areas you want to be falling behind on! Likewise with LinkedIn, this is now the 3rd biggest social media platform. It’s also where freelance writers and bloggers could potentially gain new contacts and new opportunities.

Are you starting to see what Klout can do for you? If you want to be a giant across all social media platforms this is going to help.  Not only does Klout highlight those social media platforms that need some work it can also show you how effective your marketing strategy is.

For example, I only joined Instagram about 2 months ago. I had no idea what I needed to do to grow my following. I read a few posts, did a bit of research. Developed a strategy and set about testing it. The strategy I chose was very time-consuming and I have to say not that effective. I didn’t see a rise in my Instagram followers and I didn’t see much of a rise on Klout either. So I changed my strategy. Within in 4 weeks I had doubled my Instagram following and had a corresponding 3 point bump on Klout. My Instagram profile now contributes nearly 40% to my Klout score!

So there you have it. The two main reasons you should give a crap about Klout. It can give you great insight into your reach across all social media platforms. As well as help you to measure how effective your engagement across social media is.

Do you use Klout? In you opinion is it worthwhile in growing your social media presence?

Stylish Blogs You Need To Follow

There are so many fantastic blogs out there, covering all subjects. For me when I am reading a blog or looking for inspiration I like to look at these super stylish blogs. Their clear-cut graphics and simplistic themes make reading a pleasure. Of course it also helps that they are full of fantastic content. If you haven’t seen some these beautiful sites I urge you to go check them out.

Inspired by Style

My Petit Canard

This was one of the first blogs I discovered. I love the simplistic header and unusual name. But what really got me was the amazing pictures. Artistically shot and with care given to the composition of the picture. Emily has a great writing style too and I recommend you check out her #breastfeedingstories guest post series.

Island Living 365

I love Emma’s blog! It is one of my absolute favourites. The layout is so simple and the header is very stylish. Again the photographs Emma posts are always perfect and look great with the posts. But Island Living 365 is not a blog with all style and no substance. Emma writes not just about her family and day-to-day life but also tackles current issues. I love this recent post about Why Blogging is A Feminist Act

You Can't Have Style if You Don't Have Substance

Candyfloss & Dreams

A relatively new acquaintance to me. Kat’s blog is full of bold script and pinnable pictures. I like the theme and its so easy to navigate through her content. It’s a stylish theme, that is just a bit different to the other blogs out there. There are a range of posts but I found Using Social Media to Grow Your Online Business had some really useful tips.

Love From Mim

This is one of those blogs that really inspires me to work on my own blog layout! I love the sliders, the easily navigation and the fantastic pictures. Cool and stylish Love from Mim was designed for reading pleasure. I have to say I struggle to find just one post that Mim has written to feature, because I enjoy her writing so much. However after much debate, I recommend Mim’s post on getting more retweets on Twitter, I really appreciate it when a blogger takes the time to share useful information with the rest of us.

Diary of a Dad

A blog that shows blogs don’t have to be all flowers and butterflies to be beautiful. Tom’s blog has the most amazing logo which I just adore. The blog itself is clean-cut and unlike the my other favourites it’s not covered in amazingly ‘perfect’ pictures. A bold typeface with the space given over to well-constructed content, drawing you into read the post. The blog has a wholesome, sturdy feel to it, which I like! I have been enjoying the Calypso Holiday hacks post and this one with the indoor scavenger hunt is a brilliant idea.

Hope you agree that these are some super stylish blogs. I know that having spent the morning happily perusing them that I am itching to go and start messing with my own blog. Have you got any favourites that inspire you?




Blogging – 3 Months In

So here we 3 months into the blogging world and I have to say I think it’s going pretty well! It’s certainly been a journey of its ups and downs and I’ve learnt so much in three months. I have achieved more than I ever thought was possible it’s still not going to pay the bills at the end of the day but then I guess that is every bloggers dream! However I have managed to join a fantastic community within the blogging world I am really enjoying my #PuddingLove linky it really is amazing to read all of these great blogs on A weekly basis and to know that I have something to aspire to.

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Writing has certainly helped me with my postnatal depression, I really think that this has improved during the three months I’ve been blogging. It’s like it gives me a focus outside of my own life but without having to worry about what everybody thinks all the time; yes I get comments but I have yet to come across anyone who is unkind.  The support I found out there are from other mum bloggers has really made me put into perspective how bad I was feeling. I’m still waiting for my counselling sessions that were supposed to be a six week wait (I’m pretty sure it’s more than that now) but because I feel better it doesn’t seem quite so important that they hurry through although I still want to have them!

As we Keep Blogging on?

Well I’ve just started on Instagram which I love! My photography leaves a lot to be desired but I’m told practising will improve the pictures I take, so be prepared for an instagram influx (you can follow us here if you don’t all ready). I have started a lovely Instagram party #PuddingPoses! Just so that other people who are taking ridiculous snaps of the children can share them with me, this is now going to be a monthly feature on the blog, check it out here.


I’ve also launched my Inspirational Parents guest series and am trying to get more people involved. This is so we can spread the word about the great works that some families do in the face of adversity you can see our first feature on The Lilly Mae foundation here. Our next one will be with Noah’s Big Charity this is a family I’ve worked closely with in my career and I’m very much looking forward to the feature post on the blog and hoping to help raise some money for them.


Other goals?  I guess I’d love to reach 2000 Twitter followers or maybe even 3000 Twitter followers in the next month although I never thought they would be so many people interested or at least pretending to be interested in what I have to say! I really like to work with small brands and like the idea of working with new of brands; things that people haven’t heard of. Being an individual I like to have stuff that no one else does and then be able to gleefully tell them where I found it! This month is also the first month of advertising on Petite Pudding, I don’t know how I feel about this at the moment but it seemed like a business savvy thing to do… I wish I was going to BritMums live but unfortunately with my maternity coming to an end and having to go back to work next month this is just not going to be an option this year. But I hope that all those who are going have a fantastic time and I can’t wait to hear all of the great tips that you’re going to share with me and the rest of us bloggers!

Finally from me and Pudding, I’d just like to say thank you for your continuing support. We really appreciate every comment made on the blog and everybody who takes the time to read a post. I know I don’t always get round to responding to your comments as quickly as I would like; I promise you I do you read all of them! It’s just that with two small children and to crazy sausages life does sometimes get in the way of blogging!

Love Pudding & Mummy xxx

Orsolya Hernold – Guided Journal Review

Petite Pudding was born from the desire to carve out some space for me, where I could document and focus on the areas in my life. It’s been quite a journey and I have found writing and blogging very therapeutic in the last few months. When I was offered the opportunity to review one of the Writing for Wellbeing Journals; created by Orsolya, I thought this would be a really interesting item to explore.

Lightbulb Moment

If you haven’t heard of Orsolya Hernold before then let me introduce you;

“Orsolya Hernold, or Orsi for short, is a coach and trainer that lives in Budapest, Hungary with her partner Zoli and their two young children. Orsolya has been journaling for over twenty years; a venture that started when she began diarizing a journey she was on. She was then fortunate enough to have mentors guide her through some powerful writing lessons.

Since then, she has written about her newborn children, analyzed conflicts in relationships, looked at the purpose of life and so much more. Orsolya fully believes that journaling has enabled her to lead a more conscious life and helped with her own personal development.

Orsolya’s website,, offers free guided journaling courses that focus on one specific area of someone’s life at a time. These courses have high-quality journals to accompany them, should the journaling enthusiast wish to have something physical to write in. So far, the subjects covered by have been ‘Start Journaling,’ which aimed to help establish the journaling habit, as well as ‘An Important Relationship,’ which helps people to focus on a key relationship in their life.”

I was sent the guided journal with a focus on an important relationship, this really suited me and I could have chosen several people on which to focus my writing on. It is quite a personal area and for this reason I have chosen not to share the in-depth writing in the journal with you but to talk more about the processes and the journey involved. (If you are wondering why I have chosen to do this it is because I do not want the person whom the journal reflects to read through the intricacies of our relationship and feel hurt or misjudged).

Orsolya Journal

The guided journal begins with a message from Orsolya and she invites you to pick any relationship that you would like to focus on, it doesn’t have to be negative, it can be a really positive happy relationship that you want to continue enjoying. For me I chose a less than ideal relationship, that I wanted to work on. One that needed quite a lot of work and had some deep-seated issues that I felt would be worth exploring. Orsolya also includes a contract at the beginning, this is more of a commitment to yourself that you will persevere with what could potentially be a difficult journey. The whole of the journal is focused on a 7 week period, with the idea that you use the guided headings everyday to help focus your thoughts on the relationship you have chosen. It’s the perfect thing to sit with while you enjoy a quiet cup of tea!

Cup of Tea

To begin the journal you are asked to write about the relationship past, Orsolya provides some bullet points to help structure your thoughts but in essence it is for you to objectify the relationship, whilst telling the story of the past. Once this has been completed, you can move on to focusing on the week by week goals. Week One concentrates on how the relationship is at the moment and how you feel about the person at this specific moment in time, at the end of the week you reflect on what you have learnt about yourself and the relationship. For me Week One was hard for me, there were lots of past elements that were clearly impacting on my current relationship and lots of my own internal negative thoughts that were dictating all of our interactions. Yet when I spoke to an outsider about the relationship in question, they did not see any negativity between us which was quite interesting. So far I have only completed the first week and am moving on this week to look at the area Orsolya calls ‘Self Talk’.

Orsolya Journal

I have been quietly impressed with the guided journal and it has helped me to think about the relationship in question from angles I had not contemplated before. The journal itself is attractive, quite retro looking and I really like the orange. Something about it makes me want to pick it up. The A5 size makes it easy to slip into your handbag as well. I don’t think I would buy it as a gift for someone as its quite a personal item and a very personal journey in my experience.

If you think that you might like to have a look through one of Orsolya’s guided journals you can find them online at  and You can also find Orsolya on Facebook & Twitter

This review is my own opinion and no payment was received – I did receive the journal free of charge in order to conduct the review.

Cowardly Custard Creams: Unacceptable

Most of you will know that I am new to the blogging world and thus far I have been very lucky to receive nothing but pleasant and encouraging comments. In fact I am so naive that I hadn’t even heard of trolling. Of course I knew there were some lonely nasty people in the world who like nothing more than to belittle or denigrate other people’s feelings. I didn’t expect to find them taking the time to comment on other peoples blog posts. One thing I have learnt in the last few weeks is that it takes enormous courage to write about yourself and your family.  To share opinions and circumstances that might not be to everyone’s’ taste. I never feel concerned sharing a funny post, but those where I lay my heart open leave me at risk of being hurt by these awful people.

Large custard cream

I was first alerted to ‘trolling’ by a fellow Mummy who congratulated me on my review of the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep. She asked if I had received any negative comments. I was surprised until I read her perfectly innocuous review and the follow-up comments. One lady was belligerent, she just kept coming back, throwing comment after comment at this poor blogger. Telling her she was endangering her child and that she was basically a terrible mother! WTF I thought. How can this awful woman be so vehement over something that in all honesty has nothing to do with her? Would she be this rude to this Mum’s face if she met her? I doubt it very much. But the internet and social media has provided a platform for this type of abuse. Whilst I love social media and blogging, I can’t stand the fact that people can hide behind their computer and spit bile at people with no recourse for their actions. When did it become acceptable to speak to people with such disrespect and anger?

I then found myself climbing on my moral pedestal again a few days later. A lovely blogger linked up to #PuddingLove with a post describing how someone she had considered a friend begun to abuse her over the internet. This lovely mum had merely commented her opinion of immunisations and that sparked a huge backlash from the non-vaccinator corner. Calling her an awful mum, saying she had caused her sons autism and generally horrible remarks. One even stated she should ‘get off the planet’. I could feel myself start to rage for this Mum. How dare anyone say such terrible things. As mothers we carry round enough guilt as it is without being cyber-judged by other people. Are people so passionate about the things that they believe in that they have forgotten how to treat other people? What happened to a moderate society and free speech? Everyone is living in fear of terrorists and fundamentalists, yet I can see everyday people so wrapped up in their own beliefs that they can’t see another’s point of view. They just plain forget how to be kind to each other. The point of free speech is that everyone has the right to talk and be heard without being squashed and silenced by others.

My last case in point was when a fellow blogger explained that she was upset that one of her followers was complaining about how many times she shared her blog links on twitter. OK not a big deal, quick apology and an explanation should suffice yes? No, this other twitter user had to make a big deal out of it. Making this blogger feel like they were grabby and attention seeking when in all honesty they were just doing what we all do and that is advertising their latest post. In most twitter feeds a tweet only has a short life span because everyone has loads of followers. Don’t we all get annoyed about things? But is it society these days that we just have to say we are annoyed? Can’t we just turn a blind eye?  Learn to accept the things that cannot be changed or in all honesty don’t matter? Why have we become a society where we feel its acceptable to be rude and unappreciative of another persons hard work. I can’t imagine my parents or grandparents behaving like this. Not just because they didn’t have the technology but because they knew that it is fundamentally wrong to be mean to someone just for the sake of being mean.

We have to teach our children about living in a world that is over run with social media and communication apps. A world where everything can be shared in seconds and that once it is out there it is there forever. Just because you can’t see that persons face or you don’t know them in the flesh doesn’t give you the right to be unkind or unfair. If you don’t like what someones written, you don’t have to be compelled to comment or join in the debate in a malicious way. I am not saying don’t have an opinion, but going back to that early teaching from your own mother. ‘If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all’. Criticism can be helpful, lively debate is fun, but meanness for the sake of it is unnecessary and just makes you a coward. If you wouldn’t say it to someones face then don’t write it down. Just because it’s in text form it doesn’t make it ok.



Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds via Compfight cc

Brilliant blog posts on HonestMum.comKeep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

Post Comment Love

Blogging: 1 Month In

Holiday Pudding in Snowsuit
We celebrated our first month blogging this last week and I have to say it’s been great. I started Petite Pudding when I felt myself disappearing down into the postnatal depression plug hole. I had always found writing as an outlet and the idea of blogging my journey and providing useful information to other mums seemed like a perfect remedy. I have discovered a fantastic network of mums out there all bringing their own style to the blogging world. To have hit 800 Twitter followers in just a few weeks seems amazing to me, I didn’t even know how to tweet 5 weeks ago!

I love taking part in the link-ups, accessing all those great posts, particularly #KCACOLS (always get such wonderful comments) hosted by @withfranca and the new #chucklemums hosted by @whingewine @mumzilla always gets me to giggle. Being featured post on the #BigPinkLink was a real high point, thank you @pinkpearbear and @thismumslife. You guys made my week! The MADs are shortlisted this week and I was so grateful to be nominated, even though the blog is ineligible this year, it still felt great. I still can’t believe how helpful and friendly the blogging world is and I owe a big thanks to @cuddlefairy @parentingjungle @mummyinatutu and @animperfectmum who have really helped me with my blogging education in these first few weeks, those #tribalchat evenings have been a great place to learn 😊.

I never really knew how addictive blogging could be and I find myself checking stats all the time, tweeting and commenting or planning blog posts. I could easily become totally obsessed and forget about the children, luckily Mr Pudding keeps my head in the parenting game. I never thought I would love getting to grips with the coding side, but it totally appeals to my analytical side!

I made a huge decision this week to move my site from Weebly to WordPress, it’s not been an easy transition and trying to get people redirected to the new site is an ongoing issue. Hopefully this will move be the right decision for the future, but for now I am just enjoying my new found blogging passion!

Fancy a coffee friday