5 Ways to Beat the New Year Blues

Oh my don’t you think Christmas flies by faster and faster each year? All the planning, preparation, wrapping and cooking; then before you know it, it’s gone. You are left sitting in your pyjamas on Boxing Day morning surrounded by bags of wrapping paper and enough leftovers to see you through to the end of January. If you are like me post-Christmas can leave you a little flat! So here are my top tips for picking yourself up in the New Year.

Top Tips for Beating New Year Blues
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  • Make a pledge to get active – yeh I know it’s a cliché and that January sees an influx of gym memberships (that are never used after February) But you don’t have to join the gym to get fit. Just a promise to take the dog out more often, or to walk to school on those cold bright mornings. Keep your goal achievable – you don’t need to set yourself up to fail!

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  • Clean out your wardrobe. Come on admit you are never going to wear that dress ever again. And those shoes? What were you thinking. Be ruthless – if you haven’t worn  it in 6 months get rid of it. Better still bundle the best bits together and get yourself on eBay. With all that extra cash you can hit the sales, buying things you actually want to wear!

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  • Book a holiday – I was doing this whilst cooking Christmas dinner! It doesn’t have to be the holiday of a life time (unless you got a Christmas bonus in which case go for it!) But just a weekend away later in the year will give you something to look forward too. Loads of places take a deposit these days so if you are strapped for cash you can book now and pay a little later in the year when your finances have recovered from Christmas.

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  • Set a goal – what do you really want to do this year? Sky dive, feed a meerkat or something more simple like read a book or spend more time with family. Decide what 2017 is going to mean for you and set yourself a target. It doesn’t have to be life changing – but it does us good to have something to work towards. Pudding, for example, has decided that she is going to curb TV use at HQ by chewing the buttons off the remote. You have to have goals people!

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  • Appreciate what you have. It’s not always about striving towards the next thing. Sometimes it’s learning to enjoy what’s around you. Taking the time to really make the most of friends and family. Finding joy in the little things, is the beginning of true of happiness. So whilst the New Year is a time to look forward and plan, it’s also a time to reflect.

So there you go a few simple ideas to banish those New Year Blues. Have you got any others you would like to share?

16 thoughts on “5 Ways to Beat the New Year Blues”

  1. I’m with you on getting more active – I find that working out is great for my mental health as well as my physical health, but I struggle with finding the time. My goal for 2017 is to exercise at least once a week. I’m also always up for booking holidays – it definitely helps to have something to look forward to! #EatSleepBlogRT

  2. All lovely ideas. I’ve already gotten rid of a few pieces of clothing I’m never going to wear again. And I’m trying to incorporate some extra exercise tricks (like do some pushups while I wait for the kids to brush their teeth) into my daily routine. We’ll see if I keep this up!

  3. Love your ideas. but somehow it seems that time is going by so fast that there’s not even time for the New Year blues;)). It’s right back to school, job, everyday routine. I think it’s all about what you’ve written last – appreciate what you have and what’s around you. Not just running round like crazy;) #eatsleepblogrt

  4. i don’t get the ‘blues’ but i do ‘crash and burn’ after what is usually a crazed fortnight of Christmas celebrations – when i was a child Christmas was a 2 hour frenzy – get up open all the presents before dawn, eat a roast , watch telly and be bored. As an adult I’ve slowly extended Christmas to last and last , plus we have some mini Christmases later in the year as we catch up with people we didn’t actually see – im actually quite well known for my May Christmas!! Anyway about 6th January after about four days of being desperate to get rid of the tree and left overs but not quite able to bring myself to do so until epiphany, I generally put on my PJs and snooze for 3 whole days!!! – and here I am – back to the normal ME xxx Happy New Year

  5. I’m not one for resolutions really….I’ve always thought that if you want to make a change you can do it straight away rather than wait until a new year comes along. Having said that, the Christmas break is such a perfect time to step back from reality and the norm of every day that it does offer us an opportunity to reflect on how the coming year could be even better than the last one. There are some great tips here! Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting #eatsleepblogrt X

  6. Great tips here – especially the final one – I totally agree with appreciating what you have – very mindful! I really need to clear my wardrobe too at some point! Thanks for some good advice. Wishing you a fab 2017. #eatsleepblogRT xx

  7. I think in Australia it is more the February Blues as we have such a long summertime holiday break. I love the idea of planning a holiday it gives us something to focus on that is exciting! #EatSleepBlogRT

  8. You are so right, it’s all about doing what you think is achievable, and these are perfect ways to beat the January blues! I was thinking of writing a post very similar to this, especially with it being the time of year for SAD xxx gratitude is certainly the best one of all! #EatSleepBlogRT

  9. #eatsleepblogrt every word is a fantastic reminder of what we can achieve. I adore it, I absolutely agree with goals being small and productive rather than huge and scary. Thanks for the inspiration

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